1. Matt says

    This right here has been the problem all along: Fundamentalist Christians trying to force their beliefs and values and ideas down everyone’s freakin throats. Has everyone forgotten this country has NO official religion? Where is the outrage from other religions in this country? Why don’t they speak up about this?! There is a reason the Founders put separation of Church and State in the First Amendment (and yes i’m aware it’s not written that way, but that’s the purpose) This just pisses me off more and more about “christians” and their insistance that everyone follow their way or burn in hell. Well I’d rather burn in hell.

  2. alguien says

    of course, if you try to have a dissenting arguement with these people, they’ll scream about how their rights are being violated.

    after nearly 30 years of trying to convince these people that there are other ways of looking at the world, i’ve come to the conclusion that they’re completely uneducable. at this i simply say, all bets are off. let’s kick some ass.

  3. Tribute says

    Don’t Christians already have control of the government?

    Executive Branch: Both Obama and Biden are Christian.

    Legislative Branch: I’m sure a vast majority of senators are Christian — sure there are some Jews in there. The house? Mostly Christian, some Jewish, one Muslim.

    Judicial Branch: Nearly all Supreme Court justices are Catholic.

    What is this nutbag asking for again?

  4. says

    So while we’re (rightly) criticizing the Obama administration and telling them that “it gets better” videos aren’t enough, let’s keep things in perspective: this is the Tea Party/Republican alternative. This is the climate we could be handing to ourselves and our LGBT youths. We must demand greater action and leadership from Obama and the Dem’s, but we must stop these crazy religious zealots (increasingly the mainstream Republican party) from gaining power. Vote wisely in Nov. It does make a difference.

  5. TANK says

    Would now be the time to bring up that less than two percent of all christian denominations in the united states are gay friendly? And that you shouldn’t conclude that christianity is antigay because of a powerless, effete, and largely silent minority?

    I thought it was victoria jackson…

  6. says

    Oh great and saucy flying spaghetti monster in the sky, please deliver unto us lions to deal with the overflow of xtians that we have.

    In ur noodly name


  7. jerry says

    I’m confused. As a recovering Catholic we were always told that the Big Guy was omnipotent and that us mere mortals could not understand his divine plan. Therefore if the Big Guy is omnipotent doesn’t he already contol the government ?

  8. Curt says

    @NATHAN To be fair, religious organizations like this one have tax-exempt status that restricts their political speech, so not the same. Maybe they don’t like it, but hey, just pay your taxes then, and become the political group that you are instead of pretending to be a church.

    Also, GLADD and political groups like it, are just that – they’re not religious organizations or churches. In advocating their values in the political sphere, LGBT organizations are not trying establish on particular religion.

    I think because these religious zealot see everything through the lens of faith and belief, that they think everyone else does too.

    I don’t ‘believe’ in science, and I don’t ‘have faith’ in being gay, even though they want people to think that so that they can claim religious discrimination and oppression.

  9. SFshawn says

    If it wasn’t so pathetic,pathological and sick it could be hilarious comedy.
    Instead it continues to be a tragic joke that these HATEMONGERS and INCITERS OF VIOLENCE continue to HIDE behind their hate rhetoric under the guise of freedom of speech and freedom of religion and then Americans,Ugandans and other countries are “SURPRISED and SHOCKED” that the rate of teen GAY MALE suicide and HATE crimes are OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL in this country and around the world? Religion=DEATH of mind,body and soul.

  10. Steve says

    When you are convinced that you are following the One True Path, it is irresponsible *not* to want to take over everything. Pluralism becomes a sin, quite simply. That is why it is necessary to (gently) keep people like Porter from making policy. Fortunately, the real power on the Right (business and the wealthy) find this viewpoint unprofitable and hard to control, so theocrats will never have much influence. Still sad that this (very common) viewpoint is so at odds with historical American values such as tolerance, diverse communities, and the rule of law.

  11. Disgusted American says

    This Bitch makes me sick….and IF we truly followed the Buy-BULL….she wouldn’t be allowed to speak in public unless her MAN said she could…..hey bitch STFU, and stuff your buy-bull up your pussy!

  12. Rowan says

    Er Nathan, not the same. You choose to be Christian, you don’t choose to be gay. Gays are a minority and Christians are not-what a warped logic you have my friend..

  13. mad1026 says

    Dear Mis-fkn-guided Janet Porter: I agree with other posters; this country was never intended to be a theocracy! I think you may have spent a little too much time on that Satanic altar with Christine O’Donnell, what with all your “calling forth” bullshit! You know, Iraq and Iran are theocracies; perhaps you could move there and “call forth” the right leaders? And that music – please take that with you!

  14. FunMe says

    Where are the guys in white coats? And why, oh why, can’t they go round them up those religious fanatics in those weird churches that have NOTHING to do with God? Or Jesus.

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