Kirsten Gillibrand Vogues


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is anointed as Hillary Clinton's heir by Vogue, which discusses, in part, her support for lgbt issues:

This brings up a fascinating thing about Gillibrand: her very correct gay politics. She is unequivocally supportive of same-sex marriage and has been one of the loudest voices on the effort to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Should she prevail on November 2, she will, at 43, be the youngest elected member of the Senate. (“She probably has the least senatorial air of any senator I’ve met in eleven years in Congress,” says Weiner.) But her being a post–baby boomer—at the leading edge of the next generation—only partly explains why she is so unconflicted about an issue that seems to trip up even the most progressive politicians, the Clintons and Obama included. I ask her where her passion on this issue comes from, and her answer goes a long way to explaining who Gillibrand is and where she comes from.

“My mother had a lot of gay friends,” she says, in a girly voice that reminds me of Renée Zellweger’s, “and they were very much part of our close circle. And I cared a lot about them. One of my mother’s friends’ partners died of AIDS early on, and that affected me. This man was so interesting, so engaging, was always superkind to me. One of the most handsome men I’d ever met. And it was just such a loss for a young girl to see someone die so young.”


  1. Mike C. says

    Very interesting (and gorgeous!). I’m a big fan.

    But this also goes to show how politicians can change. When Gillibrand was in the House representing her conservative upstate district, she was distinctly different, and was either against at best, or wary at worst, on a lot of LGBT issues, including marriage and DADT.

    When she filled the larger role of NY Senator, she changed her stance. A lot of gay people perceived this as disingenuous and derided her for it. But they missed the larger point: We should be happy, and view it as a success, when politicians progress on LGBT issues, whether it is because it is in their heart (as Gillibrand tries to convince us) or because it has become politically expedient for them to do so. It is an encouraging trend

  2. ant says

    She has been terrific on gay-specific issues, and out in front on many others, like hydrofracking in NY state. Hardly more of the same. She’ll get my vote in November.

  3. sparks says

    I’m a big fan of Kirsten.

    I’m also REALLY glad that the democratic women getting media attention are smart, bold, and progressive… while their republican counterparts are ditsy, socially regressed, and maybe borderline retarded.

  4. Bill says

    Dear God, the commenters on this site are absolutely the worst. She’s actively championing gay rights and we call her a “slut in Dior.” Faded, jaded, tired queens: SUCK IT UP.

  5. Tim says

    Some gay men have a problem with women, and no respectable gay man would misspell Dior. Misogynistic comments about a woman who has the potential for a long Senate career and could school Obama on how to be a fierce advocate are totally uncalled for. I know Kirsten. Her support for LGBT issues is genuine. We should support our friends, not denigrate them.

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