Adam Lambert Makes ‘Minor Adjustments’ After Malaysia Protest

Adam_lambert The Pan Malaysian Islamic Party, currently on the warpath against gay singer Adam Lambert, makes Carl Paladino seem quaint.

PAS, which has about one million constituents, launched a protest against an upcoming Lambert concert in Malaysia because of the singer's same-sex ways.

Said PAS youth leader Nasrudin Hasan: "Adam Lambert's shows are outrageous, with lewd dancing and a gay performance that includes kissing male dancers, this is not good for people in our country."

In light of the outrage, Lambert now says he will make "minor adjustments" to his performance. "While I don't believe that my Glamnation tour is in any way offensive, I have agreed to make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government," wrote the singer.

Lambert later elaborated, telling reporters that he's making the changes out of respect. "[My] main goal is to keep people entertained — not to make them uncomfortable," he explained. "It’s something I’m doing out of respect. It’s just one little thing. Man kissing another man is something that government really doesn’t appreciate."


  1. Andrew says

    When I saw an ad of his concert in the newspaper last week,I knew it was only a matter of time before controversy erupts.

    I mean,this is Malaysia we are talking about,a Muslim majority nation.

    If he and/or his people had done any research on this,they would have realized it and most likely not choose Malaysia.

    Of course,you will have a number hardcore supporters – these are the white wannabes of Malaysia.They dont exactly get Western social liberalism.It’s all about being like the West to be cool.

  2. Steve says

    canceling his show would have a stronger impact – hit ’em in the pocketbook. That’s where it will be felt the most.

  3. says

    “I’m not changin’ my show. NO way.”—Madonna, 20 years ago

    “Let’s do whatever it takes to make the money.”—Adam Lambert, today, paraphrased

    Why show respect for a group that doesn’t respect YOU?

  4. Red says

    @Matthew Rettenmund

    You are wrong. Respecting someone’s rules and culture when you are in Their country is the right thing to do. And he should not dissapoint his Malaysian fans by canscelling his show.

  5. critifur says

    I do not enjoy Adam’s music, yet I am a fan, and really rooted for him to win AI. This really makes me lose my respect for him.

  6. jamesintoronto says

    I find the fact that Adam has to alter his show offensive. If you don’t like men kissing men don’t go see his show. Madonna needs to sit this boy down and have a talk with him.

  7. Tomi says

    Adam should have cancelled? What? Yeah who cares about the 16000 fans who bought tickets to his show.

  8. Sav says

    I think it’s pretty commendable that Lambert is making some adjustments in order to put on a show for his Malaysian fans. I don’t necessarily think that ‘not kissing his bassist’ is an artistic sacrifice on his part as an entertainer.

    Anyway you guys paint such a dim picture of Malaysia. You should come visit us one day and form your opinion instead of passing judgement of the entire country based on this protest by this little puny political party. This PAS party had been protesting against most western acts who has been scheduled to perform here in Malaysia over the years that we’ve grown tired of these attention seekers. Their previous protests include the Pussy Cat Dolls (too sexy), Pitbull (too vulgar, named after a dog?), Avril Lavigne (too punk, too much teenage angst), Gwen Stefani, Fergie and even Beyonce (outfits). In the end they came, they obliged and we had a good time. Except for Beyonce though, who apparently would not part with her wardrobe and she ended up standing up her Malaysian fans twice!

    Anyhow I look forward to Lambert’s concert. It may be a toned down affair, but we’ll take whatever we can get :)

    @ Andrew: “White wannabes of Malaysia?” Is that really necessary? Geez

  9. D says

    I don’t know much about Malaysia, but having an openly gay singer like Adam perform there can only be a good thing for the GLBT people living there. If he has to cut out 30 seconds from his show — and I saw him in concert, it was probably less than that if he is just taking out the times he kisses Tommy — that is not a big deal. Just my opinion, of course.

  10. think again says

    “Adam should have cancelled? What? Yeah who cares about the 16000 fans who bought tickets to his show.”

    Yes, he should have canceled. But who cares about gay rights, why wouldn’t Adam comply to homophobic requests? Right?

  11. Daya says

    @SAV 11:41 —
    Thank you for a view from the front-lines.
    It is important to hear from the people who are actually affected. And yes, the “…white wannabes…” was really not necessary.

