1. Matt STL says

    Nice, but what happens to his carpet cleaning contract with the school district? This man doesn’t even deserve the dignity to resign, much less continue to make money from our schools.

  2. GregV says

    Ellen did an admirable job speaking to the issue, as always. My only double-take was when she said (I’m paraphrasing, since I didn’t record the clip) that people may disagree with a person’s lifestyle, whether it be homosexuality or something else.

    She knows being gay is not anyone’s lifestyle. None of the recently deceased kids was bullied because of his/her lifestyle. They were bullied because of their real or perceived IDENTITY as a gay person.
    Anyway…. I love Ellen!

  3. Zlick says

    Personally, I don’t care about his carpet cleaning business. The world worked this time. Some stupid bigot in backwoods Arkansas was clueless enough to think he could post his personal lack of mind, on the subject of children, on the internet while holding an elected position as school board president. Enough public outrage ensued that he has resigned the post everyone said he could not be fired from.

    This is how it’s supposed to work when bigots act out in public in a way that is deplorable and unacceptable to society. I see this as an encouraging bit of progress.

    I don’t give a rat’s patoot about Mr. McCance, only about the lesson his mistake will hopefully illuminate to others.

  4. r says

    how sorry can he be if he would “run off” his own kid if he were gay, because of his “christian beliefs”?

    we really need to look at the roots of people’s beliefs to find the source of homophobia.

  5. r says

    as long as we are legally discriminated against in any way, we will always be seen as “less than”, not fully human.

  6. neverstops says

    Cooper’s show was a good watch

    really felt for the parents of the young kid that killed himself – they seem really like genuine people

    hard to say the outcome – you’d like to hope this whole thing makes McCance take a good look inside himself (for the better), but who knows

    there’s still a lot of hate for us in this country – this is just scratching the surface

  7. joebloe says

    Yes JASUN, this one was cancelled. Take heart though, as I’m sure some other neanderthal-troglodyte will take Clint McCance’s place.

  8. Paul R says

    It may have to do with his timing, given the recent spate of suicides, but this is still significant for rural Arkansas. I had predicted he’d face enough criticism that he’d resign, but to be honest I was also thinking he might just be stubborn and wait for the brouhaha to die down.

    It’s a great message for everyone that his hateful bile speech is unacceptable, but especially to those kids living in this district.

  9. says

    Where are the all the Ellen haters lately? They’re always out in force the moment she doesn’t make everything about her and her show 100% gay issues and right now she’s doing admirable, worthy work on a national stage in the prevention of gay teen bullying and where are they? Exactly.

  10. Jack A says

    I thought about this a lot after watching the program tonight. There is a real shift here. The fact that someone wrote something like this (which we’ve all seen happen untold times without any consequence) and then got called out in such a big way on a national stage seems pretty significant.

    Anyone else find it excruciating to watch AC tackle these issues, though? GIANT gay elephant in the room. He’s gotta be planning the big announcement (acknowledgment?) soon. His show has finally seemed relevant and interesting since he’s started covering the gay bullying issue, but he’s closeted! Yikes. Awkward…

  11. Matt says

    His apology was self-serving. He basically said that he’s sorry for some specific words he used but never apologized for the hateful message.


  12. moby323 says

    The jerk’s name is Clint McCance.

    Business He Owns:

    Clint’s Carpet Cleaning

    7569 Batesville Blvd,

    Pleasant Plains, AR

    (501) 268-7360.

    Personal Info

    Clint McCance

    160 Songbird Rd

    Pleasant Plains, AR 72568-9774

    (501) 345-2791 (Home telephone number)

  13. says

    I never heard the words that he was sorry for what he said. All he did was apologize for the words he used. At one point he stated he “should have picked different words”. What does that mean? Picked different words of hate? This leopard didn’t change his spots, he is irritated that there was an uproar and it is affecting his family and his life. Just wait…when this calms down, he’ll be back, but a little more educated on what he states that may become public.

    He’ll be a FOX News contributor shortly!!!

  14. Andy says

    Ugh! AC was so soft on him. He wasn’t aware of what a problem suicide was?!? He says the number 5 in his hateful post and the post was ABOUT being asked to wear purple to bring awareness to the SUOCIDE PROBLEM. How could he not ne aware? Also, as soon as he played the “I’ve got children myself” card, AC shouldve said “yeah and you said you would turn them away if they were gay” OOOO!!! And the real kicker! When he said HE was now the victim of hate. No douchebag, you’re not the victim of anything but your own stupidity. If (big if) he’s getting harassed it’s a response to his actions NOT him being singled
    out for who he is.

  15. Brad says

    His apology doesn’t work for two reasons.

    1. It is not the “strength of words” he used that were the problem. It was the entire message pure and simple. I don’t care if he used the nicest words possible for gays, he’s advocating their deaths/suicides. And children at that!

    2. In the end, he still couldn’t bring himself to say he would still love his children if they were gay. I understand that can cause turmoil and confusion in a parent. But if you can’t say with 100% certainty that you would still love them for something as harmless as being gay, you don’t deserve children. And to think these people think they make superior parents than those in the lgbt community. Ha! I don’t know a sing gay person who’d disown their kids if they turned out straight! How dare they “choose” a different lifestyle from me! And he claimed to love them with everypart of himself. Every part but the bigoted part I guess.

