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Watch: Senator Mike Bennett Responds to Lauren and Ellie on DADT


Earlier I posted THIS amazing video.

Now, Senator Mike Bennett has responded. Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. My Senator, Patty Murray, has a Senate Bill that let's
    the military and industrial complex decide the fate of
    DADT. I told her that's sweet, how Democratic.

    Posted by: barney | Sep 15, 2010 6:19:47 PM

  2. Yeah, and Senator Murray, who voted for DOMA, won't say whether or not she supports repeal of that either. Unfortunately, she's running a tight race against a man who's much, much worse (Dino Rossi).

    Posted by: David R. | Sep 15, 2010 6:23:54 PM

  3. Ah glad you posted this Andy! Thanks!

    Posted by: Rob | Sep 15, 2010 6:26:01 PM

  4. He's quite handsome, but would it have killed him to run a comb through his hair before taping that? :-)

    Good for him.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Sep 15, 2010 7:21:59 PM

  5. like this, Henry...?!

    Posted by: Jeff | Sep 15, 2010 7:50:54 PM

  6. The DeMint senators are coming. And these girls have no clue what's really happening.

    Posted by: Philo | Sep 15, 2010 7:56:51 PM

  7. Bravo, Senator Bennett. And Ellie and Lauren, you are to be commended.

    Posted by: mad1026 | Sep 16, 2010 2:48:57 PM

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