1. David says

    Ugh, “lifestyle”. I hate that word. Why do straight people have “lives” and gay people have “lifestyles”. It’s a minor niggle in a good video, but Lambert should know better.

  2. ratbastard says

    The truth is it gets better sometimes and for some people. For others, it doesn’t. A lot is relative to where you are and what your position is in life. Life for celebrities is generally pretty good and above average.

  3. tom a says

    Wow! even a flamboyant glam rocker who wears tons of eye liner gets bullied?

    Who’d a thunk it! :-)

    Nice video though.

    NOw, if all queeny gay boys can get a record deal and a world tour- they will be just fine!

  4. justbe says

    this is not the time for satire, sarcasm or snarkyness, please stop this within our own community. We bring ourselves down with this sh*t, It saddens me so much, when I see that we defeat ourselves. Children are killing themselves out there haven’t you heard? Push more love, less self-hate. When we come strong within our own and embrace the differences in our own community, then we can take on the the rest of world. This? This kinda crap does not help. We need 2 encourage people that are speaking up. Whether you are into them are not. I’m so tired of this. I see this self cannibalism everywhere, within our sites. We demand equal rights, understanding and tolerance for ourselves who are considered different, yet we can’t even do for other people.

  5. ian f says

    @Dave, I totally agree with you about the “lifestyle” thing. The funny thing is, when responding to people saying his show promoted a gay lifestyle he seemed to agree with us. He tweeted:
    “Does my show “promote the gay lifestyle”? It promotes living ANY lifestyle that includes the freedom to seek love and intimacy. Gay, straight, bi, young or old. It’s all inclusive.
    plus, what’s THE gay lifestyle? There isnt just one. There are so many different kinds of gay people. We have a variety of different lifestyles.
    There’s not only one lifestyle lived by straight folks. Generalizing…”

    Overall good message, he’s well spoken. Though I wish they would all give a number to call like the Trevor Project at the end.

  6. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    I would wholeheartedly agree with JustBe. When the stakes are life and death, unity and support from the community should be the mantra. Not sure how many ex-military folk are out there, but this “culture war” between the community and its opponents is EXISTENTIAL for both sides.

    The opponents DO NOT CARE if a few more gay kids get offed as collateral damage in this fight. They are probably high-fiving each other in the hallways and cubicles to refrains of “Another One Bites the Dust” on their iPods.

    It is time to let the pettiness and snarky comments GO. Later, when the fight is won there will be plenty of occasion for back-biting and sniping. Not while folks are dying.

    Stay safe, gang. Sadly, it is US or THEM. No more funerals !!!!

  7. javo says

    Adam is well spoken and he’s a fantastic example on how to deal with the hate. He showed so much maturity while touring with the American Idol group when the hate church group rallied against him. We can all learn from Adam. I hope his message is heard by everyone. He promotes and lives acceptance of all. LOVE and RESPECT him!
    Keep up the good work Adam!

  8. Britte says

    Some of these comments made me so sad. My son was beaten the other day by some of the kids he goes to school with. Who cares if the positive message comes from someone ‘dressed like a circus’ or one dressed like a lumberjack with hair on his face, chest, and hands. Adam’s message comes through clearly and was the only thing that made my son smile today.

  9. Jacob says

    @Marcus: You are the perfect example of what the Gay Community is fighting against. Sadly, your comment is as ignorant as the “bullies”. You should be ashamed.

    Adam has been bullied most of his adult life. He lived it yesterday, lives it today, and will live it tomorrow. It’s neverending for him. He speaks from experience. Well done Adam !!!

  10. Fluoro boy says

    Wow…always the nastiest shittiest comments from within the gay community. I think Adam Lambert is an amazing guy, and a great role model for everyone. Let’s celebrate a strong, articulate, talented and kind gay guy and be happy for his success.

  11. Jack says

    Yes, judging by some of the comments about Adam all over this site, perhaps the gay community needs to address bullying within itself. Good on you Adam. And good post javo.

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