  16. ratbastard says

    This poor excuse for a man’s original posts sound like they were more from the heart than his so called apology.

  17. candideinnc says

    Amazing! How can this man show his face in public? He doesn’t have the common sense to hide his shame! I almost feel embarrassed for this guy. Absolutely CLUELESS!

  18. princely54 says

    @Gayly – its hard to argue against forgiveness as its a noble thing to do.

    But, I am a BIG believer in NEVER forgetting. This hateful man – and I do believe he’s got hate in his entire being, not just his heart – deserves to be reminded every day of his life that people KNOW he’s a shit. That every sideways glance and every barely heard whisper is about his hate. It serves none of us to not forgive because it only affects us, but I really don’t think he’s apologetic for anything other than being called on the National Carpet as the bigot he truly is.

  19. says

    “‘I have brought more hurt on them with these comments. And that was never my intention.'”

    Really, Clint? Then, what was your intention? The bullies never intend to hurt. The words just leap innocently from their fat dumb mouths.

  20. excy says

    Clint McCance states “I don’t know what I would do yet. Time will tell” when questioned about running his kids off if they were gay.
    I can just imagine the atmosphere in his “christian” home. Hopefully his children will learn honour, acceptance and compassion from other sources.
    This man has a huge problem with homosexuality and he is NOT alone. We still have a lot of work to do.

  21. Sooz says

    There is an ongoing criminal trial in the mid-west wherein the prosecutor alleges that to incite suicide online is NOT protected by free speech law.

    If in fact the prosecutor is able to convict the man charged for having incited suicide with online behavior . . .we can hope this will enact legal precedent which can be directed at the incessant verbal assaults instigating suicides.

    The case is against a man who found emotionally devastated people in forums, provided detailed “how to” steps to complete a successful suicides and in some cases, made phony suicide pacts with the victims.

    The prosecutor has called this man a serial killer due to the many successful suicides he instigated.

  22. TampaZeke says

    Journalists do EVERYONE a major disservice when they allow people to say, “That was never my intention” without asking them “What WAS your intention?” or allowing them to say, “My words were taken out of context” without asking, “What WAS your context?”

    These people are being let off the hook by delivering boilerplate “apologies” without ever REALLY being held responsible for their words and actions.

    I also notice that McCance went out of his way to make sure that he was clear that his apology wasn’t to the faggots, or at least not JUST to the faggots that he attacked. He was VERY careful and very sure to make sure that his “kind” words and his “apology” were very general even though his assault was very specific.

    I’m sorry but this guy is still an ignorant, hateful asshole. His “apology” wasn’t off the cuff and accidentally lacking, they were prepared, rehearsed and very intentionally lacking.

    What a scumbag.

  23. MemArch says

    This guy firmly believes in the statements he posted on facebook. He never really apologizes. He only apologizes for the language he used – not the hateful message. “I don’t know what I will do if one of my kids comes out.” Unbelievable. I think his hate speech is child abuse, plain and simple and he should never be in a position of power over children. He is an arrogant, bigoted moron. I’m from Arkansas and it is and always will be, a redneck backwater filled with ignorant, narrow minded freaks. Glad I got out.

  24. Marc says

    I am so sick of all these adults saying “it was a poor choice of words and it was ignorant of me to say this, this was a poor judgement on my part.” If you are a person with authority either this vice president of the school board or a congress member, you more than likely finished school and know exactly what the words you used mean. Which makes you a homophobe not ignorant. You are just frustrated because we just don’t bend over and take it like we used to. We want you to take responsibility with what you say.

  25. booka says

    Those are the words of a man that has been shamed, but has NOT repented. “I don’t know what I’d do” in regard to one of his children possibly being Gay is very telling. There is not a Hell deep enough for this fool.

  26. Fred says

    That’s no apology. The asshole doesn’t get it. He’s only responding because other people made this an issue, which he thinks “got out of hand.”

  27. RandyO says

    Well, we do have freedom of speach… and he is paying for his. When will people realize mixing religion with public policy only leads to misery! BTW, welcome back, Andy! Missed you terribly but glad you got away.

  28. Andrew says

    I agree this guy was only sorry that he got caught and that the community turned on him and thus on his family. He is not sorry that gay kids kill and killed themselves. Continuing to say mean things about him will not solve the problem it will only acerbate the problem. I think what needs to happen is out reach from religious community that sees homosexuality as normal and legitimate. I hope that happens because by no means am I that religious person! HA!

  29. pete says

    All he has learned in 2 days is that his hateful beliefs, when expressed in a public forum, can hurt people, can incite people to want to hurt him, and can even cause a child to hurt himself.

    But he has learned nothing about gay people and he still holds his irrational hatred towards gay people.

  30. Fenrox says

    Hey guys! Be sure to stoop to his level while receiving his apology! You guys don’t want people to think you are classy and respectful.

