1. Josh says

    Robert, I see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think it was played for shock value so much as it was a play on the homoeroticism in CHIPS. And I totally agree with your last point! Haha! Jason Sudeikis seems to be working his tongue through the entire cast of Mad Men, doesn’t he?

  2. patrick nyc says

    “And this Zombie finger is just a sausage” too funny.

    Witt, Samberg and Hadler are the best on the show, Hadler’s Alan Alda was so spot on. Too bad the writing sucks, they should can Seth Meyers.

  3. Hue-Man says

    Weekend Update was truly awful; if I wanted to watch talentless people go on and on and on with zero entertainment value, I would watch more YouTube! Back to the Future was no better – Alan Alda was good but not entertaining. Maybe Callie can do a funny bone transplant, although donors are in short supply…

  4. jason says

    I actually found this skit to be quite homophobic. Are they implying that close male-male relationships are sexual? If they are, it’s yet another form of homophobic instruction on the part of the liberal mainstream.

    Liberals are afraid of male-male relationships, and are using the kiss to demonize and trivialize them. Believe me, they’re not trying to flatter.

  5. Paul R says

    @Jason, it must be interesting (or nauseating) to see everything through the same lens. This wasn’t meant to be a close male relationship; they were obviously lovers. If you see demonization in that, that’s your issue.

    Did you notice how they repeatedly insisted on riding the same bike and never managed to complete any of their assignments? And it’s not because they were talking about football or ladies.

    I agree that SNL has a horrible record when it comes to mocking gays, but this was not a case of that.

  6. anyway says

    re: Jason, et al

    I set my DVR for SNL because of the potential that exists for smart, funny material (see: Tina Fey & Betty White episodes). Jason’s right: Jon Hamm kissing a man was played for shock value.

    Meyers and company aren’t purposefully pushing gay stereotypes as punchlines; they’re just not very clever.

    The only gay-themed joke that worked for me this week was the “zombie finger”.

  7. hardrocker says

    shock value? they dont even open their mouths for gosh sakes. Some tongue wrestling and spit swapping would be SHOCK Value. pressing your lips together is hardly that.

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