1. jason says

    What a hypocrite this Obama is!! He’s the one who’s putting the troops in harm’s way by having them fight this useless war in Afghanistan that will never be won.. You’re a hypocrite, Obama.

    As for the pastor, I don’t necessarily support him. However, he’s entitled to his freedom of expression. Don’t let Islamists blackmail us into denying our expression.

    Keep in mind that Islamists would sooner hang us. Just keep that in mind.

  2. David says

    Jason: You are a crybaby asshole. Book burning as a freedom of expression? Please. Grow up. Name me one instance in history where book burning was a good idea.

  3. Rad says

    What folks forget is this is not the first time that some wing-nut group decided to burn a Koran. Shortly after 9/11 there was a rash of incidents.

    It’s a shame that this has turned into such a media whore circus.

    I truly feel pity for this church; that they cannot see beyond their own ignorance. This explains the fundamental disconnect that has led to every war in the history of the planet.

  4. reality bites says

    US media is failing to report as has the german and european press that this pastor fled germany with the authorities hot on his tail over being a cult , massive fraud, and forcing his impressionable followers into slave labor. Supposedly US authorities are now investigating him for forced slave labor in the US of his followers

    one wonders if this is all a stunt by the guy to be able to later on claim “victim” status

    Surprisingly crazy sarah palin came out against the burning. The whole broken clock being right twice a day/ a blind chicken can get 2 seeds at least once thing. That or she has heard about the guy being under investigation for fraud etc and wants to distance herself quick before he gets busted

    Anyway; bless the bonfire by tossing on a copy of all fairytale books….the koran , the bible, the torah, the baghdava ghita , etc

  5. nic says

    “Don’t let Islamists blackmail us into denying our expression.”

    there is no ‘us’. yours and the good pastor’s form of expression is repugnant and reckless. the preponderance of americans and the world find this disgusting.

  6. mad1026 says

    These religious zealots will not be happy until evangelical Christianity is the state religion of the United States of America. Why would you listen to Wayne Sapp, a pastor who called Mayor Craig Lowe a “fag” and a “homo” when he was running for office. Sapp also suggested people be ready to shoot homosexuals.

  7. American says

    His book burning is a freedom of expression. Though I don’t care either way. The fact is we as a country are going to lose this, it is because when they have the most voting power in the US you will see drastic changes in our society, laws and culture. We will end up under Islamic law. As it is they are using our own governmental structure against us. When they have the positions and the voting power, you will see the fall of the Constitution and the bill of right. then welcome to Islamic law.

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