  31. TJ says

    @ FENROX: The comments about “intention” – I’m with them. What was the intention, if not to be a bully? As BOOKA so accurately commented, he has been shamed, but he has not repented. It would take denying his belief system to do that. He certainly looked like he was experiencing some cognitive dissonance; if he falls back to “but God says it’s wrong” as a way to distance himself from that dissonance, he will have learned nothing. Until he repents – unless he sees that his belief system is flawed, I cannot accept his “apology.”

  32. Matthew says

    I forgive him for the comments because I think it is very good that he did make a public statement on the issue instead of completely hiding away. Of course I disagree with his opinions, but he is entitled to them nonetheless. The biggest issue here is the fact that he doesn’t know if he would accept his children for being gay. It’s a frightening message he is sending to them, and I pray that if one of them is gay that they do not lose hope and do what their father wishes all gay people do, and that is to say kill themselves. It would surely teach him a lesson, but someone’s life is far more important than another person’s newfound empathy.

  33. Joe L says

    1. When McCance said, “The words I used were unfortunate. I should’ve picked different ones…” I wanted Anderson to asked him how he would have worded those thoughts differently. So he’s rethinking word choice not content?

    2. He still doesn’t know if he will use those words again.

    3. He still may disown his kids if they are gay.

    4. And what appears to be the real reason behind this “apology” — he paints himself and his family as victims.

    This ordeal feels more like an inconvenience for him and less like a truly transformational moment.

  34. Randy says

    @Fenrox – respect is earned. Like for instance, I don’t respect you.

    There is no way that his words were taken out of context and there was no way that his intention was anything other than pure hate. He wished that people would kill themselves. Moreover he wished that vulnerable children and teenagers would kill themselves. Him saying that his intentions were anything else is a flat out lie.

    Why would anyone accept an apology that is full of lies?

    That’s not noble, that’s just stupid.

  35. TANK says

    hey fenfrox, thanks for taking time out of your tireless defense of democrats and obama on lgbt rights issues while deploying the most tired polemics (e.g., “where else ya gonna go? Other’s are worse! Hey, rome wasn’t built in a day” lOL!) to criticize justifiably outraged sane people instead of this arch homophobe bum. You are really someone to take…seriously…if another survives a plane crash in the andes.

  36. TANK says

    And don’t forget, this guys believes everything he says. Bubba’s just upset because he got caught…that’s the only thing he’s sorry for–his negative publicity and inconvenience. By his own admittance, he believes the exact same things that prompted his hateful, bigoted outburst.

    Betcha that the forgiveness crowd here are also the first to have tears in their eyes and nothing but enthusiastic praise for minority christians (extreme minority christians…the moderates) who issue public statements, like that lutheran evangelical wizard. Once a church faggot always a church faggot…which corresponds nicely to the plea for forgiveness of this bigoted gastropod…when your life is predicated on making excuses for bigotry so that you can “belong”, nothing is absurd.

  37. Roman Bolliger says

    This was the “apology” of a brainwashed “man”, the apology of a brainwashed “father”. There are a lot of brainwashed “Christians” like him. The Association of “Christian” brainwashing institutes is called Tea Party.

  38. mad1026 says

    I may be a strong gay man now, but 50 years ago, as I was realizing I loved to look at the naked men in the physique magazines of the 60’s, how would I have reacted to the amount of bullying now visible daily on line, from one’s peers, or the news? Thank God I only had to deal with ignorant children. If I had been bombarded with hate, I might have been in the same position as Asher Brown, or any of the others. Mr McCance, learn ypur lesson and learn it well. Words can KILL! Our children are too important to waste.

  39. says

    Out of respect for Asher’s parents’ wishes, I will not go on the attack against McCance. This despite the anger I feel at both his initial postings and his non-apology (“I should have worded it differently”).
    This has brought back so many childhood memories, the whole ordeal just saddens me.

  40. Brian says

    If he honestly didn’t believe what he wrote, he wouldn’t have written it in the first place. He’s sorry he got caught and sorry that he’s under fire. He even said “I used the wrong words.” He didn’t say “I expressed the wrong sentiment.” You can bet he’s still a homophobe and a hater.

  41. dick masters says

    What a wonderful we live in here in the US of A. Monsters, Bigots and Extremest,”Oh,My!”
    How we all have such wonderful words to say when we are caught. And,…to think that this person actually walks around our kids.This is what we should all be afraid of. These people who look at our children with thoughts based on something they read in a book.

    These people walk around our children and have secret thoughts about them that in the end will hurt them more so than some ideology of belief that they, the children may have.

    When we tell our children about MONSTERS that live under the beds or in the closet, we should tell them not to be afraid of anything that they can not see but to be afraid, be very afraid of those things that you can see like the MONSTERS that walk amongst us.

  42. DGAJ says

    There IS a difference between disagreeing and fear. Please don’t mistake my preference for taking a stand for what I believe is right, with fear. I’m not afraid of gay people, and my guess is, most people aren’t. They’d just rather see the lifestyle disappear.

  43. DGAJ says

    People who like to believe they’re “enlightened” like to use that word, “homophobic”, it makes them feel more “in” with the “in crowd”. Every time I see some idiot using the word “homophobia”, I wonder if it keeps them as warm at night as their binkie’s.