1. Kurt says

    His congregation seems as delusional as he does about his orientation. And I guess his whole “gays should be killed” spiel is coming back to bite him on the ass now hehe.

  2. Disgusted American says

    these people are so brainwashed and hoodwinked…wow,just wow… thier hard earned money to a man who lives in a Mansion, drives a $200k Bentley, wear 1000’s in BLING…LOL what a friggin joke these assholes are.

  3. patrick nyc says

    He who is without sin cast the first stone Pastor, and you have five rocks, more like rocks in your head. I can’t wait until this all catches up with him, sadly there were plenty who still supported Haggard after he was caught. There are suckers born every minute.

  4. alexInBoston says

    his golden Idol (money) is coming to an end and he sees that….but just as “disgusted American” above says the brainwashed and hoodwink give their hard earned money to this fraud!! a wife and 4 kids does not make you straight but your mouth or dick on some guy is a pretty good sign you’re gay!

  5. customartist says

    Surely Christians do not support Denial of Responsibility for their sins?

    Why is it that religious folk cannot reconcile reality with scripture? They don’t take it ALL conpletely literally?

    Denying that Gays exist, and the subsequent attempt to make all people straight, Is The Very Origin of this very incident, and many others like it, past and yet to come if they continue on their current path.

    Incidentally, that is the gayest suit jacket with embroidered crest thingey. He might want to butch it up! (ust a suggestion)

  6. Ninong says

    It’s obvious that his attorneys are hard at work trying to settle out of court. Then his lawyers will announce that the good “bishop” can’t speak about this matter as it is now settled. In the meantime, his attorneys will say it’s all a big misunderstanding. After all, don’t all clergymen give cars and other expensive gifts to the teenage boys they take with them on overseas trips to help carry their luggage?

  7. veg says

    But, people, he’s married with children! His wife is named Vanessa Griffin and his children are Eric, Edward, Jared, and Taylor! Everybody knows that you can’t be married to a woman and impregnated her FOUR TIMES and still be a male homosexual!

    Furthermore, he has a PhD! PhDs are smart, gotdamit! No PhD would EVER be accused of cracking teen dudes up in their behinds! And it doesn’t even matter that his PhD in Pastoral Ministry is from the International College of Excellence, a Bible college accredited by an organization not recognized by either the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or United States Department of Education, the two institutions responsible for recognizing educational accrediting institutions in the United States.

    Pastor Long is DAVID from the Bible.

    David, chile! David fighting Goliath.


  8. says


    and david loved jonathan

    😉 so much so that upon hearing of jonathan’s death david claimed his love was greater than a womans

    anyway; he is totally wearing a hair piece

  9. TampaZeke says

    This mega church, as of today, is sending a VERY powerful message.

    If you are an out proud gay person who wishes to faithfully and legally commit yourself to the love of your life and raise a family, you are EVIL, EVIL, EVIL; a threat to all things good and holy.

    But if you are a closeted homosexual, married to a woman under false pretenses, having children, living a lie and spending your every waking hour demonizing, attacking and trying to deny civil rights to other homosexuals, then HALLELUJAH, AMEN, PRAISE JESUS, PREACH ON BELOVED PREACHER! We gotcha back baby! You’re a rock star and a man of God!

    He and his entire disgusting flock of 25,000 are a shameful disgrace. I can’t believe that anyone who believes in god, and is in their right mind (though I’m not sure it’s possible to be both at the same time) can believe that this charlatan, thief. snake oil salesman and whore can be a moral and ethical man of god.

    Every single day I’m reminded of why I left the Christian faith.

  10. stephen says

    Interestingly, THIS closet-cocksucker has been talked about several times in the national media.

    I regret what happn’d to these boys, but if it’s true, perhaps this one will help this craZy notion of religious-types having some perceived moral authority to finally implode permanently.

    I’m just SICK of people that have NOTHING to do with my life having SO much to say about it, while getting a tax-break, to boot!

  11. says

    Of course the best part is that there’s a wonderful Southern culture of pretending to offer love and support on Sunday, and losing your number on Monday.

    I think it’s about to get really cold around Eddie’s place. Also, good. Hypocritical fuck.

    Here’s hoping criminal charges are filed.

  12. Keith says

    Is it just me, or was that excerpt of his sermon almost a complete confession? He’s saying that he is not a “perfect man” and that he will work this out in the court of law, not in the public media. That’s hardly an unequivocal defence of his actions. . .Ted Haggard made a stronger denial, and he was guilty as charged.

  13. says

    It’s all about video. I don’t believe for a second that someone, somewhere (if not one of these boys) is sitting on something in hopes of a very large settlement. There’s got to be something that can’t be explained away (like the trips, gifts, etc.). For what this guy is worth and the obvious millions he’s extorted out of his congregation, I say hold out or take it to court and show the world what a hypocritical liar this asswipe is.

    Isn’t there something in the bible that says “beware of false prophets?” In this day and age, that’s all of these bloodsuckers.