  12. Dave L says

    Madonna was already in international superstar 20 years ago. After Adam Lambert has a string of number one hits and proves he can pack stadiums he’ll be able to throw his weight around like Madonna.

    Matthew above was comparing a heavy weight with a lightweight.

    This is going to be an ongoing problem in the world as gays win respect in specific countries. Many other countries will continue to show zero tolerance. How that clash will be managed by governments and cultures will be problematic.

    It’s not just gays that face this. Respect for women has the same obstacles. I attend cross-cultural training with questions like what is the best response if a foreign customer doesn’t believe women can attend a meeting with men and one of my colleagues is a woman?

    The course literally does not answer that question. They refer you to “management” for help.

    One day (probably already happened) a gay person will face the quandary of what to do when a spouses event is taking place with a foreign customer but they would be offended if he brought his husband instead of a wife. It’s easy on the internet to take the firebrand posture and say “fuck ’em.” In the real world that Fuck em might cost your company a contract and result in layoffs for other families. Do you want to be true to your pro-gay values and put others out of a job? These impacts need to be weighed too. I’m sure Adam Lambert had to weigh them as well.

  13. "It’s something I’m doing out of respect." says

    “I’m sure Adam Lambert had to weigh them as well.”

    Yes, he does, but he doesn’t need to kiss their asses.

  14. bobbyjoe says

    But canceling is what the religious whackos WANT him to do. If he were to cancel entirely, they win big; if he does not, he still presents the image of a successful gay man– something I think will be of value to Malaysia’s GLBT citizens, particularly the youth, who can see you CAN be successful in the world.

    As David said above in a different context “They’ll find Adam standing there stark still to be “offensive.”” To which I’d say– exactly. Because they hate knowing that it’s so well known that Lambert is gay. Even if he stood there stark still, he’d still be representing something to that crowd.

    If he cancels entirely, the anti-gay Muslim fundamentalists win entirely (and, trust me, they’ll crow about it); if he does not, the religious nuts win a battle, but lose this particular war. They can’t hide the fact that Lambert represents a successful openly gay man, even if the crowd doesn’t see him kissing anyone.

    Or, make that, they can’t hide that unless he never appears there at all, in which case they’ll pretend they’ve chased away another “scary gay infidel.” I don’t like the fact of someone censoring their show either, until I consider THAT. Weighing the difference, I think Lambert is right in making sure he DOES appear.

  15. James says

    You can literally count on one hand the number of famous gay men who are solo artists – Ricky Martin, Elton John, Adam Lambert, and…who else? Adam is blazing trails simply for being out. Give the guy a break.

  16. Red says

    Adam and his record label should make their own decisions in what’s best for Adam’s career. They don’t want to cancel the show and disappoint thousands of fans. He’s still a new artist. I also don’t think gay people should expect people like Adam to act like gay rights activists all the time. Things like this is exactly why so many celebs are afraid to come out. They catch it from the straights and then catch it from the community they’re supposed to be supported by.

  17. John Normile says

    Perhaps he can make a difference one concert at a time….damn, so many people here are just nasty little bitches… and I’m not even a fan of Mr. Lambert

  18. Josh says

    This blog post also leaves out where Adam criticized the Malaysian government for accusing him of promoting the gay lifestyle. He said that he promotes the lifestyle of love and that there are as many different gay lifestyles as there are straight lifestyles.

    He said this on his twitter account.

    I saw Adam in concert here in the states and he really is an amazing live singer.

    He is one of the best male vocalists around. His concerts are high energy and he and his band really rock out his pop songs.

    More people need to give his voice and his songs a chance. Listen to his album and his bonus songs. Watch his videos on youtube. You might like it.

  19. Christie says

    I’m sure Malaysia really disgusts it’s sensual belly dancers too. Such lewd cultural acceptance of flaunty female sexuality should be forbidden from the people’s eyes. It might make them lust after women who are not their own.


    And look at this Little Miss belly dance culture. Such disgusting pedophilliatic filth! I say we burn Malaysian Flags and take to the street for this kind of outrage! Such open and lewd cultural exploitation of children is seeded by Satan himself!

