1. Steve says

    Hate speech really does violence to kids – I think every GLBT person knows this. It’s time that someone with Ellen’s visibility broadcasts this message. Thank you.

  2. neverstops says

    happy she did this

    also glad Anderson Cooper did a report last night

    means a lot to see high profile LGBT people giving a voice during these hard times

  3. chris says

    It does mean a lot that Cooper reported it, but we can’t really count him as “high profile LGBT people,” can we? Or we need to add a “closeted” to that.

  4. Frederick says

    Thank you, Ellen, for bringing much-needed national public attention to this recent spate of bullying-related teen suicides.I taught middle school for 15 years, and the amount of hate-filled bullying against LGBT/LGBT perceived students by their peers was shocking. I did what I could (as a teacher) to stop this bullying, but many of these gay/perceived as gay students ended up leaving school to be home-schooled in order to escape these unbelievably hostile school environments. Sadly,many of my faculty colleagues just looked the other way when these LGBT students were being teased & tormented by their peers. These recent teen suicides are a wake-up call to the Obama administration that there absolutely needs to be a national policy instituted to protect ALL students from this kind of daily tormenting at the hands of bullies. Sadly, in my own personal experience as a public school teachers,there has been and will always be bullies in school.However if there aren’t strict federal provisions put in place, so that these bullies can be removed from school settings if they don’t stop tormenting LGBT students(and teachers, school administrators & school districts can be held legally accountable if they don’t provide safe school environments) then things will never change and teen suicides will continue…

  5. SFshawn says

    Thanks Ellen.
    Maybe your ACTIONS will get the Obamas and Oprahs to FINALLY open their FUCKING SILENT mouths!
    Some Black professor is insulted and Obama invites him to the white house for a beer and a press conference but when GAY teens are killing themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY and all we get is SILENCE? WTF.

  6. david says

    where is OBAMA? why is Ellen the voice of compassion and understanding?

    I am die hard Democrat but I have come to seriously question the commitment that our president has to the LGBT community on any level when he can’t even use his bully pulpit to speak out on this matter. Where is Michelle? He meets with a cop and a Harvard professor over some words but when kids are dying he says nothing.