1. says

    Wow, my stomach churned watching this.

    I think Dan Choi is a great figurehead for this cause, but it makes me sad that we even need one in the first place for a policy that is so flagrantly unconstitutional it is absolutely indefensible.

    The irony of a black man saying all these things about the US Military is killing me. Wonder how he felt about the desegregation of the military only a few decades back.

  2. Terry says

    God Bless Dan Choi. He is fighting for us more than almost anyone else. I admire him with all my heart.

  3. Matt says

    What Choi should have said is that if it wasn’t for “liberal, democratic agendas” 50 years ago, Reverend Jackson wouldn’t haven’t even been allowed on this news program to discuss this issue. How quickly people forget in just 50 short years what discrimination in this country was like for African Americans. And how they don’t seem to recognize the same discrimination against gay americans today.

  4. 7 says

    “I don’t think it’s a civil rights issue -”
    “I do!”
    “Well, obviously YOU do.”

    These…ugh, I’m so mad. The arrogance of this bastard, as if he and his ilk weren’t screaming for the same things fifty years ago under the flag of civil rights. “You don’t count, cos you’re a fag and you can change.” Scum.

  5. Joel V says

    @ Calvin x10
    I really don’t like how condescending the pastor is with his manner. Lt Choi held his own fine and really got to the root of it: whether it’s color or sexual orientation, discrimination feels the same.

    I’m amused by the argument of liberal democrats pushing their “radical gay agenda” on the country, it sure doesn’t feel that way!

  6. Tom in long beach says

    You are 100% correct. That is what is so painful at times for me. I am for all minorities but often am shocked to see that they do not think I deserve the same fairness I want for them. Love Dan choi’s last line “Discrimination does not need to be studied, It is wrong period.” I also thought that his statement about racism and homophobia feeling exactly the same, is quite powerful.

  7. Geoff says

    I agree with Christopher. He is not in the military, he is not gay, and he is not an expert in the affairs of either group. Perhaps he should butt out . . .

  8. Rin says

    I’ve never understood the ban on gays in the military. First, I certainly don’t want to fight so more power to anyone who does want to. Second, they have no problem creating separate quarters when it comes to men and women so if that is the issue (someone will see me naked and be aroused) then create separate quarters. What’s the big deal? They had the same complaint over women serving and fixed it with separate quarters. Done.

    The ONLY thing I have ever heard an active duty heterosexual say that was remotely anti-gays serving was the shower thing. They said that the military separates me and women for that reason. Other than that…they really didn’t care.

    But then…the military doesn’t always make sense to me, like the officers and enlisted thing. Why aren’t enlisted ranks allowed to work their way up into officer programs (not warrant) like they used to be able to?

    Stuff like that doesn’t make logical sense. We’re at war with two different countries and we care about who soldiers are attracted to? Seems like we have bigger fish to fry.

  9. mad1026 says

    I have known I’m gay for almost 60 years. I have never seen a “radical gay agenda” in this country. I have seen Blacks fight for their civil rights and get them and I was with them. I’m offended by Mr Jackson; does he not realize how many young GAY people toiled in the ’60’s civil rights movement so he can preach hatred today? I think it’s time for the DoD to Poll servicemembers and their families on how they feel about serving with Blacks, or Italians, or left-handed people, or blonds, or fat people, or anyone else who’s different. Lt. Choi, I applaud you for fighting the good fight! Please continue and let me know what else I can do. Thank you for your service to YOUR country. You are a role model for so many young people.

  10. neverstops says

    sad Choi has to argue with such an ignorant man

    sadder still how many people that ignorant man speaks for

  11. Ishaq says

    Lt Choi-“Discrimination does not need to be studied, it is wrong. Period.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  12. Steve says

    They are already bunking and showering with gay people. Either unknowingly or – in not too few cases – knowingly.

    This isn’t the 50s and 60s. Outside of deployments, the only place where you’ll find open squad bays and open showers is boot camp. After that, they put people two or three to a room, with a shared bathroom. Maybe more on a ship.

    Showers have curtains or dividers. Even many remote combat outposts in Afghanistan have some form of shower curtains. It’s really not that big of a deal.

    On deployments on small bases, it can also happen that men and women sleep in the same tents and use the same showers. They just come to arrangements, for example using them at different times.

    Other countries are far less hung up about this (and sex in general). The Dutch have unisex showers in Afghanistan (same containers, but completely separated by curtains). I saw a British documentary where women sleep in the same room as the men, where everyone only has a tent for privacy. They undressed in front of each other.

  13. Amaezm says

    the thing I don’t get about the whole unit cohesion, and sexual tensions argument is this..

    what about women who serve in the military? I’m sure there is some sexual tension between men and women? Its not a factor, they’re professionals. Theres your case study.

  14. Pat says

    The fact is we are at war. We need all the soldiers who are willing and able to fight for this country to fight with dignity and honor. Hiding who one is is not honest, it does not follow the codes and thoughts of the military. It is just wrong to say not allowing them to serve is protecting our country when Arab linguists, and medics, and anyone else is being kicked out due to being LGBT. How does having less well-trained soldiers make us safer?

