1. jason says

    Gosh, those Australian gays are so behind the times. Vogue is so 1990, guys.

    They really need to stop the immaturity and start some real activism over there in Australia. Drag queenism isn’t activism. Rather, it’s a diversion from the important issues regarding our progress.

  2. howard says

    It is a promo for a party, do not think it was ever intended to pose as “activisim”
    and the “Vogue” they were performing is taken from the first season of gLee!
    you might recognize from their recent inclusion in the Emmy’s that it is brand new.
    enjoy your soapbox Rodney,
    and stay away from Australia.
    we don’t want or need you or your advice

  3. says

    lame. I’m severely disappointed in that scary clown IT movie drag queen. you mean to tell me that’s the best sylvester impersonator that they could get? GD thing was giving me anxiety and i had to turn it off. remember how flash mobs were all the rage in AMERICA last year??? someone’s behind the times.