Anderson Cooper and Lady Gaga Kick Back A Few In London

Anderson Cooper is in England interviewing Lady Gaga for 60 Minutes about her upcoming album "Born This Way." He tweeted this pic of the two wearing their best London pubwear. 


  1. paul says

    Sick of both these attention seeking ‘fame monsters’…Has anybody else noticed the switch from outlandish costumes that hide Gaga completely to outlandish costumes that are also meant to be sexy…

  2. Paul R says

    Then they both headed off to G.A.Y. for a rollicking night of mindless partying and brought home a lovely Latino boy to share. Hopefully Anderson changed before the clubbing began.

    Gaga could be mistaken for a much older cougar from Miami or southern California in this pic….something I never thought I’d see.

  3. Darrell says

    Anderson has that “collegiate” college boy out with a couger look down pat! the only thing missing are a few fifties sticking out of his pocket…….I just wish they were my fifties I gave him…LOL

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