1. gregv says

    The final line of the trailer sums up an absurd and very offensive idea this movie seems to be trying to put out there (at least judging from the trailer alone): “Is the gay thing and stealing something that goes hand-in-hand?”

  2. Top_Ks says

    Maybe I’ll just wait for a pirated version of the DVD from Bangkok. I don’t think I want to financially support more film representations of stereotypes and criminal ones at that. Oops, pirating isn’t legal is it? Oh dear…

  3. Wes says

    I saw it months ago as well, its been out on DVD in Europe for some time now. I actually thought it was pretty good. Nothing Earth shattering or anything, but good.

  4. Movies on a Plane says

    Watched this movie on a plane home from Europe. I thought it was funny, surprising, and singular. Cinematographically vivid, too. I’d recommend going and seeing it. A distinctly American gay movie. An oddball companion to Brokeback Mountain, I thought.

  5. joeyhegele says

    I saw the movie a while ago. It is very funny and interesting. It is not sexy like Brokeback Mountain, but it is definitely sweet. It should be entertaining to you whether you are gay or straight, male or female.

    If you never liked Jim Carrey before or never found him funny, this movie might change your mind. He is definitely more restrained here than his usual shtick.

    Also, to all those saying it is perpetuating stereotypes, you do know it is a true story, right? I think if you sit through this movie you will see a very nuanced depiction of a variety of gay men. It is very positive and will probably win a GLAAD award.

  6. Scrammy says

    I’m not a Jim Carey fan in the slightest, but really enjoyed this film. I’ll be curious to see if it’s been cut/edited for US audiences.

    The trailer does not reflect the film well. Yes, it is a film about two gay men, but it’s more of a quirky love story. If it had been a man breaking out of prison repeatedly to reunite with a woman, there wouldn’t be any fuss made. Even the trailer panders to the US obsession with negative stereotypes of homosexuality. That’s not what the film is about.

    …and yes, it’s a true story.

  7. says

    Saw it a few months back and Scrammy is correct – it’s very much a quirky love story. Touching, engaging and quite sad in parts. From the stills I’d seen (and this preview) you would be forgiven for thinking that this film is loaded with dated gay stereotypes (think Mel Gibson’s gay hairdresser in “Bird on a Wire”), but it’s actually a thoughtful and sweet tale with two great performances. And can I say, Ewan MacGregor has never been more handsome than in this film.

  8. freestuffffff says

    Jim Carrey is such a gifted and energetic amateur, and almost succeeds in not being off-putting in this one. When you become a movie star before you learn to be an actor, you are doomed to turn in high school performances for life.

    Everything else about this tragi-comic film engages. There is a nice cunty sensibility at work. Screw social context, it is refreshing to see gay characters who are not saints or unicorns.

    Over thirty years ago, gay German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder made an exquisite film about gay con men, English title, “Fox and His Friends.” Strongly recommended.

  9. Paul R says

    Movie was much better than I expected, as someone who generally despises Jim Carrey. But of course, Ewan helps a lot! I even watched it twice–which I rarely do, as least in a short period—so my ex could see it.

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