Towleroad Guide To The Tube #740

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Woman caught on camera picking and, well, eating.

FREEDOM?: Right wing group Iowa For Freedom wants the state's Supreme Court justices out.

SO EMOTIONAL: Scottish film maker Gordon Buchanan truly pleased to learn endangered tigers are safe and sound in Bhutan.

WICKED MISTRESS: To appease the technological gods, The Pulsars' 90s-era, but 80s-styled song, "Technology."

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  1. gr8guyca says

    I love the Orwellian “Iowans for Freedom.” But not freedom for the things that they don’t like. Not freedom for everyone, but just for the people they choose. Not really “freedom” at all. Unless you want to include the freedom to be bigoted and narrow-minded.

  2. mad1026 says

    Of course, the Iowa Supreme Court got involved; the Defense of Marriage Act is a hate crime fostered on the state of Iowa by small-minded bigots who want to destroy families because they don’t have a father and a mother. Never mind that the children are just as nurtured in a SSM, they could care less.

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