1. James says

    I don’t understand how they’re going to get this thing voted if they can’t even find 60 votes!

    Can someone explain? Are these 60 votes just to get the measure on the defense bill or something?

  2. Jerry says

    Sixty votes are needed to close debate on the bill. Until debate is officially closed, no up or down vote can take place.

    Pres. Obama is once again missing in action! Why hasn’t he spoken out on the necessity of voting cloture and passage of the act? I suspect that he’s not speaking because he believes he will veto the bill (with the money for the new jet engine still part of the bill). This would be very, very difficult to explain to the so-called “gay leadership” and their allies in Congress- not to mention the New York Times! If cloture fails, that ends the matter, and Obama can blame Congress. What a great leader!