Does ‘Sharia Law’ Have A Place In American Politics?

“I am deeply distressed that you have been misled about our community and the way that we conduct our affairs,” wrote O’Reilly. “I am afraid that many share the perception that Muslims have only recently immigrated to this area and are imposing their culture on our region… Muslims have been practicing their faith in our community for almost 90 years without incident or conflict.”
But the specter of Sharia law swings both ways: Sen. Jim DeMint’s was roundly criticized earlier this month for saying that sexually active single women and gay people shouldn’t teach in schools. Opponents compared his remarks to, yes, Sharia law, and even the Washington Post described his comments as “DeMint’s Sharia Law.” Along the same lines of using Sharia law to hammer the right wing, there’s Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s ad comparing his opponent, Dan Webster to the Taliban.

Grayson’s commercial was panned for taking Webster’s words out of context, yes, but the message still heard loud and clear: right wing conservatives like Webster, who pals around with “gay regulating” Christian nationalist David Barton, have politics that are just as oppressive as those espoused by Islamic fundamentalists, the very same people conservatives criticize.

Sharia law has, for better or for worse, become a major player in American politics. It’s become rhetorical pawn, and can employed by either sides of the ideological divide to stoke xenophobic fear or to highlight radical, oppressive politics that single out women and gay men. And, with election day nearing, voters need to decide not whether they should be worried about encroaching ‘Sharia law,” but how the concept should be used on American political field, if at all.


  1. Joey Y says

    At the end of the day, there’s only one legal system in this country, no a special one for certain religious groups. That’s life. Does Sharia Law have a place in politics? If it’s positioned as an alternative to existing law, then yes.

  2. MT says

    First of all, why is this even an issue? America has its own set of laws that supercede anything else that may come along with any immigrant group.

    Second of all, it’s about time someone openly compared the right wing American extremists to the religious extremists they rail against. They really are two sides of the same coin. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of people parsing religion and words to say what suits their needs in that particular moment. Why is it okay to espouse hate in the name of christianity while denouncing another group for doing exactly the same thing? The hypocrisy is astounding.

  3. Craig says

    Frankford, Texas no longer exists as a city or any other entity. It has no independent governance. Hasn’t for 35 years. It became part of Dallas as Big D grew around it, so it is impossible for it to be governed by Sharia law.

  4. Craig says

    Handbook of Texas Online (
    FRANKFORD, TEXAS. Frankford was nine miles northwest of Richardson in extreme southwestern Collin County. Settlement of the area began around a campsite on the Shawnee Trail near a small spring on Halls Branch, used in the 1850s and 1860s as a stopping point and watering hole for traildrivers and other travelers. […] By the mid-1930s the town was no longer shown on county highway maps. Its church building was restored in 1963 by the Frankford Cemetery Association, which arranged for the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion to worship there. The city of Dallas annexed the area in 1975, and in 1990 local children attended the Plano schools. All that remained of the community in 1990 was the Frankford Church and Cemetery, adjoined by residences on three sides and by the Bent Tree Country Club to the south.

  5. Butch says

    The cartoon “This Modern World” has a great cartoon on the mystery of liberal indifference to the threat of Sharia law. It’s available on line and worth checking out.

  6. John says

    More election year fear mongering from Tea Party idiots who need a civics lesson. No “alternative” legal system can supersede the federal constitution. The constitution is the supreme law of the land. A city council doesn’t have the authority to pass a law legalizing beheadings at noon.

    Got it?

  7. Roscoe says

    Gingrich doesn’t want Sharia Law in this country, he just wants Christian Fundamentalist Law in this country, except when it might be applied to anything he might be guilty of.

  8. bobbyjoe says

    Should we start a betting pool now as to how many days it will be before one of the Teabagger candidates insanely opines something like “They’re trying to impose Sharia Law on us all by legalizing same-sex marriage and allowing gays in the military!”

    I’m guessing by the end of this week. No, change that: by the end of the day. No, wait: the end of this hour?

  9. Brian says

    This demonstrates that Sharron Angle, again, doesn’t really know what she’s talking about.

    “It seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to even take hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States.”

    Someone should put a map in front of her and ask her to find Sharia on it.

