1. Brad says

    Gay Republican. Still feels like an oxymoronic term. I seriously doubt the teabaggers will allow a gay man to run under the Republican ticket. They’ve already had their heads explode with a black man as president.

  2. Roberto says

    @Brad… Well he needs our support too. The more gay republicans there are… the faster we will get full rights. Only “insiders” will convince them.

  3. johnny says

    Wow, set up a gay politician or public figure and watch as the other gay people shoot them down…

    I think a gay man of any party has to have lot of guts to run for president. At least give him that, people.

  4. BobN says

    I can’t help but notice that his resume is pretty scant on names past, say, the very early 80s. He says he’s been active in GOP politics in SoCal for 30 years. So… either his claim is a bit overblown OR he’s pretty embarrassed about the politicians he has worked for in the last two decades.

    Considering how bat-shit crazy many GOPers in SoCal are in regards to gay issues, I suspect the latter.

  5. says

    LOL roberto, put down the repub crack pipe

    he had a possible chance in 2008 of winning 1 maybe (stretch) 2 north eastern/far north western repub primary states

    2010? Not even a snow ball’s chance in hell. The more moderate repubs fled to register as indies in droves and some as dems due to bush and repub congress. No longer repubs= not able to vote in r primaries

    The tea party bible thumpers have taken over the asylum and there is no way this guy even comes in 3rd place anywhere in a repub primary

    In fact, i’ll bet that his experience on the stump confronted by the crazies will drive him to the dem party eventually

  6. Xtabentun says

    There’s no chance of him getting the nomination. He’s what you should call an outsider or activist candidate. He’s running to raise attention to particular issues and to bolster a personal profile.

    Alan Keyes is one such example, his pet issue being abortion. Tom Tancredo is another, his pet issue being immigration. Typically the outsider activists have come from the far right.

    Karger is something completely different. His main issue is gay rights. What a shock this must be! And I think he should be supported completely, because if he gets enough support, he may even appear on the debates! Imagine that… all these Tea Party and lunatic Republicans sharing a stage with him. That would be so fucking cool.

    Anyways, Obama’s got the nomination for his party locked up and guaranteed, so I’m going to register as a Republican and vote Karger!

  7. Brian in Texas says

    In any presidential election you have a bunch of fringe people on either side of the aisle who throw their hat in…

  8. Disgusted American says

    while this guy def. has ballz..for sure…the GOP nutz will eat him alive. They’re already reving up thier Anit-Gay BS ie: thier Values Voters Summit…heck,they don’t want Gay people to have ANY RIGHTS..let alone President? Hello…Snowballz Hell.

    Tho – Id be tempted to vote for him

  9. says


    that isn’t wise

    U have no clue what his other stands r. heck he could want to round up all the jews and gas them but hey he is gay and for gay rights

    Nope sorry, that is totally unwise to say ur going to switch parties and vote for him without knowing his background or his positions on other stuff

  10. dramaticartchild says

    Gotta agree with ya on that. One issue voters will always get shot in the foot. . .like, you know, “values voters” who can at least sleep at night knowing the lezzies can’t get married, but wake up in the morning to be evicted from their home cuz it got foreclosed on thanks to all the deregulation the repugs pushed through. Equal rights are on my top ten list of things a candidate must support if they want my vote, but I cannot in good conscience vote for somebody if they, as my Israeli acting instructor put it, “think people are poor because they are lazy. . .much like the Fascists, no?”. Don’t know if this Karger believes that or not, but if he’s a GOProud type, nuh’uh. Oh no.

  11. TANK says

    It’s equally unwise to vote for candidates who promise fierce advocacy and fail to deliver. This would suggest that no candidate can be taken at his or her word, and finding out where s/he stands on the issues is basically pointless. But it’s not insofar as you don’t have a choice…or, at least, that’s what many supporters of so-called fierce advocacy want you to believe. However, I’m confident many of you can see yourselves voting for an antigay candidate (and have) if s/he was more than willing to pander to your other largely ignorant, pathetic concerns.

  12. nyrkr says

    I shouldn’t feed the troll but here goes
    Ok Tank so please elaborate those concerns of yours that are so well thought out, diligently researched and grand that ours are ignorant and pathetic in comparison ?

  13. Joe says

    He has no chance of winning (obviously).

    But, this is HUGE. A gay man running as a republican is important, because it represents a few moderate voices in their party. Fringe candidates are important, because they represent some of the thoughts in the party.

    Also, this means that in all of those wretched primary debates, all of the candidates on their side will be FORCED to answer questions about gay rights – very important.

  14. Joe says

    Also, he is a hot silver fox. Not sure if he’s had work done (his face is tighter than his neck) but this is the first time I’ve ever found a republican candidate for president attractive.

    Especially since McCain and Palin both gave me nightmares.

  15. Clay says

    Of course he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell. So what? Neither did Shirley Chisholm. Somebody has to have the guts to be first, to be that first spark that maybe, maybe leads starts something bigger. Instead of just anonymously jeering at the guy, why not get involved in the political process that directly impacts your civil rights and freedoms. If this guy can even just make the GOP debates in New Hampshire, he can at least force the other candidates to address equality issues. Let America hear straight out what “nice guy” Huckabee really thinks of gays, let Romney be pinned down for once, and so on. If you’d seriously rather eat your own, than don’t whine about the lack of progress. Progress isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you make happen.

  16. Xtabentun says

    I’d suggest registering Republican (if your state requires party registration) and voting for Karger in the primaries. There’s no point in voting for Obama, as his renomination as the Democratic candidate is a given barring some radical turn of events.

    Wait until the general election to make a choice about who you will vote for, but as a tactical decision, it is wise to vote for a gay rights activist within the GOP during the primaries, purely to raise his profile and to challenge the GOP’s anti-gay orthodoxy.

  17. says

    Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s good for us. He would be good on gay rights issues, but what are his economic priorities? Does he want to cut spending and kill major government programs that benefit this country? Our rights won’t mean shit if the rest of the country is going to hell in a handbasket. We need a gay man who’s not in the GOP. That’s our best bet!

  18. GTMSJ says

    With all the glad-handing he did in his video, I don’t recall him ever telling people that he is a gay republican running for president. I wonder how warm a reception he would have received had he done so?

  19. von lmo says

    Karger is from the same Republican dirty-tricks group that spawned Lee Atwater, Karl Rove’s mentor. Unfortunately, Karger has yet to do anything worthwhile to seperate himself from the rest of the Republicans. I expected campaign excitement from him but have been disappointed. The money I sent him wasn’t worth it.

  20. Joel G says

    Wow. Us gays sure are quick to shoot a brother down who has done more to expose the Mormon church than ANY other self-proclaimed activist. Even if Mr. Karger was a Democrat, how smart would it be attempt a nomination on the Dem ticket with Obama running? Not all republicans are “tea-baggers” and religious homo-phobic nut jobs. Although those people exist, how can we ever expect full acceptance when we can’t even accept someone for differing political views without using insulting language, like calling people “tea baggers.” You are just repeating the slang you hear on CNN. Try thinking for yourself.