Here's a pretty stunning image of the storm that swept across the northern half of the U.S. this week:

"Meteorologists get excited about the storm because it set a record for the lowest pressure (not associated with a hurricane) measured over land in the continental United States. At 5:13 p.m. CDT, the weather station in Bigfork, Minnesota recorded 955.2 millibars (28.21 inches of pressure). Pressure is one indicator of a storm’s strength, and this measurement corresponds to the pressure seen in a Category 3 hurricane."


  1. MajorTom says

    Just as long as we’re clear that there is no evidence of climate change going on here. That global warming hoo-hah is a bunch of… um… hoo-hah. Isn’t it? Um… Never mind.
    [And yes, that was sarcasm.]

  2. Marty says

    I live in South Dakota and the wind from this thing was insane. Gusts in some areas up to 60 and blizzard warnings in North Dakota. Luckily it got rid of some of the political yard signs.

  3. Graham Anderson says

    I love the way American media has to convert everything from SI units back to Imperial. So quaint. Especially decimalised imperial units – shouldn’t that be 28 & 21/100ths of an inch for consistency?

  4. nickbilz says

    life imitates art, weather imitates crapy end-of-the-world movie graphics a la The Day After Tomorrow. seriously, this looks just like the swirling blizzards featured in that shitty movie. i guess just because you can’t develop an interesting plot, believable dialogue or likable characters doesn’t mean the basic premise isn’t dead on. how is there still room in intelligent debate for denying the existence of man-made global climate change?

  5. Kyle Sullivan says

    Man, we done pissed of the planet and she’s gonna fuck us up, good, whether we like it or not. Wow — it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.

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