    As MT says, Sharia law and a lot of what US Christian religious activist politicians want to impose are two sides of the same coin. Religious law is religious law, no matter who’s religion it is.

  10. says

    The people freaking out about sharia law are the very same people who call the United States a “Christian nation” and want to impose the Christian equivalent of sharia here.

    We hate in others what we most despise in ourselves.

  11. Sean R says

    As an outsider to US culture, I cannot speak to how muslim communities do/ not integrate in urban America. However, there is only only law in the USA, and Sharia Law should have no place in the Judeo Christian tradition. Angle, of course, also refuses to see the logic of her own extremism.

    I’d respect you more if you didn’t allow the beauty of unhindered free speech in a demcratic society to be abused by morons who cause harm by their veiled hate speech.

  12. TANK says

    The u.s. is a christian nation. That’s unfortunate. Also unfortunate is that that backward, hate filled system of law that harms just about everyone it comes into contact, sharia, exists. But no…this is particularly stupid fearmongering.

  13. GMB says

    What I fucking hate about this post, and about every other fake news item on this topic, is that NO ONE can give even one single example of a law that was enacted in any of these communities — or even a law that was PROPOSED — that somehow relies on “Sharia Law” as its basis instead of classic American law. It really seems to be a completely empty, toothless meme. Can we have some actual REPORTING here please, with FACTS? Thank you.

  14. Belcat says

    It’s really plain simple. You’re in America, you are governed by American laws, not Sharia, not jewish, etc. You want a law added to the American – you have the politicians add it. Under no circumstances should we let any religious groups impose their own law – every time this happens, rights get trampled, strange things happen, and justice is not served. They tried it in Ontario, and it failed, the whole thing was thrown out as bad rubbish.

  15. Fenrox says

    I mean if you want a good post try:

    “Sharia Law in America? Already here.”

    Post about how most of our dumb laws have a religious start and how if you oppose sharia law you should also be pro-separation of church and state, which Tea baggers arent. Boom, story with conflict.

    Creepy right wing towleroad wankers make stupid comments. I make some pithy comment.

    We all forget about it in 40 min.

  16. Joe says

    This is so silly. I’m not sure how so many republicans have become convinced that sharia law is coming to America. We will never let that happen and that is really not a reality. Muslims will never have a significant majority in this country, or even in a region, and most muslims who immigrate here are not fans of sharia law (that’s why some of them here). Also, by the time those immigrants are second generation, things like sharia law don’t matter.

    Republicans are just scaring up racist fears. What we really need to focus on is getting CHRISTIAN laws out of our system who are trying ruin the lives of Gay americans. Christian republicans are taking the heat off of their own bigoted laws.

  17. Tell it like it is says

    If you guys think fundalmentalist Christians are bad…fundamentalist Muslims make them look like the Mickey Mouse Club.

    Just ask the woman in Afghanistan who had her nose and ears cut off by her husband. When her own family and villagers would not help her – guess who did? US soldiers. And US soldiers brought her here to get healed.

    Just because I disagree with Sharon Angle and think she is a homophobe does not mean that I am happy to have more anti-gay religion into this country.


    Muslims don’t like gays either. Think about that. Just because you hate Sharon Angle does not mean you should be jumping for joy about the muslim religion. You sound like idiots.

  18. ravewulf says

    @GMB I would like to echo your sentiment in a way. Quite literally no one, no polititian, no newspaper, news site, news station, news reporter, or anyone else has given a single, solid example.

    If only the conservatives could see that religious law, no matter whose religion it is, is a bad idea and completely contrary to the ACTUAL Constitution (vs the “Christian Nation” Constitution they think they are defending).

