Two Men in Women’s Clothing Found Shot Beside Road in Puerto Rico

Two men in women's clothing were found dead beside a road in Puerto Rico on Monday, the Canadian Press reports:

Puerto-rico "A police officer discovered the victims, each one shot in the head, during a pre-dawn patrol in the city of Juana Diaz, according to a police statement. An unidentified 28-year-old man has been arrested and his car seized in connection with the case. Pedro Julio Serrano, the founder of the gay rights group Puerto Rico for All, said the island's laws obligate authorities to investigate whether the double slaying was motivated by the victims' sexual orientation or gender identity. Serrano said nine gay and transsexual people have been killed over the last 10 months in Puerto Rico, which has recorded a total of 682 slayings this year. He said authorities have not responded adequately to what he called a wave of crime targeting gays."

More (in Spanish) from Noti Uno.

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  1. Breelynn says

    i find this horrible. just because theyre gay doesnt mean they need to be killed! i wish people would just accept everybody and their ways. if they want to be gay let them be gay, its not going to affect you in any way.

  2. JoseRVG says

    Its ironic that the Puertorrican government is full of men who seem to be ambiguous (to say the least) yet keep promoting discrimination against gays in a variety of ways. When you see things like this, its almost feel like government-sanctioned executions. Fortunately, the vast majority of the people feel outraged at these killings and a large scale public discussion of these topics has started. Thanks Andy for bringing attention to our little island.

  3. ratbastard says

    P.R. is a violent place. A lot of poverty and drug dealing / addictions. And these dudes, especially the trannies, were probably involved in dangerous activity like prostitution, hook ups with strangers, buying / selling drugs. These things greatly increase the likelihood of being a victim of violence.

  4. Ryen says

    First, there is no proof they were murdered just because they were gay!! Estupido! It says they are investigating! Stop over-reacting! There are a thousand different reasons they could have been killed–do you know how many prostitutes are murdered each year?? THOUSANDS! This is no different. If you do not want to get robbed, beat up, murdered, etc., then do not prostitute yourself! Simple as that. Plus, murder in Puerto Rico is not uncommon, gay or not! This is a typical crime–let them investigate and do their work before you act crazy!