1. B-rod says

    Good thing Elton John was able to prostitute himself for that fat-fuck Limbaugh at his wedding. That really did a lot to show Limbaugh that gays can’t be bought and sold and denigrated. Elton is a fucking loser.

  2. Bart says

    Barney should have added, “And coming from a bitchy, pathetic, drug addict who isn’t even man enough to procure his own drugs, he has to send his maid out to do his dirty work, it’s all expected. Wonder what it’s like to be that much of a little bitch?”

  3. ted says

    Limbaugh has been playing my boy lollipop and banking queen re: Frank for years. Ole Barney just now notices? What disgusts me is Frank’s arrogance.

  4. justiceontherocks says

    Ted is exactly right. Limbaugh has been running that gag at least since the early 90s. Barney is an example of everything that’s wrong with the US political system. He went from being a closeted homo fixing traffic tickets for his prostitute boyfriend to a gay icon, and why?

  5. Dan says

    So this disgustingly homophobic act is OK because Limbaugh’s been doing it for years?

    Get a clue, Ted.

  6. says

    Frank’s arrogance disgusts you, Ted, but not Rush’s? Interesting. As for being “a closeted homo.” He’s been out for over 2 decades. Playing the idiotic prostitute card (again, yawn) is right in line with our friend, Rush’s, tactics. But, hey, why support “arrogant” Barney when we can have Sean Bielat, an anti-gay Republican (against repealing DADT, against CUs and marriage equality) in his place.

  7. anon says

    The problem with Frank complaining is what is he going to do about it? Complain some more? It’s not like he is going to lose his seat.

  8. bobbyjoe says

    I thought “My boy lollipop” was what Limbaugh played on his trips to the Dominican Republic.

    And I don’t mean the song.

  9. says

    Hey Justiceontherocks – what exactly is your point? How is Barney Frank a representative of “everything that is wrong with the US political system” exactly?

  10. Jason (the commenter) says

    Barney Frank IS in danger of losing his seat, that’s why he’s suddenly trying to play the victim. Of course what’s really hurting him about the “banking queen” bit isn’t the “queen” part, but the “banking” part. In case you don’t know, Barney was supposed to be giving legislative oversight to the banking industry all these years; but instead of doing his job to help the American people, he used it to get campaign donations.

  11. candideinnc says

    Trolls, trolls, trolls! All you Rethugs can go back under the bridge now and hide your ugly faces and shut your lying mouths.

  12. Gregoire says

    Seriously. Barney Frank isn’t going to lose his seat. Blah, blah, blah, go justify your self hate elsewhere, you lunatic fringe conservadrones.

  13. Jason says

    Regardless of Limbaughs tasteless taunts Barney Frank is the Oppenheimer of the housing bubble. He has lots of blood on his hands and anyone who votes for that piece of slag; gay or straight; isn’t looking after what’s best for the country. Everyone needs to vote against every incumbent; good or bad; to make sure that these f**ks in Washington get the message they are not indispensable.

    If that means I vote for the crazy witch in Delaware to send a message then so be it.

    Fortunately I don’t have to make that choice as I live in Florida. Unfortunately here our Senate race is between 3 career politicians. I want Crist; but despise Meek so much I might be forced to vote Rubio. Scott is truly an outsider and I will absolutely be voting for Alan West. I am actually working on his campaign.

  14. justiceontherocks says

    Latest polls show Barney has a ten point lead over a very kooky challenger. That means he has a problem.

    As to why I said he’s part of the problem, he and everyone else who had a hand in oversight of the financial services made a big damn mess. And let’s not even go into how Barney is a shill for Obama when it comes to DADT, ENDA, etc. And we all know how that has gone.

    For those of you screaming “Troll,” “hater” and making silly personal attacks on people who see frank for what he is, remember that if he hadn’t been dragged out of the closet kicking and screaming, you’d be mad at him too.

  15. mcNnyc says

    Seriously Barney’s victim act here is a tad disingenuous. And part of the WH script to yes I’ll say it bully their base. We didn’t have the votes line again…thats because the DEMOCRATS didn’t use their leverage in influence and “horsetrading” to get things done…UNLESS this is exactly what they wanted now they have to play this act out.
    Barney Frank is the chairman of one of the most powerful committees in the House but he could have made a difference on a hell of a lot more.

  16. LincolnLounger says

    Barney Frank’s coddling of Fannie and Freddie make him have a huge responsibility for the housing crisis and it’s effect on the economy.

    Barney Frank vs. Rush Limbaugh. It’s like choosing between a poke in the eye or a kick in the groin.

  17. anon says

    I doubt Frank will be able to change people’s minds about Limabaugh, as he is already controversial and well known.

  18. Barney is a phobe says

    Limbaugh is a loathsome anti-GLBT bigot and a pig.

    We should defend Frank from these bigoted attacks.

    We should remember that Frank made the same kind of of bigoted attacks on transexuals when he was shredding ENDA to please his corporate sponsors.

    And we should remember that Democrats and Republicans are our enemies.

  19. joe says

    Frank personally championed Fanny and Freddie, the two nukes at the center of the housing bubble and implosion. I don’t care one bit if the guy’s gay, that doesn’t mean I need to support him. His actions wrought havoc on America’s economy, and he still refuses to admit that he did anything wrong.

  20. jtaskw says

    Am I the only one who finds it interesting that certain people can’t just simply call these types of attacks on any gay person wrong but instead have to heap on them as well? “Well, if she just didn’t dress like that…”

  21. jamal49 says

    Ted and justiceontherocks are GOPround Girls. What they think is arrogance I see as standing up for yourself. I’d rather have Barney Frank any day than some republicon homophobe. Too bad the GOProud Girls are going to vote with the enemy.