  19. says

    The US constitution prevents any and all instituting of any religious law wether xtian, jewish, muslim, budhist, etc

    The muslim built interfaith youth gathering place proposed near the world trade center site is not what brought up this nonsense. Newt gingrich and other wackadoddle rethugs in the spirit of Goebbels , hitler’s propaganda minister brought this crap up to stir the pot and motivate their base

    any state or county that somehow messes up simply has to go to the supreme court to have whatever law invalidated due to article 1 of the bill of rights

    The rethugs are idiots that dont even understand their own government system


    the “Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas” stuff is probably refering to a divorce case between 2 muslims that a local judge allowed to go through a muslim arbitration thing to settle the divorce. JUST as the USA court system allows orthodox Jews to handle divorce through their own outside the court system arbitration religious system then return to court to have the judge stamp approved on it

    It is not the usa embracing nonsense sharia law unless one also wishes to claim that the usa is embracing ultraorthodox torah nonsense

    The USA constitution is not based on torah or xtianista testament laws if anyone wishes to make such a claim. USA law is based on pagan brithish common law that predated the jews even setting foot in the isles as well as neo classicalism interpretations of pagan roman and greek systems with a good dash of iriquios nation stuff thrown in

    Enough already with the nonsense and enough with the enabeling. these people r coo-coo

    The Usa constitution bill of rights article 1 protects all americans from ANY establishment of any religious law anywhere on usa soil

  20. Leto says

    I have noticed that many gay-blogs dealing with gay issues have been publishing many post regarding Islam and Sharia law lately. They all seem to take the same approach, if it is bad for the far-right and Christians, it is good for the gay community. I can’t understand this logic. Shariah Law is the justification for hanging 16 years old in Iran for allegedly being gay. When are we going to wake up and realize that while Christians here might not like us, they are not attempted to behead us. Look at the recent news in Amsterdam, see how it is changing and understand that a free and open, gay-tolerant society is in no way compatible with Shariah law and the vision of a world dominated by Islam.

  21. Disgusted American says

    Not sure what the GOP is talking about…After all – its them who want to IMPOSE THEIR VERSION Of Christain Sharia Law on ALL Americans with ALL thier Anti-Gay Hate,Bigotry Legislation…..the Republicans have NO room to talk about anyone.

  22. Atlanta Guy says

    @LETO: I can’t speak to what other gay sites you’ve seen, but no one here has discussed Sharia with an attitude of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Yet yours, and few other posts, have suggested exactly that. NOBODY is advocating Sharia law, I don’t care what you’ve heard from Newt Gingrich, talk radio, the voices in your head or whatever other right-wing, bed-wetting, parnoid source for news, weather & hysteria you turn to.

  23. TANK says

    Leto, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The absurdly radical left has hijacked the periphery of the gay rights movement…you are not wrong in assuming that it has worked its way into mainstream so-called “liberal” thinking. There is an agenda, and it is bankrupt.

  24. justaguy says

    Maybe it’s about gender cleansing. And really seeing it for the evil it is.

    Will America eventually standing up to Sharia’s violent gender-cleansing be the trigger to get mainstream America’s Hollywood/culural influentials to see the error in their own gender-cleansing paradigms? (note that I didn’t even mention the christianists here)

    Sharia “law” of course deserves no place in American law — without separating church and state, we are not America — and such law would not be American law, but the law of some other regime.

    Does Sharia “law” play a role in American politics? Of course. But the primary role Sharia now seems to play is as a rallying point of the fundamentalist Christian right to use as an excuse to discriminate, alienate, and keep down those w/ a middle east backgroudn – as well as prolly brown people generally.

    But Sharia maybe should have a BIGGER role in AMerican politics: Used properly, it is the ultimate mirror showing the refection of the Christian fundamentaists on these shores who THEY really are.

    I’m sorry, but war is stil brewing in the middle east. And maybe, just maybe, it’s not without proper cause. Sharia and Islamists are wronging their women and gay men — and they are doing it w increasing rigor and systematic means. I don’t think it would be wrong to call it “gender cleansing.” In Iran they force those acknowledging attractions to the same sex to have their biological organs defaced in substandard procedure — so that they fit the gender-cleansing doctrine of the fundamentalist government. Of course, after thse forced sub-par surgeries, life for these folks only gets worse, including increased mistreatment and harassment, fully sanctioned by their gov’t.

    In this country, even the average Mormon, Catholic, or mega-churcher who we can get to really look at the sitatuion in Iran and other such regimes likely wince. They know it’s not right. But no one really wants to go to war to change THAT. We didn’t go to Germany based primarily on stopping their religious and racial “cleansing” either. And when we did, we had our own problems with racial cleansing projects stateside – albeit not so extreme or violent, but no less real and immoral.

