Betty White Expresses Support for Marriage Equality


Betty White in the new issue of Parade:

"I don’t care who anybody sleeps with. If a couple has been together all that time—and there are gay relationships that are more solid than some heterosexual ones—I think it’s fine if they want to get married. I don’t know how people can get so anti-something. Mind your own business, take care of your affairs, and don’t worry about other people so much."


  1. coolbearinmd says

    Folks here probably know about Betty White’s long friendships with Rock Hudson and other gay actors–and how she inadvertently referred to Cary Grant as gay in a recent interview and then couldn’t seem to recall whether that was common knowledge yet or not. Ooops. And her timing is usually so impeccable.

  2. arch says

    thanks for posting this Andy, there is so much gay hate in the news recently (even today all that nonsense about “warehouses” and “spartans”) that is is nice to end the working day (at least it is that time here in London) with some lovely home truths from a woman who has brought more happiness to many more people than all the haters put together.

    Long may she thrive.

  3. Cocoa says

    I have to agree with you ARCH, this is a refreshing change of pace, from a loveable lady whom had earned more of my respect, something I did not think was possible.

    I just want to hug her right now.

  4. Alex says

    The awesome part is that this is to the readers of Parade, the most middle-America of Sunday newsmagazines and not just to the Advocate or some other progressive audience. Thanks, Betty!

  5. JOEBLOE says

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love this great lady anymore than I already do, she goes further to endear us all to her. She’s an angel, God bless this lovely, loving woman.

  6. Loren says

    Love Betty! But…why do we always have to caveat support for same sex marriage by inferring that only couples who have been together a long time deserve to be married just like everyone else. I’ll know we’ve reached true parity when two guys can wake up hung over….and married….in Las Vegas. Stupid? Yes. But we should all be able to make the same stupid mistakes.

  7. Garst says

    I’d like to see a bluntly gay person successfully seduce an anti-gay marriage proponent and see what their reaction is. I highly doubt anyone will rejoice for the heterosexual union.

  8. Keith says

    Love Betty’s words, but also that cover pic too. It’s plain to see that “There’s a storm brewing. The clouds are dark and the winds are strong, but Betty is not afraid”!

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