1. Mark says

    Why do we give hese bat shit crazy people a forum? He is a “pastor” of a flock of 50 idiots. And he has the media wrapped around his little finger. Disgusting.

  2. ravewulf says

    “Westboro Baptist Church says it’s going to burn Qurans anyway.”

    *sigh* They would.

    Too bad for them, not many people bother paying attention to them anymore. Basically people are saying “We get it already, you hate everyone. Now go away.”

  3. Bart says

    I am with you Mark, why did the media glom onto this story and make a firestorm when they should have squashed this douchebag like the worm he is? No one should have ever covered this story and let this roach crawl back underground. Look up Rev. Terry Jone’s history…it’s sordid. He’s a shithole with a congregation that’s basically a gaggle of cross-eyed idiots (over half of whom have left his church over this.) We already know he lied about talking to Abdel Rauf which should tell you all you need to know about this retard.

    Just because you hear voices in your head doesn’t mean you’re speaking to God. It means you’re fucking nuts.

  4. Joseph Singer says

    Terry Jones and Fred Phelps are just publicity whores. If the media would just go away instead of trying to incite them to do crazy shit they wouldn’t be half so tempted to pull everyone’s chain.

  5. castaway says

    Thank you Rev. Terry Jones for all you do to help society distinguish between peaceful, faithful people and fundamentalist extremists. Now we have another face to show that there is a crazy fringe of nutbags out there willing to do anything to get attention, even if it means leaving a trail of blood.

  6. says

    The leader of a tiny Florida church says he won’t follow through on a plan to burn copies of Islam’s holy text if he’s able to meet Saturday with the organizers behind a mosque planned near ground zero in New York.

    Speaking to NBC’s “Today” show, the Rev. Terry Jones said if he meets with the imam in New York, he won’t burn the Quran. It wasn’t clear if he meant the burning would be halted indefinitely or just for Saturday.

    Imam Muhammad Musri, the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, told CBS’ “The Early Show” he had a commitment for Jones and himself to meet in New York with imam Feisal Rauf there.

    But Rauf said Friday that he has no plans to meet with a Florida pastor who has threatened to burn copies of the Quran.

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