NOM’s Latest Fail: ‘They Knows’


The National Organization for Marriage ramped up their electoral efforts in Maine by sending out fliers denouncing candidates who support same-sex nuptials. It's fairly reliable campaign tactic, yes, and it's not surprising NOM would initiate such an effort.

Unfortunately for the homophobic group, at least some their fliers, sent out across the state's various districts, contains a fairly glaring typo.

Via Equality Maine:

[Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] support traditional marriage. They knows that while circumstances may not always allow it, children do best when raised by their married mother and father. These children become the next generation which continue and preserve our special way of life in Maine. That's why [Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] stand for marriage as between one man and one woman.

Now, I know that typos happen – they're part of life – but if NOM's going to spend thousands of dollars distributing anti-gay fliers, they should at least try to get the message correct, rather than just right wing.



  1. Rin says

    IF Nom sends in people from out of state to bother folks in Maine, it will backfire on them…so I’m crossing my fingers and will start rumors that Maggie Gallagher is from Massachusetts originally and that she is thinking of moving to Maine.

  2. Steve says

    I’m often accused of being a member of the Grammar Police – but this is just plain sloppy and unprofessional.

    Of course, the morons who would welcome this kind of mailing probably won’t notice….

  3. Tom says

    Bigots who vote anti same sex are unlikely to notice the typo in any event. Noteworthy also is the butt-ugliness of Brad and Mary, hence the need to place them as small inserts aside stock photo of man, woman and children who, although completely unrelated, are at least a photogenic representation of the NOM ideal which exists only as fantasy and not practical reality.

    Fun too the glaring Adam and Steve wedding cake effigy. Much easier to light up silly and fake looking dollies rather than – side by side and in the real world – a living and loving gay couple.

    These people are fucking stupid AND lacking in all creativity.

    Phooey on them I say!

  4. Lazlo says

    “These children become the next generation which continue and preserve our special way of life in Maine.” This part from the flyer is more annoying/disgusting(etc), than the typo. So I guess it’s ok for straight children( who will become straight adults) to have “special rights”? Sick fucks, why can’t they go away.

  5. Hank says

    It may be too charitable to call it a typo.

    “These children become the next generation which continue and preserve,” is also grammatically incorrect. It should read either “which continues and preserves” or, preferably, “who continue and preserve” … ignorance and illiteracy , it seems.

  6. BenB says

    Got this picture in a bigger size? I want to know what those email addresses are so I can ‘thank’ Brad Watts and Mary Schiavoni for supporting ‘traditional marriage’.

  7. says

    LOL I don’t know what Brad Watts knows about marriage: he appears to have graduated from USM this year. Also a marine and a chaplain… He’s 26.

  8. Dale Fecker says

    “Unfortunately for the homophobic group, at least some their fliers, sent out across the state’s various districts, contains a fairly glaring typo.”

    There are two typos in this sentence. Just saying.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    The willfully ignorant eat this sh*t up. They’re often proud of how stupid they are. My only surprise is that NOM didn’t write this in phony “Beverly Hillbillies”-speak with references to “eatin’ vittles” and “cee-ment ponds.”

  10. Lee says

    Sorry to say it, but subject/verb disagreement is a regular culprit on Towleroad, including in the post immediately previous to this one.

  11. Mike says

    Could someone please explain why no one ever attacks Maggie Gallagher for being a hypocrite and not raising her children in a family with their genetic father?

  12. M. says

    I’m an editor-type also, so I know all too well how easily typos can slip under the radar.

    That said, I have to point out with glee the inconsistent placement of period/quotation marks in the bottom flier: the period is outside quote marks twice (‘marriage’. — and note the incorrect use of single quotes) and it also appears inside the quotes, correctly and with the correct double quote marks, once (“marriage.”).

  13. JOE 2 says

    @ JEFFNYC: To me, this isn’t a story about typos; it’s a story about illiteracy, ignorance, and an inability to think clearly and logically. Judging by the number of comments posted, it seems to have interested a good number of readers. Personally, I think Andrew has been doing an amazing job of keeping this site up to snuff during Andy’s break – not an easy task – and I can’t quite understand your need to post such a dismissive and ungrateful comment.

  14. nickbilz says

    so am i going to be the only person to admit that i had to reread this thing at least 5 times to find the typo? somehow my brain just skipped that “s” at the end of “know” which is probably how it ended up there in the first place. the poor grammar in the second sentence stuck out immediately, but then such errors aren’t really typos.