  20. javo says

    Adam is to be respected as he so far, has always chosen the proper thing to do. He has impeccable manners and his goodness shows through.

  21. tony x says

    as for giving this immature child a chance – maybe when he grows up

    for now he still has a the maturity level of most club culture drag queens – sorry girls you do have serious maturity issues as a general rule (not knocking our transgendered friends here)

  22. Terrance says

    Color me confused, but Maylaysia strikes me as an absolutely ridiculously-odd (almost willfully-ignorant?) choice for an openly-gay performer to display such a wildly and extravagantly ‘out there’ show…

    Aren’t they attempting to codify Sharia Law in parts of Malaysia, if not already? (I stopped vacationing there back when the conservatives there began making big electoral gains 5-6 years ago, so who knows)…

    Yah, yah, Maylaysia’s a big country, noone could have ever guessed that people there could ever get worked up — blah, blah…

    I guess the Saudi Arabian mosque live simulated same-sex sex performance booking fell through, eh…?

  23. Bobo says

    Not an Adam Lambert fan of his music, but as to why he is playing in Maylasia, I would imagine it has somwething to do with record sales, that’s sort of how this things are booked. As for him tailoring his show, I think it would be very smart for him to go and honor the fans who have purchased tickets, but he should say something during the show about living a free life, and the importance of being free to love who you love. I think that would be much more powerful then to just cancel the show. Remember when people wanted Lady Gaga to cancel her show in Arizona? She didn’t she went and throughout the concert spoke out against the discrimination of the imigration law. I really thought that was much smarter of her then to just not show up!

  24. says

    “Minor Adjustment” LOL. And I think you libs would call gay executions a “slap on the wrist” because the Muslims are doing. Hypocrites.

  25. Hish says

    While Malaysia IS a Muslim majority country, there are a lot of urban young adults who really don’t care whether a person is or isn’t gay. Well, they might care, but it wouldn’t bother them either way. American Idol is HUGE in Malaysia–people went crazy when David Archuleta did a concert there.

    There is a loud conservative population (much like the Christian Right or Tea Partiers here), but it doesn’t mean that the rest are just like them either. The queen (Malaysia has a constitutional monarchy, and the constitutional monarchs are considered the supreme leaders/protectors of Islam in Malaysia) recently attended Usher’s concert there.

    Overall, Malaysia IS a majority-Muslim country that is behind on a host of LGBT issues, but judging them based on the noisy PAS political party is the same as judging the USA based on the Republicans and Tea Partiers.

  26. ed says

    As someone who lives in Malaysia I’m glad Adam Lambert decided not to cancel his concert here. I’m not going – I’m aware of him and his music, just not a fan – but I know a lot of people who adore the guy and just can’t wait to watch him in concert. So yes, there are some minor adjustments to be made to his stage performance, but you have to be aware that up until a few years ago performers like AL wouldn’t be allowed into the country based on news of his sexuality alone. Also keep in mind that in Malaysia homosexuality is a crime. Also, as mentioned by one of the earlier commenters, the PAS party pull this kind of stunt everytime there’s a concert going on, sometimes even concerts by the local artists!

    It puzzles me exceedingly that some people here see fit to chastise AL for not cancelling his show here in Malaysia. As AL put it so eloquently, he’s doing it for the fans. But in the grand scheme of things the fact that he’s actually allowed to have a concert at all – I was actually surprised the authority would let him play here – means that there is some progress being made here, albeit a small one. I don’t think it needs to be mentioned that fighting for equality is a long and arduous battle. If anything one just have to look at the US, a country perceived to be so liberal, and yet still mired in the battle for same sex couples to get married. It may be just a concert to you guys but in a country where being gay is still a crime, we take what little victory we can get.

  27. GT says

    The ironic thing is that the song “Fever” was release as a single in Malaysia but US radio refuse to play it because of the “he” pronoun in it…

  28. butterflies says

    This is the problem with Americans you have no respect for other countries rules and culture.You can’t force everyone to like Gays and that’s something you can’t change.While I don’t have anything against Gay people but you must respect that not everyone will accept Gays.You know just because the American media is forcing the Gay agenda down everyone throats here in the U.S. it doesn’t mean that will be accepted everywhere.

