Boy George: Culture Club Will Reunite


Said Boy George, in a quote on his official site:

"We're definitely doing it, in 2012. Our D-Day is April 30, which is the same day as our first-ever single release, “White Boy”… it’s going to be great fun. If we don’t do it now we’ll do it when we’re 60, which will be really tragic."

The site also suggests that Mark Ronson will produce the band's next album, for promotion on a 2012 tour.


  1. Ken Atkins says

    You know, I check these comments to see who shares my love of Boy George, and it’s always hate. What the fuck?

  2. SONNIE says

    @Ken Atkins, I am with you Ken, I love Boy George and Culture Club. I would pay to see them, and I doubt he is “Out of money,” haha.

  3. patrick nyc says

    The train wreck named George passed the station a long time ago, being gay does not give you a free pass for life. He’s a mess, out of a dress.

  4. Marty says

    As a lifelong George fan, I am so looking forward to this! Mark Ronson will be a very exciting choice of producer. =)

  5. Vlad says

    I couldn’t care less about Boy George’s personal life and probably wouldn’t want to hang out with him, but I love Culture Club and would love to see them if they reunited. I’m glad Towleroad posts this type of entertainment news because I wouldn’t otherwise hear about it.

    As for the “haters,” this article did not mention anything about Boy George’s personal life, substance problems, etc. so I don’t understand how snarky personal attacks are relevant. I just don’t get these people that actually take the time to make nasty comments about things that have absolutely nothing to do with their personal lives.

    Take your anger out on people who are actually in positions of power and directly responsible for your oppression and let those of us who are occasionally interested in this sort of stuff enjoy our visit here. Thanks.

  6. Robert says

    I know, like, three Culture Club songs, period, but this is pretty awesome. But if commenters aren’t hating on Boy George, Lady Gaga, Kathy Griffin, Adam Lambert, and now Justin Bieber, then they’d never get their rocks off, it seems.

  7. Vlad says

    Patrick NYC, I know I’m totally overreacting in this case but I’m just really tired of the constant snark in the comments about every single story (even stories about hate crimes, etc. – WTF?)

    There are countless blogs about reality television and celebrity gossip that provide venues for people who just have to share the petty putdowns that they confuse with genuine wit.

  8. Paul R says

    This won’t be their first reunion. I saw them with Howard Jones and some other 80s band in 1998. I guess the album is a new facet, though.

    Boy George will always be able to make money, but things might be getting a little tight for the other members of the band!

  9. c@meron says

    George is on a track on Ronson’s new album…sounds a bit ‘weathered’ but it only ads to the appeal

  10. OMG!!! says

    Cannot wait! I saw them in SF 1999, promoting their last album, “Don’t Mind If I Do”, which was BRILLIANT, and the show was unforgettably wonderful. Maybe they need the money, but if it’s anything as fun as the last time, I’ll be there powdered–in eyelashes & heels!

  11. Tommy says

    Boy George is the master of petty putdowns that are confused with genuine wit.
    I used to love George in the 80’s but he wore out his welcome for me with his constant bitchiness.
    So don’t be surprised if people are putting him down since he has done the same to many others.
    Not that long ago George said he’d never reunite CC again. Over my dead body was what he said, plus he went on and on about how awful the other members were. So I’m sure he needs the money.
    The other members of CC maybe haven’t been working but they don’t have the legal expenses and high flying celebrity expensive lifestyle he does. So I’m sure George needs the money more than they do.
    One thing I know about George is he is a me first person. He isn’t doing this because he cares about the others or their finances. He’s doing it for himself and his bank account.

  12. John says

    This reunion is way overdue. IMO Boy George and Culture Club were the best when they were together. His personal life is his business. If his band mates don’t mind his preference, why should we? They are professionals more concerned with the music. I only wish the reunion were much sooner and debut at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California during April 15-17, 2011. If not in 2011, I hope they perform there in 2012. The reunion would draw the most crowd. All the Best to you Boy George & Culture Club. I am ecstatic over the great news of the reunion!

  13. Tommy says

    Culture Club most likely won’t be able to perform at Coachella in California because George is unlikely to get a visa to enter the US because of his felony conviction.