Watch: McCain Lies, Gets Testy with Journalists Over ‘DADT’ Facts

Note: you may need to turn up the volume. Transcript via Think Progress:

MCCAIN: We do not go out and seek. Regulations are, we do not go out and seek to find out if someone’s sexual orientation. We do not!

ELEVELD: But senator, that’s not…

MCCAIN: That is the fact! That is the fact. Now ma’am, I know the military very well, and I know what’s being done. And what is being done is that they are not seeking out people who are gay. And I don’t care what you say, I know it’s a fact.

ELEVELD: It’s not what I say.

MCCAIN: I dont’ care what you say! And I don’t care what others say. I’ve seen it in action. I’ve seen it in action. I have sons in the military, I know the military very well. So they’re not telling you the truth.

ELEVELD: Senator, just to make sure…

MCCAIN: Just to make sure. We do not go out and seek out and find out….

ELEVELD: Private emails are not being searched? Private emails are not being searched?

MCCAIN: …See if someone is gay or not. We do not go out and see whether someone is gay or not.

ELEVELD: There are documented cases…

MCCAIN: They do not, they do not, they do not. You can say that they are, you can say [inaudible] it’s not true!… Yea, I’d like to see…

GEIDNER: It is the case of Mike Almy, Senators.

MCCAIN: Bring them to our office. It is not the policy, it is not the policy, it is not the policy.

GEIDNER: But it is the case that it’s happening, Senator.

MCCAIN: It is not the policy, it is not the policy, it is not the policy You can say that it is the policy, sir if you choose to. It is not the policy. I would be glad to get that to you in writing.


  1. says

    Look forward to this X 10 for each new Republican elected. Granted, McCain’s a hothead nutjob, but this is their entire stance on [any issue that in any way reflects positively on Obama].

  2. says

    What. A. Fucking. Douchebag!

    I wish their fucking God would hurry up and rapture their little black hate-filled souls so the rest of us can get down to business bringing sanity back to this planet.

  3. Randy says

    Wow. Just… I had respect for him some long number of years ago. What a horrible person he has become.

  4. Steve says

    “nananananana. I can’t hear you. nananana” *fingers in ears*

    That’s how he acts. He can’t even articulate himself. It’s just embarrassing. He is nothing but a senile old fool.

  5. BobN says

    “Bring them to my office” sure sounded like an invitation to me. Wanna bet he won’t let anyone come talk to him about it?

  6. neverstops says

    may McCain die a slow, painful, agonizing death

    I don’t like wishing that sort of thing on anyone, but he is an exception

    horrible human being

  7. AlexM says

    If obama said he wanted to keep DADT, McCain would have been for DADT. He is such a fucking baby and a sore loser

  8. scott says

    I was waiting for Sen. McCain (R-Dementia) to gesture to his left and say, “You want proof DADT works? my good friend Sen. Graham remains an officer in the Reserves!”

  9. TANK says

    And if his mother’s any indication of his genetic composition, he’s got a lot more living left to do. Blah blah blah, horrible person, blah blah blah, piece of shit senile old fool, blah blah blah–he got results today with his filibuster, something the dems are sorely lacking in. All that matters are the results–talky talky, good intentions…none of it matters.

  10. Cory says

    I wonder what his daughter has to say about this, after all, she claimed her father isn’t the issue…

  11. Tone says

    Well irritability and losing touch with reality are hallmarks of dementia. Perhaps old John McCain is due for a gentle and supportive retirement.

  12. johnosahon says

    I was here thinking the gays would wake up and see just what a republican-lead congress would do to them, but NO they are here talking about how Obama and the democrats betrayed them. Please, Lord let November come and go and republican take over so that we can remember again what they are made of, because i think we have forgotten.

  13. TANK says

    Yeah…dementia…LOL! You can’t talk to people who don’t get politics. It’s like having a conversation about philosophy with people who don’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to that topic….futility.

    FACTS DON’T MATTER TO THESE PEOPLE! It’s not about what’s true; it’s about what sells, or “connects”. He’s denying facts, and it’s as productive to debate them with him as it would be about whether the world is flat or spherical. The way to defeat them is with vicious accusations hammered home over and over again. The more outrageous the better, in fact, as cattle (the electorate) is more willing to believe a stunner than something that could plausibly be true (to a rational a person, anyway).

