Rahm Emanuel To Announce White House Departure Friday, Say Sources

6a00d8341c730253ef01157198673b970b-800wi The rumor mill has been on overdrive dealing with reports that White Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will leave the administration to run for mayor in Chicago.

Well, those rumors may finally be put to rest, for sources inside the White House confirm Emanuel will make the announcement tomorrow, and then fly back to Chicago to begin a "listening tour" that will provide the foundation for his mayoral campaign.

Emanuel's a key player in all negotiations involving the White House, and has been accused in the past of trading gay rights for political expediency, accusations that already have gay voters promising he won't win in Chi-Town.

Obama advisor Pete Rouse will reportedly take over Rahm's duties until a more permanent replacement can be installed.


  1. Joe says

    In my view Rahm Emanuel is probably the most physically attractive guy in the white house, but I’m so glad he’s leaving. He’s a centrist and thinks in terms of winning elections – not about what is right and wrong.

    And, this white house has also been a huge failure when it comes to delivering a good message. They need someone new in charge.

  2. Rad says

    I am disappointed with congress, in general, and the Democratic party in particular. Whether Rham Emmanuel had any influence in why the DEMS can’t get their heads into the game, let alone out of their collective asses is uncertain. The 2008 momentum is gone.

  3. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says


    Rahm is not a centrist, he is conservative dem
    = repub lite

    he never met a big biz that he couldn’t cut a deal with by watering down progressive issues for fat checks

    He had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the 2006 dem congress victories via Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy

    He hated Dean and never thought actually campaigning in all 50 states all districts would work. keep the dems to only north eastern states and let repubs control the rest

    yet after the victories he and friends were front and center declaring it was Rahm who delivered all those non north eastern dem seats

    He is a shyster, Good riddance to Rahm

    Though Rahm and any conservative dem is far better than a repub

  4. Brains says

    But……Boys and Girls, fellow members of the Gay/Lesbian Kingdom……..please don’t forget to get out and VOTE…!…..

    Otherwise….the evil empire of the Republicans will come forth and destroy our budding Gay/Lesbian kingdom!

    Is that simple enough!

  5. Alex says

    Rahm Emanuel and Larry Summers destroyed the Obama presidency and set back LGBT equality for decades. I hope Rahm gets humiliated in Chicago, I hope his personal life gets dragged thru the mud, including wife kids and brothers. I relish his total defeat and will contribute to any candidate running against him.

  6. Bob R says

    Rahm opposed Dean at every turn. Rahm is the father of the Blue Dog Democratic Coalition. He actively recruited, sponsored and saw that the party fully supported Blue Dog candidates and members of Congress. Rahm told progressives and gays to go “fuck yourselves” pointing out that they’d be back because they “have nowhere else to go.” He’s also one of the main men for AIPAC in both Congress and the White House, along with Lieberman. I hope he gets crushed in Chicago. If he does, I just hope Obama won’t bring him back to DC. If Obama were wise, with Rahm gone, he should reach out to Howard Dean, although it’s too late for Dean to help with the mid-terms, he may help Democrats in 2012.

  7. patrick nyc says

    I always thought he was hot, before learning he was also a hot headed conservative liar. I hope he loses the race in Chicago, also glad he was not able to get the people who rented his house out of the lease he signed. Maybe he can stay in a homeless shelter.

  8. FunMe says

    Thank goodness that homophobe partner-in-crime of Obama is gone.

    He, like Obama, is much to blame for the DINOs, blue DOGS, and CORPORATE infiltrating the Democrat Party.

    Thank goodness BASURA (trash) like him is gone. I hope he loses big time in Chicago.

  9. walter says

    rahn should run as a repuk and he get goproud to support eor as much as he cares about gay rights ussues. wait for him ti become our next”fierce advocate” and how hw wated all the gay legislation passed. don’t believe him he is a snake iol salesman fro illinois

  10. Rick Smith says

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Good riddance! Maybe now someone in Obama’s inner circle will remind him and push him to actually be the fierce fighter for equal rights that he said he would be!

  11. JOEBLOE says

    Rahm Emanuel is a chrome-plated political machine, with all the lights, bells, and whistles. Easy on the eyes, yet desceptively conniving. I’ve remorse for Chicago. Glad he’s leaving the White House. Now he’s free to screw-up his own career. I have never trusted this man.

  12. says

    “That’s a typical move for politicians looking to maximize news coverage of their campaigns. It’s not uncommon for high-profile candidates to dribble out news of their impending candidacies, make a formal announcement and then hold a campaign kickoff rally, all to attract more free attention.

    In the three weeks since Mayor Richard Daley surprised Chicago by saying he won’t run again, Emanuel has been in discussions with political leaders and other prospective candidates.

    Earlier this week, Obama acknowledged that Emanuel’s time in the West Wing may be coming to an end. “”I think that Rahm will have to make a decision quickly,”” Obama said in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer. “”Running for mayor of Chicago is a serious enterprise, and I know this is something he is thinking about.””

    On Wednesday, Emanuel lunched with Chicago billionaire Sam Zell at chic Washington eatery Central Michel Richard, a restaurant manager and a source close to Emanuel confirmed. Zell, chairman of Tribune Co., which owns the Chicago Tribune, is a longtime Daley backer who has given the mayor more than $200,000 in campaign contributions.

    Back in Chicago, aldermen continued their political calculations about whether to run for mayor.

    Ald. Robert Fioretti, the 2nd Ward alderman who represents a sliver of downtown and parts of the near West and South sides, will announce a mayoral bid as soon as next Wednesday, sources close to him said Wednesday.

    Fioretti, 57, who owns a law firm, once worked for the city’s Law Department. In 2007, he defeated sitting Ald. Madeline Haithcock, a Daley ally.

    He has often differed with the mayor on budget issues, and Daley in 2008 launched into a rant against Fioretti after the alderman spoke out against an increase in the real estate transfer tax to bail out the Chicago Transit Authority.”

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