1. Ninong says

    An anti-aging drug sounds interesting but I think the real solution will be genetic engineering that modifies or removes our senescence gene.

    Marine anemones, for example, do not experience senescence. They don’t die of old age. They keep on living until they meet an accidental death or some other form of trauma.

  2. reality bites says

    the fountain of youth thing is misleading

    he didnt discover anything to extend life past the normal average life span. It helps improve heath of say people to be able to make it to old age

    Instead of dieing at 50 of a heart attack ull live long enough to make it to the average of 80ish and die of old age

    The fountain of health

  3. says

    The snap diva clip is from Marlon Rigg’s wonderful 1989 film, Tongues Untied. Something I’d recommend watching to all the towleroad folks!

  4. Brandon says

    @Reality Bites

    But wouldn’t that go against the results of the lab rat experiment? We age because of oxygen. If you take that factor out, would you still age? Sure it doesn’t prevent dying, but how would you reach an ending point if you maintained a level of consistency along the way instead of declining?

  5. nic says

    pope-rah keeps celebrating mediocrity. let’s hear it for the ‘pup’. (gawd, how i hate banality.) and, this woman is worth billions? why?

  6. Dave says

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  7. DC Space says

    Just an FYI gang, MARKDC is a prankster operating and ranting incoherently under various nom de blogs. He posts and then responds back to his comments and gets everyone in an uproar. He’s a sick fuck!