1. Bart says

    Well, if most of the residents of Delaware are lunatic fanatics with an insane right wing (even too right wing for most Republicans who seem to think she’s batshit too) agenda who comes off more like a cartoon character than an actual himan being and wouldn’t register anywhere on the political spectrum if she weren’t photogenic (damn you, John Kennedy…), then I guess she’s right.

  2. Andalusian Dog says

    She’s charmingly retarded in this ad. Those who dislike her will dislike her even more now. Those who like her will like her more. The “independents” – well, I’m not sure this ad is terribly convincing. The pauses are…shady. Culty. Maybe she’s a witch or something…

  3. Rad says

    If her followers want proof that Obama is not a Kenyan Muslim, then I want proof that she is not a Witch! Prove it, Christine! Let’s throw her in a river! If she sinks, she’s not a witch! She should be able to relate to that logic!!

  4. says

    I think it’s a pretty stupid ad. The backdrop suggests the occult and why do an ad reminding people of something so infamous? To say, “I’m not a witch” is like Meg Whitman saying, “I’m not a greedy, entitled, callous employer who thinks none of the rules apply to her!”

  5. Ry says

    Delawareans are not dumb. We’re stubborn. I know most people are afraid of her, and I know that most of us voted for Obama. The only way she’ll win is if the voters aren’t interested in the race anyway. I mean, we had Castle in for years, and he was a Republican. The idea goes, if he wasn’t so bad, than what’s the difference with O Connell? I know the difference, it’s getting others to know too that’s the probelm.

  6. says


    because she is an idiot. She definitely isn’t getting big R help with doing her campaign/ polishing her image. The NRSCC only gave her the $45,000 that they give any R. No NRSCC commercials on her behalf no staff support no advisers to tell her that she should never have mentioned the witch thing. Her money is all coming from bible thumping troglodytes and maybe a few mill bucks from the Koch brothers

    She is trailing in the polls with castle supporters flocking to the dem along with indies

  7. patrick nyc says

    Last night Howard Fineman said that even Karl Rove wants her to lose, even he knows how much damage she’ll do if she gets a soapbox to continue the bat shit crazy talk. Fineman also said SNL doesn’t need to spoof the ad, it does it for it’s self.

    Jon Stewart said “if she’s me, I’m jumping out the window”.

    My favorite is her trashing ‘back room political deals’ The same day her mentor, fellow nut job NV nominee Sharon Angle, gets caught making back room deals with another third party member to drop out of the race. Telling him she has ‘juice’ in DC, even though she has not been elected.

    Miller, another right winger running in Alaska, is being criticized for tweeting about how he’s going to decorate his office, before the election. He also does not believe in the minim wage, but thinks the ten commandments should be the law of the land.

  8. says

    Uh-oh. If she’s me, that must mean that I’m a media whore who thinks that the best qualification for elected office is having no qualifications whatsoever, beyond a long string of irresponsible debts and embarrassing statements made on national TV. I think I’ll go back to bed now, but NOT to masturbate!

  9. cd says

    I wish I had video editing software so I could dub in “and I’ll do all those things,” after she lists all the things that are wrong with Washington.

  10. Matthew says

    What baffles me is she actually thinks being a “witch” is some sort of serious indictment. — Wait. People are not _that_ stupid, are they? — These clips Bill Maher has been showing of her are meant to make her look silly (although the fact that she “dabbled in witchcraft” to her credit at least shows she’s open minded.)

    The most damning, non-silly things she’s said so far are that evolution is a myth and mice are being given fully functioning human brains by cloning companies. How can she be “none” of these things people have “heard”? They aren’t rumors. She’s said them on tape on national TV.

  11. N Waff says

    I LOVE the auto-tune rendering of Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m Not A Witch” – it works very well for her.

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