1. Martin Murray says

    Nice sentiment, spoiled only by the reference to ‘god’. The ‘god’ of most churches is a malevolent, evil, bigotted asshole. The victims of bullying hear only too often about ‘god’s’ opinion of them. Robinson would be better of telling gay teens ‘Hey kids, don’t worry about what ‘god’ is meant to think about you. Any reasonable person knows that ‘god’ is a fictional character. Your lives will improve once you realise this.’

  2. MannyS says

    couldn’t YOU look past whatever resentment you have to actually listen to Bishop Robinson’s message? are you that cynical to the point where even the majority of good messages religion brings to others gets drowned out by a minute minority who seeks to abuse their religion?

    OF COURSE he can’t tell struggling teens there is no God because that’s not what HE, as a Bishop, believes. For you to attack the Bishop’s religion is no less bigoted than those churches who attack your sexuality.

    You may not be aware of it, but there are many people, gay and straight, that find fulfillment in whatever religion of their choosing, who likewise are allies in our fight. For you to demean them is not helping.

  3. Lexxvs says

    While I applaud all these messages that say “it gets better” so to encourage the bullied ones to be patient and bear the crap, it’s also like saying “hey, by now there is no solution but to suck it up and endure all the injustices as they are”.
    I hope measures are taken so there is no need to say “it gets better” but “you can denounce and be helped right now”.
    Back to the message itself, religion IS important for some people, so I more than support this message so those kids that are religious (or uncertain about their beliefs) can have an option to appease their distraught minds when it comes to face all the poison they have been induced to believe. And to think that so many of them who are no more, really believed that they were worthless and the biggest sinners for being what they were.

  4. Hank says

    I’m not a ‘god’ person.

    But since he is talking in those terms, I wish he had ended with ‘god loves you the way you are/god made you the way you are’, directly affirming queer kids’ identity. Instead of ending with ‘god loves you beyond your wildest dreams ‘ which seems a little vague and trippy, and doesn’t even directly contradict what a lot of kids have heard over and over from other christians, that ‘god’s love can deliver from homosexuality.’

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  7. Squirt says

    If you’re a young gay Christian kid, this is the kind of language you need to hear. After you’ve survived your teen years and all the crap that goes with them, you can sort out the god thing and figure out whether it resonates with your life or not. But young people in conservative Christian homes need to hear the message in a language they understand. They can hear “God loves you, you are good”, but to be told, “Religion is shit, it’s preventing you from being your fabulous gay self” is something they would reject out of hand, however true it may be.

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