    America needs to know Sharia law and what its about. America needs to see what it does to people. maybe America won’t stand up to it right away…but when it does (or maybe, just maybe, before) maybe America can see its own wrongs when it looks at Sharia.

    Too much more-mainstream fundamentalism and gender-cleansing occurs in this country independent of Sharia. If you are a kid and can’t (or won’t) pass for and adopt the life of the hetero “pure” gender role, most school rooms still de facto endorse your tormentatation. Teachers and administrators privately don’t want to stand up against such gender-role-based bullying for fear that someone might suspect they are not fully “pure” heterosexuals.

    And the Hollywood machine cranks out picture after picture (and song after song, prolly even porn after porn) built upon the notion of gender cleansing — the need to be “pure” hetero as a condition for being fully-human. And then these same cultural influentials–the ones who sing about hating faggots or readily accept such expression as a right of being an entreprenur or being any independent hetero male–quietly can’t figure out why gay kids are killing themselves in disproportionate numbers. Of course they conclude that the reason is that being gay just sucks, cuz c’mon that’s what gays do. Just like, of course, women under sharia should submit and accept things like genital mutilation. And if they react poorly or in a self-defeating way to all that, well…it’s because they are women. Not because the culture of “gender cleansing” is evil.

    But gender cleansing IS evil. I suspect that mainstream America might not REALLY figure that out until they REALLY see it in the atrocities of sharia and Islamism. I suspect that only then will many of them truly acknowledge and try to move beyond the pervasive and powerful gender cleansing regime in THIS counrty.

    Oh…and thank you, Towleroad squad…for raising the issue. Y’all are hardcore kickass.

  25. Atlanta Guy says

    This isn’t the Netherlands or Iran or whatever home planet Sharon Angle is from … Dutch laws, history, and demographic realities are completely different from ours … It’s almost like they’re a whole other country!

    So let me get this right, supposedly we are going to just absent-mindedly walk away from the Constitution and sleep-walk into some sort of Sharia La-la-land and wake one day to find ourselves living in the United Caliphate of America because “whither goes Amsterdam, so goes the world”? This is the SAME idiotic argument the Christianists use when they say that U.S. churches will be forced to perform same-sex marriages because “look what happened in Sweden”! It’s amazing how conservatives lose all their flag-waving, patriotic bluster in the one place it might be appropriate: recognizing the sovereignty of our laws.

  26. ravewulf says

    @Leto and @TANK

    I would like to echo @Atlanta Guy’s sentiments. No one is arguing in favor of Sharia law. We are EXTREMELY OPPOSED to ANY religious laws (regardless if they are Sharia, Christian, or whatever).

    Sometimes I wonder if you even bother reading the articles. If you have been, your reading comprehension level must be really low to have missed the point that we are AGAINST Sharia law, AGAINST Christian law, and in general AGAINST ANY RELIGIOUS LAW.

  27. borisg says

    Here is a link to a remarkable article about the “street” practice of sharia law in, guess where?, Amsterdam. I gay model was pulled off a mainstream runway of a fashion show and beaten brutally because of his sexual orientation. A muslim majority in the US would overturn the separation of church and state clause of our constitution, much as it has been attempted by the much more benign christian fundamentalists of the US. Please read this article and prepare yourself for self-preservation.

  28. says

    What concerns me is how liberals are so dismissive about the threat and homophobia Islam poses and even PROTECTING IT. I can’t believe somebody is actually defending Sharia Law, it has been used to KILL GAY PEOPLE.

  29. TANK says

    Well, clearly the message is missed when one calls america a “christian nation”. This nation is predominantly christian, and it has nothing to do with one’s freedom from religion, or right to practice it. Unfortunately, this country’s filled with illiterate religionist zombies who subscribe to harmful beliefs. Islamic theocracies (most islamic countries), however, make the united states look like a secular humanist paradise. Those beliefs and state sanctioned support are pure evil.