  14. Bart says

    When did John McCain become so scared of me? When did he turn into such a little bitch? For everything he’s done in life, his legacy will be three things: being captured by the North Vietnamese, unleashing the dumbness of Sarah Palin on America, and being a frightened, phobic douchbag.

    Congratulations, John. You are the perfect exaple of a Republican American.

  15. Andrew says

    Why can’t they vote on DADT as a separate bill of its own? Why does it need to be attached to a spending bill? If it was voted for as its own bill, I’m sure it would have enough votes to pass.

  16. says

    Maybe he’s right that it’s not the policy, but it IS what they are doing. IDIOT.

    Tank is right on this: Facts do not matter. Just like they didn’t to the Bush White House. This country is more and more reminding me of the good old USSR.

  17. AJ says

    This is proof positive (yet again) that our entire political system is completely broken. It’s all about votes and political posturing and not about right or wrong. Our equal rights are being trotted out as a disgusting sideshow once again RIGHT before an election. I am completely disgusted. I had hope that Obama would stand up and do the right thing, but he has proven to be completely spineless. During the next Presidential election I’m voting for Mickey Mouse.

  18. Paul says

    I really like McCain’s logic, actually. It’s not the policy, therefore it didn’t happen / isn’t a big deal / isn’t something we should worry about.

    Hey, Senator, what if I kick you in the stomach and you fall down in terrible pain? It’s not my “policy” to kick members of Congress; it just happened. Do you think Capitol Police would let me off the hook?


  19. Tom G says

    McCain seems to be in denial of the fact that people break rules, break laws, and go against policy all the time. It’s like saying, “It’s against the law to commit murder. Murders aren’t happening. They are not happening. People don’t murder each other.” Wake up, Senator McCain. There’s coffee a-brewing but you seem to have lost your olfactory nerves along with your credibility.

  20. elg says

    What does Obama have to do with the FACT that every single republican senator voted against repeal?

    Does anybody actually think that Obama could “arm twist” any one of those republicans into voting in favor of repeal?

  21. Bob R says

    He’s an angry, bitter old man this John McCain. He is in his own mind and the minds of many of his peers an abject failure. He failed in the Navy, never equaling his father or grandfather by making flag rank. He knows what he did to survive as a POW and despite the public accolades and misperceptions, he knows he was a coward while in captivity and it eats at him. His wife’s money keeps him in style, he’s a misogynist, which has been demonstrated in the way he treated his first wife and the manner in which he treats this one. He failed embarrassingly as a presidential candidate, first to a military coward who avoided combat and ridiculed him cruelly during the primary campaign and then to a black guy, who in McCain’s eyes has never paid his dues.

    And when this miserable old fossil finally dies, he will be all but forgotten by history. The only accomplishments in politics he’ll be remembered for is as a pandering crook involved with the S&L scandal and as the chump who foisted the idiot Palin on the national political stage. Even now, he’s on the wrong side of history on DADT because he lacks the courage to do what is right.

    McCain is going through his own personal hell each and every day he draws a breath. You can see how it has transformed his personality and turned him from a “maverick” to nothing more than a nasty old crank. He’s Gollum without his “precious”. Other Republicans have the ring now and it’s killing him. He is indeed a pathetic old fool.

  22. TANK says

    That’s awesome, bob r! Good stuff. Never let this corrupt shitbag forget his prestigious keating five membership.

  23. excy says

    It still freaks me out that 46% of americans voted for this man to be the 44th president of the United States.

  24. jexer says

    Anytime someone says something three times… I automatically assume they’re a liar.

    Once, fine. Twice, for emphasis… maybe okay. Thrice? They’re trying to convince themselves what they’re saying is true, as well as anyone else… and it rings false.

  25. JoeInSF says

    John McCain showed today that he is a portrait of cowardice. He failed to protect the rights of all Americans and uphold the Constitution.

    And Harry Reid brought up this vote at a very inopportune time, before the December report from the Pentagon on how to integrate gays into the military.

    I am not happy with the political grandstanding by either party!

  26. Brian B. says

    It really says something when a “maverick/moderate” in America is basically facist or ultra right wing in Europe. If he were in Britain, he’d right up there with the BNP. In France, it would be with the National Front.


    …and yes, 46% of Americans voting for him says a lot about our country, sadly.

  27. Christopher says

    I really wish we could track the history of comments made by certain people because I am instantly interested in anything Bob R has to say about everything.