  29. Jack says

    Adam has many fans in Malaysia, so why should he disappoint them by canceling his concert? And as others have pointed out, the anti-gay contingent in Malaysia would love it if he didn’t perform. So I’m glad the show goes on. And he’s far from the first pop star who’s had to make changes to conform to Malaysian standards.

  30. Paul R says

    @Butterflies, if you’re not American but you’re living in the US, maybe you should respect the fact that many people in our culture feel very strongly about civil rights.

    Maybe you should also learn that the US media includes elements like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal (among many others) that are hardly pushing a “gay agenda.”

    Why are you on a gay site anyway? Just to be a jerk? Not a single comment has said that Lambert should perform his show in Malaysia exactly as he does here. The debate has focused on whether he should perform or not. I think everyone understands that if does perform in Malaysia, he has to adjust his act.

  31. TANK says

    “Respecting someone’s rules and culture when you are in Their country is the right thing to do.”

    Why this is just a great and, as of yet, unchallenged belief and sentiment. We really have hope for the future when we stress tolerance of intolerance because it is a byproduct of some culture/religion. We don’t need to come to some universally held truths about conduct and the way to treat each other, and soon, especially in light of technological advances and the means of causing mass harm…for that is bigotry and denies people their very special cultural identity that, even if it were to be anathema to human flourishing needs to be embraced. Anyone who suggests that objectively, certain values and practices promote peace and successful social interaction better than others is to be done away with. Dare not judge lest you invoke the wrath of the cult of multicult.

  32. Josh says

    “I’m not changin’ my show. NO way.”—Madonna, 20 years ago
    “Let’s do whatever it takes to make the money.”—Adam Lambert, today, paraphrased
    POSTED BY: MATTHEW RETTENMUND | OCT 12, 2010 10:56:55 AM

    That is such a TOTALLY FLAWED comparison and I will explain why:

    When Madonna said that albums sold 10 times what they do now and Madonna had already sold close to 100 million albums at that point and was already the most famous woman alive and the wealthiest and highest earning female artist!

    Adam’s first album came out less than a year ago and has sold a little over 1 million copies worldwide and he is far from being the most famous, wealthiest, and highest earning. Not only that but Adam hasn’t even kissed Tommy at all the shows on his tour to begin with!

    You imply Adam is a “sell out” but not Madonna? Take a look back to 2003 when Madonna pulled her video for American Life out of fear of being “DIXIE CHICKED”… remember that? I do.

    I don’t think either Madonna or Adam Lambert are “sell outs” though. Gotta look to someone like GaGa to find a true sell out.

    GaGa tries to pander to her gays ALL THE TIME but it doesn’t stop her from collaborating with known homophobic rappers or hiring a known homophobic actor for her music video.

    Looking for a “sell out”? Look no further than Lady Caca!

  33. Chunks says

    “But canceling is what the religious whackos WANT him to do. Tsk, you’ve got it all wrong. Religious whackos are CHRISTIANS. Muslims must NEVER be described as religious whackos, even as they’re hacking your head off or blowing your skyscrapers to bits…

  34. MadM@ says

    are people really suggesting that we need to “respect the differences” of people that would gladly see us killed? I consider myself an open-minded person, but seriously you have to draw a line. Nothing he could do in his show is going to hurt anyone in anyway, just make some assholes uncomfortable. I can appreciate that Adam Lambert is an out gay man and etc etc. He can manage his career as he sees fit. But if he wants to claim some kind of rock n roll cred this is not the way to do it.

    His tour is called Glamnation (which I’m assuming is a play on damnation), why was that even booked in such a religiously conservative nation except to be a poorly conceived cash grab.

  35. Ken says

    “the problem with Americans you have no respect for other countries rules and culture”
    So we should have respected apartheid in South Africa? We should respect stoning women to death in Iran? We should have respected Nazi Germany’s right to kill Jews? What stupid comment.

  36. Paul R says

    @Madam, it might be a play on words in both directions. I never considered it a play on damnation, I thought it was Glam Nation. As is, he’s going to glam up the country. But you are likely right as well.

    As these posts show, there are many interpretations of seemingly basic things.

