1. Mike says

    If you listen closely McCain never says that it isn’t happening. He just says, “it is not the policy” – which is true. He absolutely knows it is happening, but he doesn’t address that question. He simply says it is not the policy. Spin, spin, spin…

  2. Dback says

    Saxby Chambliss is not your garden-variety conservative. He is complete slime. Remember in 2002, he attacked his opponent Max Cleland for being “soft on terrorism,” and ran ads comparing him to Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. This was, to put it kindly, unseemly, considering that Chambliss received a deferment to avoid Vietnam due to bad knees from playing college football, and Cleland lost three (3!) limbs in the same war. BTW, who was the Senator who said at the time that such an ad was “worse than reprehensible, it’s disgraceful”? John McCain. And thus the downward spiral of the Republican Party continues.

  3. Steve says

    That nay technically be true, but I seriously doubt he was deliberately that misleading.

    I think it’s ignorance. He knows what the letter of the policy says, but I don’t think he knows even one iota about its implementation.

  4. customartist says

    13,000+ otherwise qualified and perfocming Gay Service Members Did Not Discharge THEMSELVES!, nor did this happen by spontaneous combustion; This happened because of an offensive action on the part of the Military.

    These servicemen and women must be reinstated, paid for time lost, and paid for damages in full, and this must be done on an Individual Basis, as were their discharges. Nothing lesser will be satisfactory for the Victims, nor for the Military, the Congress, the American Nation in rectifying this injustice.

  5. says

    The urgent task that needs to be undertaken in the military is the immediate investigation and purging of all homophobic officers and enlisted men…..but starting with homophobic officers. Anyone who has read/opened/sought e-mails with the intent to expose, belittle, or otherwise humiliate or manipulate the discharge of fellow serving men ought to be immediately be dismissed.

    Investigate homobic conduct in the military now.
    Where is Reichen in all this ?

  6. jamal49 says

    @JackFknTwist I’ll do ya one better: get rid of all the proselytizing evangelicals who have taken over the nation’s military and have turned it into a cesspool of Dominionist and Restorationist subversion.

  7. BobN says

    The part of “all faggots must die” that’s a “slur” is the word “faggots”. Taken as a whole, the phrase is a threat and a call to violence.