  28. Jay says

    Moron. Just because it’s not the policy doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    McCain has flip-flopped so many times, I’m not sure he even remembers what it’s like to have an opinion.

    I guess he really believes that it’s okay to discharge our servicemembers, even after all the money spent training them in special skills, and even when losing those skills harms our military.

    America: The Land of The Free and The Home of the Brave. Unless, of course, you fancy someone of your gender.

  29. Jay says

    BTW, does anyone else believe that we should have a maximum age for congressmen. Maybe they should be forced to retire at 65, like the rest of us working folk.

    Either that, or it’s time to initiate term limits.

    Whatever the case, we need to do something to reduce the number of stodgy old fools blocking up our legislative process.

  30. X says

    Seriously, if they don’t want us serving the country, all gay and bi soldiers should quit already! America doesn’t even give us full rights anyway for jobs, taxes, families, healthcare, and having normal lives free of violence. Is the message that they just want as all to leave to Canada and Europe?! Why are we expected to serve our country when it downgrades us in every aspect of our lives for the sake of old ignorant people’s fears and misconceptions about us?!

  31. says

    re: JoeInSF

    When is a good time for you to bring up a funding bill?? All the primaries are over and both houses of Congress are back in session. After the election its considered a lame duck session.

    I don’t really understand why DADT wasn’t passed as a single bill…

    I’m not sure about a maximum age requirement for Congress members but I do believe they need to be drug tested…(and in Rep. Boehner’s case he needs to be tested for alcohol each time he walks on the House floor.)

  32. Bruce Wayne says

    I too, am very impressed by what Bob wrote here…I wanted to post it on Facebook for all of my religious Republican relatives to see, but it is much too long. Posting it in sections won’t work, as it would be in reverse order, as I have tried that before when I have something of length to say…stupid FB!
    Bob…..please post it EVERYwhere that you can!!!


  33. Yours Truly says

    Why don’t you go ahead and get that to us in writing, you disgusting, lying piece of trash. Apparently he thinks talking over people’s voices and repeating the same words over and over again makes him win the argument, when all he is doing is deflecting so he doesn’t have to admit how jaded he is

  34. TeeJay says

    Notice how he keeps repeating himself. What is this the brainwashing tactic. DADT then let this stand for all of the servicemen who bragged about the women, talked about there relationships with women, porno pictures of women…. dismiss them from service for displaying there sexual orientation. Has this ever happened. —- He is a dumb ass communist.

  35. ThomT says

    While I don’t believe in term limits I think age limits, or at least dementia testing, should be in implemented. McCann has said so many contradictory during this political career that even he can’t remember what he’s said. This man should have called it quits at least two terms ago but unfortunately will be returning once again to the Senate in January, newly reelected and ready to do another six years worth of damage. His wife is worth over one hundred million dollars (yep – $100,000,000) and they own more houses then he can remember so you’d think that at over 70 years of age he’d be ready to retire. But I guess if he did that he’d have no one to annoy but his family so I’ll bet they’re all voting to send him back to DC.

  36. Garrett says

    McButtCrack has been an embarrassment for us down here in AZ for a very long time. Thank gawd for videos like this prove that he’s just another old, senile a$$hole that would rather just repeat his silly logic over and over again, hoping that one can forget about the truth. DADT allows gay profiling, its wrong and unamerican and it should be repealed. I would only add that Senator McCain should be repealed as well!

  37. mcNnyc says

    PLEASE let some do a remix of this so it can be played over and OVER….and OVER.

    The Rachel Maddow clip of this includes an interview with Maj Mike Almay immediately after this and it’s quite powerful.

    AND again…. BobR… respect for your post.

  38. mad1026 says

    Bob R: You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for posting! It’s not bad enough McCain lies with a straight face and throws a fit; Graham sits there tacitly agreeing with every thing McCain says like a good little gay puppy. Shouldn’t lawmakers who lie be forced out of office, the way McCain and Gingrich wanted Clinton removed? John McCain, thank you for destroying for my faith in American government. Oh, and…Sarah Palin, let’s not forget that ray of sunshine you foisted on us.

  39. Kyle Sullivan says

    When are people going to get it through their heads the stupid son-of-a-bitch is slipping into Alzheimer’s? Once he’s re-elected, he’s probably going to retired for “health reasons” so his seat can be handed over to a Republican of that crazy-assed bitch governor’s choice. He’s a disgrace to his uniform and this country, but since when did that stop anyone in politics or the military from behaving like scum?