Senator Inhofe Blasts ‘Open Gays’ in Military at Values Voters Summit


Senator James Inhofe, who gave a tedious and bigoted floor speech against DADT repeal earlier this week, just spoke at the Values Voters Summit (which you can watch LIVE here), and addressed DADT again.

Politico reports:

"I was an Army veteran, and I don’t have to tell any of the veterans in this room here the problems you’d have with open gays in the military," Inhofe told the audience at the Values Voter Summit Friday morning.

Inhofe didn't offer any more details, only declaring that the military is not the place to institute a "liberal agenda."

Inhofe used his speech to rally conservatives against overturning DADT.

"Your job is to call up these people and make sure they know what your message is … and your message is to vote no," he said.