1. stephen says

    Why are these people so fixated on the gay?

    Promote family values by discouraging divorce, encouraging accountability of birth parents, & focusing on personal growth as more evolved peeps…

    just leave the gays alone- they certainly want NOTHING to do with you!

  2. Marc says


    My take on Nic’s comment is that he was referring to Richard Cohen, which he is by the way a disgusting self-loathing closeted gay.

    Maybe I’m wrong about Nic’s intent? But I took it that way.

  3. FunMe says

    Wayne is such a great asset to the GLBT equality with his “Truth Wins Out” organization.

    What a great interview with Rachel.

    And yes, these CRAZIES need to be brought down fast!

  4. Rin says

    I have never understood the women who marry men who were “once” gay, nor do I understand gays who attempt to get involved with people who identify or used to identify primarily as “straight”…why punish yourself with that kind of anxiety?

    I could have told Ellen that Anne was going to go back to straight or Melissa about Julie Cypher…if you are an “exception” then you won’t last.

    Same with these weirdo women who want to pray away their husband’s gay–why not just find a man who wants to have sex with you? I mean, how awful must these marriages be? Are there no other men in their towns?

    Why not just leave people as they are and move on?

    I was reading those stories on Exodus. What they consider “successful” is just curbing homosexual desire. None of them were like…I love titties and pussy now. They would say, my wife is endowed or something very maternal like that. Big deal. Everyone loves a comfy pair of hooters to cry on, usually your mom’s, but still…

  5. FunMe says

    Can anyone explain why these LUNATICS never work on turning a lesbian back to straight. It’s always “the gay”.

    These religious FANATICS need to be eradicated from any type of politics.

    I must say, she does provide the COMIC RELIEF.
    Still, we must fight to make sure she does not come within 50 miles of DC.