Senator Inhofe Blasts ‘Open Gays’ in Military at Values Voters Summit


Senator James Inhofe, who gave a tedious and bigoted floor speech against DADT repeal earlier this week, just spoke at the Values Voters Summit (which you can watch LIVE here), and addressed DADT again.

Politico reports:

"I was an Army veteran, and I don’t have to tell any of the veterans in this room here the problems you’d have with open gays in the military," Inhofe told the audience at the Values Voter Summit Friday morning.

Inhofe didn't offer any more details, only declaring that the military is not the place to institute a "liberal agenda."

Inhofe used his speech to rally conservatives against overturning DADT.

"Your job is to call up these people and make sure they know what your message is … and your message is to vote no," he said.


  1. justiceontherocks says

    Real unemployment around 16%, one in seven Americans living a a poverty level, and this clown is worried about “open” gays in the military?? Like there has ever been a military without gay men and lesbians. No wonder people are fed up with Congress.

  2. David in Houston says

    “I was an Army veteran, and I don’t have to tell any of the veterans in this room here the problems you’d have with open gays in the military,” said the homophobic, self-loathing closet-case, bigoted douchebag asshole Inhofe…

    Shut the fuck up already! 35 countries have openly gay service members. IT IS A NON-ISSUE with ALL of our allies!

  3. nic says

    were inhofe to have a moment of self-understanding or introspection, he would immediately put a bullet through his brain and give everyone a moment’s peace. whence do these cretins come? if there were an argument to be made against inbreeding, this sub-human is proof positive. if it please the court, here is exhibit A….

  4. Rob says

    Not at all surprising from one of the biggest homophobes in the Senate. What we really SHOULD be afraid of is the continuing presence of Inhofe and his fellow “open bigots” in the US Congress!

  5. jamal49 says

    Somebody ought to tell that ass-wipe senator Inhofe that Israel allows openly-gay men and women to service in ITS military, for crissakes. “Values Voters Summit” my ass. Just another confab of bigots.

  6. Alan says

    It would be interesting if our allies (the 35 countries that allow gays in the military) set up sanctions against the United States for bigoted human rights violations. I would love to see allies shut down our overseas bases and restrict military planes from their air space.

  7. Jerry6 says

    I am 83 years old; served for two years in the US Navy during WW2 (It would have been longer, but the Japanese surrendered), and am getting tired of these old (and senile) ex-military Gays that are pissed off that they could not come out openly when they were in the service. So pissed off that they want to deny this generation’s service men from serving openly like most of our allies do. Fellows, your protestations are so transparent, and you are so dumb that you do not realize how pathetic you really are.

  8. says

    This guy is 75 years old. In 2010, his military viewpoint is absolutely worthless. He is multiple-generations from ANY relevance to progressive social issues. If he thinks people are simply going to pretend it’s still 1965, he’s sadly mistaken. 35 countries permit gays to serve openly. It is a non-issue… except to those that are homophobic.

    I’d like to ask him about the “Open straight activities” that are currently taking place in the military: Aside from the usual males raping females, now there are males blackmailing closeted-lesbians and forcing them to have sex or they will ‘out’ them to superiors.

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