  15. Keith says

    When will Lt. Dan Choi be running for office. He has my vote, as finally we have a person who is fair, balanced, bright, articulate, ethical and can argue the heck out of those who spout nonsense and double-speak.

  16. Dan Cobbb says

    Religious people are bigots, pure and simple. The nature of religion requires it. It’s amazing though how little some blacks understand bigotry on a conceptual level. It seems as though for some minorities, bigotry is awful if it is directed toward them, but directing it toward others is A-OK. These are primitive people who cannot understand things conceptually.

  17. BobN says

    “Just like a football team…”

    I think he just called for women to join the NFL. No surprise he thinks there should be no gays in football either.

    Not too bright, the pastor…

  18. jonny says

    just in case you thought Fox there wasn’t totally biased, rewind the moderator’s closing statement: “You both spoke eloquently.”

    He must have tuned out Bitch-up Harry Jackson, then. Because all I heard from Mr. Jackson were hackneyed lies that had been repeated to put up a barricade against any change. I find it somewhat amusing that he actually used the unit cohesion and morale arguments that were used against integrating black soldiers. What a maroon!

  19. Dale says

    I think it’s funny that these homophobes are so arrogant to think that they are so hot that a gay man would give them a second look. Straight men do not understand the concept of being able to do your job without hanging your sexuality out in front. Many straight men need to hang their sexuality out in front because of their own insecurities.

  20. rich says

    This is disgusting and so typical of our media. First, West Point Grad Choi has to be pitted against some nimrod “reverend” from some cracker jack box “seminary” who sits there with his fat condescending Cheshire cat grin. What was your dissertation on your fat holiness?

    I mean obviously this was a Fox affiliate, I can tell by the logo. And why was a military brass officer not debating Choi, instead they make this into a religious argument which it absolutely is not.

    Put “bishop” Tom on a treadmill and make him drop and do 50, fat pious HOG.

    Go Dan !!!!!

  21. elcidinca says

    Why does any news outlet put a religious figure on against a military figure to talk about a military issue. When did this idiot Harry Jackson become an expert on miliary service? Dan sounded more like a religious expert than this so-called religious expert…very sad that this is the best the opposition has to offer.

  22. FunMe says

    The TV announcer said the “pastor” would be having the last point.

    But the last words you heard were from Lt. Choi:
    “Discrimination does not need to be studied. It is wrong, period.”

    Living it and loving it!

  23. Red Devil says

    MAD26 You said “does he not realize how many young GAY people toiled in the ’60’s civil rights movement so he can preach hatred today?”

    No disrepect I keep hearing alot of you say this. But no one ever produces any of these folks by name and never read of them in a history book, or anything. I would like to see PROOF?

    And please don’t bring up the name Bayard Rustin you do know he was Black? regardless of his love for white men.

  24. PRE says

    Matt – when you say “What Choi should have said is that if it wasn’t for “liberal, democratic agendas” 50 years ago, Reverend Jackson wouldn’t haven’t even been allowed on this news program to discuss this issue. How quickly people forget in just 50 short years what discrimination in this country was like for African Americans. And how they don’t seem to recognize the same discrimination against gay americans today.”

    I really have to take exception with your use of the word “THEY.” Feel free to say “HIM” because all you can categorically comment on is the opinions of Mr. Jackson, not anyone else.

  25. GaryJ says

    Jackson is a idiot, I wonder how many young men he’s “converted” just like the rest of the hypocrites they call religious leaders have done. Dan Choi is a brave and handsome man!

  26. Warren says

    Choi is awesome and gets better every time I see him!

    The uncomfortable argument is so lame I can’t even believe that any intelligent person would use it. And note to world just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they want to sleep with you, get over yourself. I mean seriously!

  27. Jerry6 says

    These Christian bigots keep talking about the Bible and especially the writings of Leviticus. I defy you to find any single Christian, from the Pope in Rome down to the latest to be baptized that has ever read all the chapters of Leviticus AND lives and observes each and every one of their dictates. Forget the entire rest of the Bible, just find me one person who observes and lives this one book of the Bible.

    Then we can talk about Homosexuality as an item.

  28. mark says

    Dan’s integrity, dignity and eloquence on civil rights shows the places where African Americans have become complacent, institutionalized and fossilized.

    With Obama dependent on the fossil vote we need more courageous people like Dan to hold up the living end of the American dream.

  29. Antonio says

    Eloquent LT Dan Choi!! Thank you for being the leader that you are.

    Woww…Harry Jackson sure is an incredible hypocrite and bigot!!

  30. kodiak says

    `Hey Jackson, remember when the bible was touted as proof that God wanted slavery? That black people were only 3/5 of a white man? How did you ever get past that “teaching”?

    The bible is interpreted by people seeking power as a means to power. People in power use it to maintain power. The constitution says all men are created equal. The bible breaks it down into us and them. Based on the narrow interpretation of “god’s word” written by men with there own agenda to put forth.