    Certain people, however, are comfortable with enabling religious communities to establish their own laws and regulatory mechanisms. They accuse others of bigotry for any criticism of faith, and then miss the mark by relying on the strawman of accusing others of opposing religious freedom. Many of these people are religious fanatics, and many are “secular” liberals who have conflated opposition to, say, radical christian intolerance of islam with sound criticism of islam. The bubble of ignorance is self sustaining, as people on both sides of the aisle deny or downplay the threat of religious extremism while defending these practices. Then they deploy pathetic arguments like, “religion isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well accept that radical islam promotes killing gays and denying women basic human rights,” and, “1.5 billion people are muslim–so that means it can’t possibly be a false and failed belief system.” These are program people.

    The content of this teaparty propaganda is empty false political rhetoric from arch religionist right wing christian demagogues, however. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a clear agenda that many so-called mainstream politicians, pundits and “thinkers” are promoting.

  30. says

    pepa and others

    who the fuck is defending sharia law?

    U right wingers need to put down the crack laced kool aid for a second

    Just because leftist are not calling for a crusade and bombing the hell out of muslims but rather rely on rational thought and that the 1st amendment of the USA constitution prevents any and ALL establishment of any and all religious laws as Us laws

    Stop with the chicken little sky is falling nonsense

    Take a deep breath and allow blood to get to ur brains so u can try to exercise rationalism as vs cultish reactionary bs

  31. says


    oh and if u have to have ur cultish crusade against islam then fine lets be fair across the board and nuke all religions

    nuke mecca, madina, jerusalem, the vatican, salt lake city, tibet, etc

    lets do away with all the religious nutz then

    Of course this is SNARK but without using the rational parts of ur brains u might not realize that

  32. ravewulf says


    If you actually bothered to read the article (and the comments for that matter) you would see that NO ONE SUPPORTS OR DEFENDS SHARIA LAW (or any other religiosly based form of law)


  33. TANK says

    yeah, mistress….because everyone knows that according to talking points, you can’t criticize one faith without criticizing all of them…to be fair and balanced. I mean, otherwise, it’s just bigotry, right? And if you fail to criticize christianity when criticizing islam, you support all things christian…and are one….in fact, that leaves us with only one effete protest…”fuck religion, man…” Because any targeted critical analysis of a faith with facts and stuff and obviously just too narrowminded.

  34. says

    post post script 😛

    The treaty of tripoli

    June 7, 1797, read aloud in its entirety on the USA senate floor and unanimously approved. ratified by then president of the USA John Adams

    Article 11

    As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion;……………..


    Tank, no

    But criticizing islam provides an opportunity to critic all religions and firther the evolution of humanity away from all fairy tales

    Islam sucks, it is a barbaric fairytale but so to xtianity, judaism, budhism, hinduism, etc

    at worse they are all expressions of schizophrenic delusional people at best they r the foolish perpetuating of barbaric fairytales

  35. ravewulf says


    But you see, this nation was founded as a SECULAR NATION. There is no national religion and laws should not be based on religion.

    Secondly, remember the “Kill the Gays Bill” in Uganda? That was Christian based.

    Yes, extremist Islam is currently the worst, but extremist Christianity comes in second. The point still stands that extremist religions are a problem no matter what the religion is and laws should not be based off of any religion.

  36. John says

    The likelihood of Jesus Christ returning is probably a little higher than state sanctioned beheadings in Las Vegas. This is a whole lot of nothing from Sharron Angle. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  37. says

    Everything Sharron Angle says is true: those cities ARE in the US, and ARE under Constitutional law, and are NOT under Sharia law. And she probably doesn’t know how those cities came to be part of the US. All true if you look at what she said.

    But here’s why conservatives really object to Sharia law: the poor tax. Saria law taxes 2.5% of your wealth (not your income) as an obligation to the poor in your community.

  38. TANK says

    Yes, I agree that this nation was founded on secular principles. The founders read books, and were, in many cases, highly educated men…unlike sharon angle and the teaparty. But this fails to capture the point of “christian nation”. Somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty per cent of americans are christian…and their political candidates and leaders spin an antihistorical, antisocial, and harmful narrative that appeals to them.

    Oh yes, the kill the gays bill in uganda…which still might pass…that doesn’t world flat, and islam, as you noticed, is the the most harmful faith on the planet right now. Who denies that christianity is an abhorrent faith? Not I.

