1. matt says

    Meh — I was hoping for more. I love the song — IMO it’s one of her best — but unfortunately the video is fairly mediocre. Maybe she’ll wow us yet with a kick-ass video for Aphrodite.

  2. pablo.difuso says

    right on, scott! she’s totally aping her chunky move compatriots. mortal engine live is amazing.

  3. GGREEN says

    Kylie was great as usual but WTF with the back up dancers? Dopey costumes and choreography by some bad rhythm challenged drag queen.

  4. Marc says

    It’s a great video for a great song!

    I don’t understand how anyone can be negative about this in any way.


  5. pharmerandy says

    I love this video because its a nice change of pace from the crazy Gaga videos lately. Flashy but not over the top. Love Kylie!

  6. Dan says

    Love her. LOVE the song. HATE the video!! So boring! The chairs are completely lame and trying to integrate her old “Slow” writhe-around moves doesn’t work with the song or the vibe of the new album. The choreography is amateur, the costumes are dull and dated, and the cool lighting can’t save any of it. This queen gives it two manicured thumbs down.

  7. ventura79 says

    its a great video, very few artists out there make actual attempts at good videos like this one. madonna doesn’t even do videos for singles anymore…and Kylie actually knows the importance of a video for a song.

    you guys are a bunch of haters! appreciate !

  8. Igor says

    I just wish she made more of unpredictable videos like “Come Into My World”. Her songs are great but this whole “the Diva and the Gays” motif in her and other artists videos is beyond tired. It’s too cheesy for the artist like her.