Vatican Prelate Compares Gay Marriage to Decaffeinated Coffee


Father Gonzalo Miranda used a new metaphor to describe gay marriage at a press conference on Wednesday, On Top reports:

“A gay relationship is like decaffeinated coffee, you do not wake up."

On Top:

"The marriages of gay and lesbian couples are an imitation, the bishops said, Mexico's El Universal reported. Miranda, along with Monsignor Elio Sgreccia, president emeritus of the Pontification Academy for Life in the Vatican, are in Mexico participating in a series of academic conferences commemorating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the School of Bioethics at the Universidad Anahuac in Huixquilucan state."

Added Miranda: What just happened in California is very significant. On two occasions people spoke out against the legal recognition of gay marriage and twice a judge changed the popular vote with a ruling. In Mexico, I don't know well the mechanism used, but the people were not consulted, there's wasn't a referendum either.”

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  1. Rob says

    Oh, sure, The Vatican wants to have it both ways (just like so many right wing bigots here in the US): when civil rights restrictions are put to a “popular vote” and passed but then struck down by a judge as unconstitutional, it’s BAD; however, when civil rights are kept down by The Vatican, there’s no “popular vote” among its parishoners to change the Papal edict so it’s GOOD. Nice try, fellas, but it ain’t gonna fly with free-thinkers. Directives from the heart of the Papacy are but imitations of the true loving and accepting nature of God and his laws for all mankind.

  2. says

    That’s because he’s the only one in OUR government who’s had the balls to tell it like it is…

    The issue of “gay” rights is a ‘civil’ right afforded to “WE THE PEOPLE”… who are to be treated equal according to our laws. It shouldn’t have been brought up for a “vote” in our country in the first place.

    Anti homosexuality is not a ‘civil’ issue, it’s a ‘religious’ issue… and OUR country have laws that ‘seperate’ church and state… plain. and. simple.


    okay /rant

  3. Bart says

    Once priests can get married, actually know what the hell they are talking about, it’ll be time to listen to one of them compare marriage to coffee. Why not tea? Or milk? Maybe it’s like 2% or maybe non-fat.

    And once he actually figures out that American has three branches of government so that one cannot make laws that are against the Constitution, either of the country or individual state, then maybe this man who knows nothing but nothing about our government can make a semi-intelligent statement. And even then it would only be semi-intelligent.


  4. Nick says

    Once again-The Vatican speaks of a subject they know absolutely nothing about-
    do you actually think you have any credibility left-idiots.
    Spend you time more effectively and go shopping for more Prada’s.

  5. Forrestabbey says

    I have always felt that a man or woman’s relationship with god was a relationship between that person and god. Not another person and another man or woman and god. Somehow religion has turned into do as I say not as I do kind of thing. Having been raised a Catholic I am familiar with their version of Christianity, where it differs from what Christ preached as well as those few areas where it follows his teaching. Interestingly enough both the President of the Latter Day Saints and now Glenn Beck receive messages from god so the Pope is no longer on exclusive ground there.

  6. DJSauvage says

    Actually, there’s far more ‘caffeine’ in my 12 year relationship than most of the hetro marriages in my group of friends, which is exactly what the bigots probably fear.

  7. jexer says

    I like the analogy, don’t like his interpretation.

    Decaff- Same thing as coffee without certain risks. Like unexpected pregnancies or extra trips to the bathroom.

  8. Keith says

    When you have to attempt to dumb down the marriage debate to your flock in such simplistic and nonsensical metaphors as “caffeinated vs. decaffeinated” it certainly doesn’t say much for the regards you have for the intelligence of your flock. It merely proves the simplistic and simple-mindedness (and narrow world view) religion has of a complex and rich world of diversity.

  9. Roman Bolliger, Switzerland says

    Father Gonzalo Miranda is not a father. Fathers do have children, he doesn’t (does he?). He has no idea of a father-child relationship.
    And he certainly has no idea of human relationships as part of a couple, be it heterosexual or homosexual.

    In fact, Mister Miranda is an outsider to these questions. The whole Catholic Church is an organization of outsiders from life. His sayings have nothing to do with personal experience, but everything with the parrotlike repetition of a catholic doctrine created and perpetuated by the ritualized repetition itself.

    Mister Miranda is talking clergyshit. It’s as simple as that.

  10. James says

    The ‘people’s’ referendum argument is so near sighted. Where exactly does it end? Are we going to vote on Religions? Should we vote on how to handle the massive cover up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church for the last 70 years? or, whether we allow virginal men who wear dresses and call themselves ‘Father Miranda’ to tell the rest of us how to live?

  11. Fahd says

    I agree with Rob^ that “Directives from the heart of the Papacy are but imitations of the true loving and accepting nature of God and his laws for all mankind.”

    An important role of the judiciary, at least in the United States, has been to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Do you think there would have been a majority vote for school integration in Arkansas or Alabama, for example?

    The Roman Catholic church (see especially their Knights of Columbus and Opus Dei subcultures) and the Mormon Church are both enemies of gay liberation and equality. Both institutions often have been on the wrong side of history, and everyone rational knows that they are on this issue also; just stumbling blocks to the inevitable in the case of full gay equality.

    I pray everyday that the members of the Roman Catholic church and Mormon church realize that they are the victims of fraud by their church leaders.

  12. Duck says

    Is there anyway to get a more appropriate definition of catholic, or priest or church, ala santorum or saddleback? I think that it would be completely appropriate.

  13. queenzafrona says

    That’s why they call it practicing religion. Maybe someday they will get it right. Myself I do not need organized religion. I just have my belief in a benevolent God. Why would anyone believe that God is a God of Hate? It is only the looney tune fringe that keeps all the hatred going. I say to them get a life, and get to know God. Maybe then you can find some love in your life.

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