1. Disgusted American says

    What sort of an electorate votes in a jackass like this ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 15, 2010 11:42:08 AM

    Oklahoma..NUFF SAID!
    ..Id NEVER go there – ever! …anyone hear about how Brittney Navotney did against Sally kern?

  2. veg says

    Sometimes (not all the time) I feel like rabid hateful people like this should be simply wiped off the face of the earth. They want us to die and be gone. Why not wish the same for them?

  3. Steve says

    Sounds like the same argument against integrating the military – guys won’t want to share a foxhole with a black man. What a retro statement….it’s really so irrelevant.

    This is coming from a Republican from Oklahoma – do you need any other explanation?

  4. Matt says

    “…anyone hear about how Brittney Navotney did against Sally kern?”

    Probably not, considering the election doesn’t happen until November.

    (It’s Brittany Novotny, too)

  5. bobbyjoe says

    There’s no divorce or “gay relationships” in this idiot’s family because they do things the old fashioned way: on the down-low and without commitment.

    I bet rest stop restrooms and bushes in the parks are like are like Inhofe family reunions.

  6. Andrew K says

    What will Inhofe do when the gay grandson he doesn’t know about kills himself at age 19? Probably deny the reason.

  7. fritzrth says

    “What sort of an electorate votes in a jackass like this ?” – jackfkntwist

    The same sort of electorate that gave George Bush two terms — not to mention a partisan Supreme Court.

  8. says

    In twenty years, not even Oklahoma will be homophobic enough to elect this man. The Democrats need to press on with the defense bill, bring out their cots and sleep in the Senate chamber if necessary. It’s a small cost to be on the side of history and social justice.

  9. Dave says

    Just more of the same from the GOP. On the wrong side of history in the 20th and now the 21st Century each and every time.

  10. CoMo'mo says

    Much of what I’ve heard from direct sources (not Fox Noise etc) suggests that lots of troops in foxholes and whatever equivalent shelter they share DO know that the other is gay and don’t care about it so long as he(or, occasionally, she)does the job. That may not translate into friendship back at base but it’s far from the revulsion Inhofe and company want to project. I’d feel safer with just about anybody than with most of the Elected.

  11. Skooter McGoo says

    The main reason I am ashamed to tell people I am from this HATE state. If his family is the way it “supposed” to be, then I’m glad I only have to spend a few hours there each year to visit friends. I agree with Andrew K that he will deny anything that happens in his HUGE family and say it is a personal matter only. Someone needs to “Thump” this piece of hater with his own Bible. In a fox hole with bullets flying the ONLY thing that matters is protecting each other, people join the military because they want to serve the country, not try and get to sleep with someone. His kind of ignorance is why no one wants to live or visit Oklahoma.

  12. secure214 says

    As long as the gay guy in the foxhole with me has condoms, I have no issue with DADT being repealed…

  13. BobN says

    I don’t know why “the People” tolerate the sham that is “debate” in the U.S. Senate (and House).

    He’s talking to an empty room. No one there but cameramen and the officials needed to make this “on the record”.

    It’s a sham, a deception, and it does nothing but encourage dishonesty and extremism.

  14. Joe says

    I’m sorry, but reading about his no divorce no gay family you just know that someone in their history has hooked up with someone of the same sex before. The numbers are against.

    I wouldn’t surprised if there was no divorce because some of the men are stepping out on their wives with other men.

    This guy is a bigot.

  15. says

    I’ve read all the comments and concluded that this guy probably has a “wide stance”…..just another loud-mouthed self righteous bigot……
    “I’m alright, fuck everybody else”.
    “I’m going to heaven , fuck all you abominations”.
    What a mean little man.

    One thing is for sure; he and I are not going to the same place.

  16. says

    Not surprising; this is the same guy who calls global climate disruption a hoax.

    I heard an interesting story on “To the Point” yesterday about the increasing concentrations of like-minded people in the US (the larger story was the increasing inequality of wealth in the US) []. The reds get redder and the blues bluer. And just so you know, the more republicans, the more spanking of children. Another not-surprise.

  17. ratbastard says

    Doesn’t Oklahomo have the number one highest divorce rate in America? And a dude representing this state is lecturing about morality and family values? Am I missing something here?

  18. Rich says

    What problems? Then it becomes an issue of discipline. If someone breaks those rules, they suffer a penalty. It’s not THAT complicated.

    Straight guy harasses gay guy…penalized. Gay guy harassing straight guy…penalized. How is that so difficult?

    Replace the above with black or women, and how exactly is it any different?

    Bigoted morons! And we’re about to give them the keys to the nuthouse again.

  19. Dback says

    Yo, Inhofe. You know damn well that even if the report in December has a majority of reportees saying that “DADT” should be overturned, you and the Repubs are then going to champion the rights of the bigots and the ignorant (and retired chaplains!) to make sure it STILL isn’t overturned–or you’ll just try to bury it in the House and never bring it to a vote. Your track record of manipulation and demonizing precedes you. (And some of those soldiers you rhapsodize about are, in fact, gay.)

  20. mad1026 says

    I’m sick and tired of Imhofe and his ilk continually demonizing gays. Is Oklahoma really like a third world country? Would Imhofe like to kill all the gays? Maybe he could move to Africa; we don’t need him here.