1. mad1026 says

    Linda McMahon and Sharron Angle can form The Misogynists’ Club for Idiots if they get to D.C. Angle wants to force teenage girls who have been raped and impregnated by a family member to have the child. She calls it “making lemonade out of a bad situation.” And McMahon? Her business is misogyny. Along with Carly Fiorina they are prime examples of misguided women.

  2. CKNJ says

    This slew of Republican shrews is a disgusting reflection on the state of Feminism in today’s world. They are the equivalent of the self-hating gays that crawl out of the woodwork here now and then…

    Nowadays Republicans of all colors just seem intent on reversing any progress made in the Country and dragging us back into the fucking Stone Age (or are at least fine sitting back watching those in the party that want to). Those here that are Republican that don’t verbally and very loudly denounce the rush to idiocy are as complicit as the idiots they tacitly support. Where are all the ‘moderate Republicans’ beating up on Paladino??? Hmm?

    I am sick of them saying that Republicans are not all like that, but then doing nothing to change the perception or the actions of these people.

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