  14. GregV says

    “…sadly there were plenty who still supported Haggard after he was caught. ”

    @PatrickNYC: i think it’s sadder still that they supported Haggard BEFORE he was caught. Aftwerward, Haggard’s stance was more like: “i’m going to stop cheating on my wife and deliberately lying to everyone, and I realize now that I need to stop with attacking gay peopledealing with my own fears by attacking gay people.” (That’s my rough paraphrase, not a quote.)
    It is inexcusable to follow hateful bigots like Eddie Long-Dong and Uganda’s Ssempa and others who advocate hatred and discrimination and violence. I could excuse them for following these poeple AFTER they get “caught” doing everything they claim to hate, IF they have changed and recognized how wrong their exploitation and hateful twisting of religion has been.
    But unless and until Eddie Long-Dong admits at some future point that he is a sick man and that innocent gay people do not deserve his hateful attacks he has made, I can’t excuse anyone for being his accomplice by supporting him morally or financially.,

  15. says

    Yeah, he had five rocks. He threw most of them at gay people by advocating our collective murder.

    This revolting hypocrite deserves everything that’s coming to him. May his “ministry” be cast down lower than that of Ted Haggard.

  16. thirdnlong says

    I can not judge him because I am not God. What I do want to say is God will reveal. What saddens me is that the church is clapping and giving him praise when the truth has yet to be revealed. It seems as though the congregation is brain washed. If he is guilty, he may get away with it, but the real test is when he goes home with out the congregation clapping and hollering and tries to sleep at night; can he deal with himself, can he make peace in his heart, soul and mind. The biggest issue is, CAN U DEAL WITH SELF. What about the children, how do they feel, do they have anybody shouting and clapping with them. Bernice King was on the pulpit begging for money for the church, is that for its defense fund ? It needs to be put all in the hands of God, trust and believe he will shut it down if he has too. I have watch Long around Atlanta for years and never seen his wife, now all of a sudden he wants to walk in with his wife. If you watch the video it looks forced and staged. She can smile and act like nothing is happening but she is the main one who knows the truth. She knows where her husband has been and with whom. Let God be the judge and every man a liar.

  17. Judge Away says

    I never understand LGBT People who say that they cannot judge because God will judge. This man has stood in the pulpit and judged you every Sunday. You have every right to sit in judgement of him as he has done to you. It is this type of brainwashing that has caused so many LGBT people to sit idle in this mans church and listen to his abusive words in the hopes of being redeemed.

  18. Bart says

    If you’re not guilty, you say you’re not guilty. Straight up, no questions, I am not guilty. Not saying that says everything. Eddie Long is serial seducer/abuser. I’ve heard for years about Eddie keeping young guys in his guest house, none of that is a secret to anyone in his congregation.

    I agree he will settle with the these young men but not before using his “five rocks” to try and sling some shit their way. But the lawyer for these kids already send a salvo over the bow of Eddie’s yacht by releasing the pictures in the lycra outfits that he shot of himself and sent to one of these kids. It tells me she has much, much more…and it tells me everything about Eddie Long.

    My guess, they will play this out as long as they can, settle with these young men for a boatload of money in exchange for their silence. Then Eddie will get up on the pulpit on Sunday, wipe his sweaty brow with a 20 dollar handkerchief and say that he settled at the advisement of the lawyers to end this long drawn out event and save the Church from further embarrassment. That he wanted to fight these allegations because he’s not guilty (after it’s over and the accusers’s silence has been paid for, he’ll use those words…but he sure can’t right now not knowing every card in the accusers’s hands) but it was best for the Church to move on and do God’s work. And Eddie will eventually fall back into the same patterns of giving head to teenage boys while retaining his influence and lifestyle courtesy of his naive and misguided congregation who dump so much money into his greedy, diamond ring encrusted hands.

    But if Eddie really does believe in the Bible, and does believe in God, he cannot believe that his afterlife is going to be very pleasant. So I sort of hope he really believes because he’s going to wake up in the middle of every night knowing that eternity is going to be a bitch.

  19. TANK says

    More proof that christianity is a mental illness, and serves no useful purpose. And are you that surprised that his supporters believe his lies? They will believe anything he tells them to. He’s dedicated his life to convincing easily suggestible and uneducated people to believe proven falsehoods for profit, and that make this pale in contrast. And he’s going to continue to make a lucrative venture of it.

  20. anon says

    Considering that his accusers are underage, he faces a fate a lot worse than Haggard, so yes, he’s going to defend himself fully. You can’t compare a mere hypocrite like Haggard (drug use aside) to a potential high criminal like Long.

  21. JP says

    Any man that drives a $200K car is not a David in a fight against underage boys that where abused. That he has the balls to compare himself in that regard shows just how out of touch he is with the reality of what he is accused of.

    And, he dresses like a fucking queer.

  22. says

    “I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man, but I am not the man being portrayed on television. That’s not me.”

    No, but it sounds remarkably like Ted Haggard mixed liberally with Roy Cohn (“I am NOT THAT!”)

    Do I know if he’s guilty or not? Nope. But I didn’t hear denial of the specific accusations in there. Did you?

  23. god-judge-no-one says

    they are a cult…this remindes me of the georgetown massecre…idk how these people can manipulate other people like this smh..its a sad world..too bad were allowing the devil to run the church..soo sad!!!

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