‘Andrew Shirvell’ Continues War On ‘Gay Agenda’


Andrew Shirvell may be suspended from his job at the Michigan Attorney General's office, but he's still up to his anti-gay tricks: he sent this tweet to gay blogger Joe Jervis, who just yesterday received an apology from Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss for a since fired staffer's homophobic comment.

In fact, Shirvell's entire Twitter page is dedicated today to what he calls the "vicious homosex agenda." Clearly Shirvell's a slow learner…

UPDATE: So, yeah, this Twitter account is apparently a parody of Shirvell. Sadly, the parody isn't as far off as the real Shirvell himself.


  1. Gard says

    That’s not the real Andrew Shirvell’s Twitter account.

    On a side note, why do I keep reading his name as “Shrivel”?

  2. Sister Krissy says

    That’s a fake Twitter account: @AndrewShirveii (with two capital I’s). It’s a parody of the real Andrew Shirlvell who is at @AndrewShirvell

  3. misterorff says

    So he just posted:

    @sean_welker That’s gross. I’m a Christian and a guy and totally hetero since 2002. #AndrewShirvell

    Does this mean he is an ex-gay? Or has he only been Christian since 2002?

  4. patrick nyc says

    I don’t have a Twitter account, I’m not sure how it even works, I just hope people are flooding him with messages. Also is there anyone out there who can get his email, phone number and families info? Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine.

  5. crispy says

    Did ya’ll see this on his REAL twitter account? I swear I’m not laughing. Too much.

    “Great, someone found my house and took a dump on my welcome mat… HUMAN FECES.. ON MY WELCOME MAT!! :(”

  6. TampaZeke says

    Andrew Rekkers Long Shirvell just needs to come out already.

    He wants gay buttsex so bad that he’s about to pop! Someone’s gonna have to take one for the team and fuck this douche bag. Thank god I’m married and not eligible.

    Ok boys, who’s gonna step up to the plate?

  7. Steve says

    Come on, Andrew. This is a fake account. Post a retraction. And @AndrewShirvell, with L’s, is likely fake as well, since the first tweet was Sept 29.

  8. Jon B says

    Yeah… it’s a fake account. The first thing he twittered was “Just becuz Chris Armstrong used black satanic powers to give me funny secret feelings about him doesn’t make me “gay”.”

    Can’t really see him saying that. He’s far too closeted.

  9. Jack A says

    This is definitely not a real account–hilarious though. I especially enjoyed:

    “@Clarknt67 Sparkling blue man-eyes are Satan’s UNNATURAL weapon in WAR against hetero true-American Christians. It’s not funny. #NotGayAtAll”


    Using free time 4 undercover investigation @ rest stops of “gay” conspiracy. Hard but important work for Jesus #WatchOutGays #AndrewShirvell

  10. Will says

    Yes it’s quite obviously a spoof account, and it’s actually quite amusing. “He” just tweeted this BTW:

    I made the king of handsome blue-eyed vicious homosex CULT squirm. That’s right @tlrd Jesus and I are watching. #AndrewShirvell #SoNotGay 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  11. Andrew Belonsky says

    Just a note: this Twitter is a spoof, which I’ve mentioned in an update above.
    Thanks, as always, for all the comments,

  12. patrick nyc says

    Fake or not, this is the line of the day.

    “Great, someone found my house and took a dump on my welcome mat… HUMAN FECES.. ON MY WELCOME MAT!! :(“

  13. Clive says

    You can’t post an update and say you were wrong and then still take a snarky swipe at him.

  14. stubart says

    I have Shrivel’s cell phone #. Give him a call, i did. Wait for his lisping message and you’ll know it’s him.

    734 476 3916

  15. says

    there’s an @andrewshirvell and an @andrewshirveii (capitol i’s)

    is one real? either way, I’m going to be a cyber bully and cyber lynch his twitter account…*twirl*

  16. Robert Rhea says

    I think the attention has gotten to him he has made his blog ” invited readers only”

  17. MoJo says

    Fake Twitter page aside, from what I’ve read, this guy sounds like he needs psychological help. I shudder, imagining what he’d do if he snapped. Bigoted zealots are dangerous!

  18. ty says

    This Andrew guy has the before coming out jitters. He is totally gay and his homophobia is directed toward out people. It happens allot!!

  19. Milan says

    Thou does protest too much, Mr. Shriveled (sic)
    You look gayer than some of my female impersonator friends.

  20. Splendid One says

    You know, this guy – Shirvell – is exactly the kind of guy who would be totally embarassed if the broader public just Googled the word “shirvel”: Just saying.

    Ah heck, let me share it with you and save you the search: “When a woman receives oral sex while depositing feces into the toilet.” ROFLMAO