  37. jeepster says

    saw the show , love the dude. It’s not like he’s all of a sudden straightening up…seriously not kissing that guy should be an artistic choice at this point , it was getting pretty stale….He’ll seem no less out and proud…and a bunch of people will delight in having their minds blown , if nothing else.

  38. says

    “White wannabes in Malaysia”? Seriously Andrew you must be talking from experience. FYI guys, PAS views does not represent all of Malaysia, just their voters.

  39. Allen says

    famous gay men who are solo artists – Ricky Martin, Elton John, Adam Lambert, and…who else? Clay Aiken, George Michael and Rufus Wainright. Adam Lambert is the lowest selling and least famous of the bunch.

  40. Glenn says

    So he’s not going to cry censorship? Where’s all the fire and bombast that accompanied his war against ABC and AMAs? If he cancelled the date, I’d have more respect for him. Freaking hypocrite.

  41. agathe says

    well, before you start criticizing Adam’s “adjusting” his show out of respect, remember that he also adjusted his show out of respect in some areas in the US, where some people are as intolerant as the ones in Malaysia…. just saying,

  42. Asad says

    Please do not bring Religion into this.

    They were a small group of Fundamentalists who were ‘offended’. I am a straight Muslim guy and trust me when I say most of us want progression.

  43. Red says

    Wow, this headline isn’t misleading at all. Adam did not make adjustments after the protest. He agreed to make adjustments when he signed the contract w/ the government, as all western performers do. Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne and Mariah Carey have all been asked to do the same when performing there. The PAS protest all concerts, they are one political party and do not represent all of Malaysia. I’m sure there are many LGBT fans in Malaysia who are happy they will get to see Adam perform.

  44. Joanney says

    The remarks so far are all pretty supportive of Adam. Being a fan (I’m nearly 80 yrs. old), I hate to see him put himself in harm’s way and hope the concert goes well and without incident.

  45. says

    Adam impresses me more and more. He is not only a stupendously great singer and entertainer, but he is a master at navigating the treacherous shoals of PR. He did exactly the right thing in Malaysia, speaking out publicly against the homophobes with a message that politely confronts, educates and stands up for what he believes in, and then going on to give 16,000 screaming fans the show of their lives, right in the face of 200 grim-faced protesters. He could not have done more to validate and advance the cause of equality.

  46. AnirakSparklechild says

    *sighs* Oh, the PAS. They made Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna calm down their attire before performing, so their complaints about Adam are unsurprising. For those of you saying that he should never have performed in Malaysia, keep in mind that it is mostly one group opposing him. He performed to a concert of 16,000 people with 200 protesters. I am not saying all is good and well, but he did, in the end, have a very successful performance.

  47. K says

    Quote: “white wannabes of Malaysia??”

    Seriously??? Listening to western music doesn’t make one a white wannabe okay? There is so much more in becoming a wannabe. Seriously, I listen to music that is not my primary language, does that makes me a wannabe? Hell no! I listen to the music because I admire the way the song is sung, written and composed. There is no race to music. Making that statement just showed the world how conservative your thinking is.

    Seriously, if you have an issue with that guy, DONT EFFING GO TO HIS CONCERT! No one is pointing you with a gun forcing you to go. Just because someone is gay, it doesn’t mean that that someone is a bad influence. Just because the people that they like are of the same sex, it doesn’t make them a bad person. You conservative minded people are acting as if someone who is gay has committed a serious crime. Seriously, stop using the name of religion to tackle whatever you conservative minded people don’t like. Gwen Stefani and Beyonce dress too sexy, seriously? Outside of their career they have donated TONS of money and they did so much charity work to help those in need. Looking only at how they dress, why can’t the conservative minded look at what good have they done?

  48. Jack says

    Jesus you guys are hard core. He’s damned by many of you no matter what he does. He’s a bad gay for being naughty on his AMA performance. He’s a bad gay for kissing boys on stage and making us look bad. Now he’s a bad gay for NOT kissing a boy on stage. No wonder it’s hard for gay artists to make anything of themselves in your country (the US I mean of course). You spend all your time tearing them down and changing your expectations of them so that you can continue to tear them down. What on earths the matter with you all?

    As I said elsewhere – come to Australia Adam. You have won us all over (gays and straight people) in your recent appearances here and we will take you just as you are.