  39. Randy says

    If you think Sharia law is not being practiced in Muslim communities in the US, you better look a little closer. Just like any other crime, it tends to hide itself from those who would stamp it out.

  40. SKOC211 says

    There’s two things about this “debate” that bother me. The first is that, plain and simple, the Right is blatantly fear mongering and anyone with half a functioning brain cell could point you to the Supremacy Clause of our Constitution to prove that there is no threat from an outside legal system replacing our own.

    The second thing that bothers me about this is the astounding ignorance with regard to the Islamic faith and sharia law, in general. I am by no means an expert but I would be absolutely shocked if anyone screaming their heads off about Islamic threats knew the difference between a Sunni and a Shia? Or even that there are different branches of Shia? I’d like to ask someone like Angle if she knows where sharia law is derived from? Or if she had ever heard of the Dhimmi?

    These people are amalgamating a religion of over a billion people with nearly 1,500 years of incredibly diverse history and making them all answer for the lowest common denominator. That’s like blaming all Christians for the Inquisition and the Westboro Baptist Church.

    But I suppose I’m asking too much of our country to open a fucking book and stop listening to the idiots that scream the loudest.

  41. TANK says

    Yes, we need to educate ourselves about fairytales, and learn about sharia law, and the historical accidents that distinguish sunni from shia…because knowing that it persecutes millions of women and is responsible for, in iran for example, the state sanctioned murder of thousands of gays and lesbians isn’t enough! To just generalize and condemn it for that is ignorant, huh?

  42. TANK says

    And yes, it is being practiced. Whenever a muslim honor killing goes down (and have occurred in the u.s.), sharia is implicated. But educate yourself about it, because we need to KNOW about it…it’s so useful…and then you can appreciate how wunniful it is.

  43. enough already says

    Seriously what a pathetic series of posts.
    For years I have read on here about gay men being beaten, lashed and hung in Muslim Nations (not single bad apples, but muslim unified majorities). Andy please stop, not because I say so, but because of all those men you have reported over the years, stop.

  44. TANK says

    You’re being bigoted, enough already. It’s ethnocentric and intolerant not to learn about all of these “cultural traditions, customs and practices,” and RESPECT them for no other reason than that they exist. Oh, and because there exist an extreme global minority of gay friendly, non-sexist muslims, islam is a gay tolerant faith that DEMANDS ACCEPTANCE…anything else is just islamophobia and ignorance. We really need to learn about and embrace and respect all cultural traditions, because they’re all equally worthy of it, and no one is greater than the other, regardless of the consequences and OBJECTIVE impact on human flourishing.

  45. Atlanta Guy says

    I think with all this nonsense about Sharia you are all missing a far more likely threat …. I’m speaking, of course, of the threat of Martian gravity being imposed on our great planet.

    Since Mars has only about one third the gravity as earth, the imposition of this Foreign (gravitational) Force on our soil would be a direct threat to our way of life! Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, guns and all our Bibles would float off into space! This would leave only the Quran, which is drawn toward earth’s center of mass not by gravity, but because that’s where Satan lives!!

    After all, it is the “Red Planet,” so clearly it’s evil! It’s so evil they refuse to change the color of their planet even though red no longer means evil godless commie, it means God-fearing heartland America (and Orange County)!

    So, who is behind this plot to impose Martian Gravity on a God-fearing America?

    The answer is: Yes!

    Now, of course, those Hollywood liberal types never talk about the threat of Martian Gravity. And why? Because they all want to weigh two-thirds less than they do now. Typical liberals!

    So stand up now, America, while there’s still enough gravity to sit back down! Fight the creeping plot to impose Martian Gravity on our children.

    Trust me, it’s a much, much, much, much greater threat than a Muslim take-over of America.

  46. fern says

    People need to be realistic about the potential threat of shariah law as an avenue for the persecution of gays. The Christian right is homophobic, but islam condones extreme violence towards gays (the death penalty). I wouldn’t be surprised if politically correct types don’t argue its disriminatory against muslims to not allow them to practice shariah without properly thinking through what the implications would be for women and gays.

