1. hughman says

    a wig and a dress don’t equal diana ross. ruiz seems to have an aversion to engaging his models, preferring to recycle them in stock poses like plastic barbies. cayne is gorgeous but these photos tell us nothing about her, DR, the clothes or ruiz’s ability to take pictures. i get it, he’s a gay muscle mary who sells himself on reality teevee. other than that, meh.

  2. ChicagoMouse says

    @Matthew: Was just about to say the same thing.

    But this isn’t blackface like blackface is blackface. This is not mockery of black people or exaggerating stereotypical features. It’s not even ironic commentary on blackface. It’s more of a post-racial tribute than anything else.

    I’m not particularly comfortable with it. I mean, why couldn’t they get a black transwoman to pose? But it’s worlds away from the minstrel shows of the last century.

  3. Strepsi says

    Yes, IMAN — you’re right!

    I agree with all the above comments, particularly the pose — Cayne is gorgeous but this is so not Diana Ross: her iconic pose is arms straight out crucifix-style, like when she was caught in the rain in Central Park. The wig is more afro, and her hair / weave is loooong and curly. Ross also always has a scowl or a huge smile, and this is … neither. The full body shot is devoid of any feeling, let alone anything Ross-like. Bad photo.

    The portrait is gorgeous, if anyone wants to revive Black Box and have another hot transgender lipsynch Martha Wash, this could be the cover.

  4. Dan E says

    Oh please this is not blackface, and it’s particularly insulting to Candis to level such an accusation at her.

    If you’re “not comfortable” with it, perhaps you should spend more time examining your own assumptions about race and less time making insinuations about a good (and ground-breaking) woman.

  5. Seamus says

    I think she looks a lot more like Ida Corr from that Fedde le Grande song “Let Me Think About It”. The wig and face are uncannily similar…

  6. missanthrope says

    I can’t believe that it’s 2010 and people can still think blackface is okay and somehow not problematic.


  7. antisaint says

    oh jeez, blackface was intended as a comedic cariacature of black people and stereotypes. This is an homage, although, having said that, not a very good one. Nothing about this is Diana Ross. This is “Halloween Party” Diana Ross.

    Kevyn Aucoin is up in heaving shaking his head right now, believe it.

  8. Graham says

    The bottom fucking line is this. Are you gurls that are telling us who minorities to chill mean to tell me there were no BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN Miss Snowqueen Ruiz couldn’t pick to portray Diana Ross????

    Bottom line he did for controversy. Maybe he should start photographing illegal Aliens from Cha Cha Cha!

    And she looks shit nothing like Ross!

  9. RED DEVIL says

    Blackface is actually black, with white around the eyes. This is more of a spray-on tan.
    Posted by: Paul R | Sep 21, 2010 7:44:28 PM

    Yeah Paul and calling a fag a FAG is freedom of speech and not a hate crime

  10. says

    Okay, maybe I’m an idiot… but I honestly didn’t question her ethnicity. In fact, if anyone asked me to guess, I really would have been hard-pressed to do so…

    I don’t know who this individual is. I just thought she was light skinned.

    *tilts head in confusion*

    And this is coming from a self-professed “Heinz 57″ who looks so friggin’ Irish [red hair, ghost like pallar and all] and people are shocked when I tell them I’m more ‘native american’ than any of my upper European ancestry.

    I actually thought though that she looked more like a cross between Iman and Cher… not Diana. She’s still a beautiful woman any way you look at it…

    That said, I can see where people might take offense.

    But, can I ask a question of those who are, is it okay for a gay man to play a straight role? I know that was a debate not to long ago on this forum… and a lot of posters had a hissy when it was said that they should stick to ‘gay’ roles cause they couldn’t pull off playing straight. I’m not being sarcastic here… I’m asking you to educate me on why people can’t be “creative” in there art to transcend who they actually are?
    Keep in mind, I’m not savvy on who either of these individuals are [photographer or model]… so I can’t judge and say either are being disrespectful on purpose myself.