  47. says

    No, Sharia has no place in our judicial system or as a system running adjacent to ours. Ever. But since Muslims are 0.8% of the U.S. population, I wouldn’t worry about it right now. I worry more about the Christian Right in the U.S. I am, however, very worried for Europe, which has a very high percentage of Muslims throughout. In certain places like Amsterdam, parts of Sweden, the UK & France, they’ve found secret Sharia courts running within Muslim communities. They also have, as I’m sure you’ve all seen, serious problems with terrorism, Muslim unrest, honor killings, parts of their cities being no-go zones to non-Muslims and even “moderate” Muslims agitating for open Sharia courts, all happening as extremists openly flaunt their hate speech laws against their secular governments and non-Muslims. The former gay capital of Europe, Amsterdam, has been turned into the gay-bashing capital of the Europe. Don’t worry about Sharia here in the U.S.: worry about what’s happening and will happen to our brother and sisters in Europe as governments stand by in terror and do nothing while the extremists gain traction.

  48. says

    One more thing…the writer of this article ended it by saying that the Christian Right is just as oppressive as Sharia Law. Really? Are you that out of it or just being p.c.? You think living in a country where the Right-wing would like to deny us gay marriage is the equivalent of living under Sharia? Here, the courts protect us. In Muslim countries they either imprison us or order us to be executed. Here we can protest loons like Palin & Demint, laugh at them, politically organize and vote against them. Try that in Saudi Arabia (or parts of Europe)and see how long you live. In fact, try being openly gay in ANY Muslim country, including the ones considered moderate like Indonesia, and see how long you last before being forced into hiding or being imprisoned (or killed, if you’re unlucky.) There’s no equating the Christian loonies, who only SPEAK nonsense, with Muslim governments and people who ACT against us.

  49. JFF says

    Guess we’ll have to chisel off the figure of Muhammad holding a copy of the Qur’an which appears, along with other great lawgivers, on the North Wall Frieze in the courtroom of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.

  50. Chris says

    Nobody has to worry for Europe, James. Don’t believe and don’t repeat that stupid FUD propaganda.

    Muslims are not only clearly a minority, they have had communities for decades without significant problems. Do you think the immigration of Christian Serbs is positive for gays in Europe? Do you think the growth of US-style evangelicals has had positive effects?

    If Amsterdam has become the gay-bashing capital of Europe which I don’t believe, it is in no way the Muslims alone.

  51. Atlanta Guy says

    @Fern… You write: “People need to be realistic about the potential threat of shariah law as an avenue for the persecution of gays.”

    Absolutely! Might I suggest that reality — like charity — should start at home? Specifically yours, because two lines later you jump the reality shark with this rocket-propelled bit of nonsense:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if politically correct types don’t argue it’s discriminatory against Muslims to not allow them to practice shariah without properly thinking through what the implications would be for women and gays.”

    Now, again, I agree … if your only point is that somewhere in America — a nation of one third of a billion people — it is possible to find a moron who will want to impose Sharia law because either his houseplant told him to, or – less likely – because of the scenario you mentioned.

    But from the context of your statement you seem to think this is as actually something that could happen. That is insanity. Your use of vague legalisms about discrimination tells me you think this will be imposed by judges, I guess… Ah, yes! Those evil, nefarious, activist judges … why, they even wear black!!

    This is all a lie. This entire concept, that America is going to be made some vassal state of Islam, is all a sick, cynical lie that just gives conservatives a rationale to gin up fear, and – on this comment thread — make America’s home-grown Christian Tali-vangicals seem less evil by comparison. . The Sharia scare is a none-too-subtle attempt by the Christian right-wingers to pull off magician’s “misdirect.” How many people here today said the American religious right was “at least not as bad as Sharia”?

    Well, our religious right-wingers also aren’t as bad as Emperor Palpatine and the Evil Galactic Empire. So what is your point? Both scenarios are fiction.

    If you believe Sharia is a “threat” you’re a fool. If you’re saying that it’s a threat you’re a tool.

    And if you used the word “Sharia” in a sentence linking it to the term “PC” you are so consumed with partisan brainwashing you could teach the folks at a madrassa a thing or two.

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