1. Skizz says

    “I did my best” She did, and it was pretty damn good given the situation. Rachel Maddow rocks. Of course the farcical nature of the interview goes to show how scared of her the candidates must be.

  2. Paul says

    He doesn’t give a damn. Neither does Alaska. he is far ahead in the polls. Whatl is wrong with these people ? He is not even hiding the fact that he is lying, a hypocrit and a bigot. Small government my ass…..Small except for when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, gay marriage, immigration, and…well not small at all in fact. Bloody massively intrusive government actually. Why the hell do they even pretend that’s what they stand for ??? Urgh. I hope Rachel had a Silkwood shower after getting near to that slimeball.

  3. David in Houston says

    So being gay is a state’s issue? Whatever the hell that means. So marriage is a state’s issue… except when I want the government to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Then it’s not really a state’s issue anymore, because there are tax issues involved in marriage (and as we all know, gay citizens don’t pay any taxes).

    What a fucking imbecile. Someone should just make a big rubber stamp that says HOMOPHOBE and apply it to his forehead.

  4. mepaul says

    spectacular job on Maddow’s part. now THAT’S how you do an interview on the fly under awful conditions. i GUARANTEE Joe Miller got in his car and said: “that was the longest fucking walk — don’t ever put me in that position again.”

    Good for Maddow!

  5. booka says

    One thought kept going though my head the whole time that I watched this: “Douchbag”. Rachel always brings home the bacon.

  6. CKNJ says

    Miller has now admitted he lied in an investigation, so what else did he lie about and can he be trusted at all? Anyone who refuses to answer questions about his background, has no business being in politics. Background transparency talks to ethics, integrity and honesty, and if he feels that he cannot hold up under that scrutiny, he REALLY has no place being in public office. Why has the supposed ‘liberal bias’ press (to quote the fools on Fox) not hung this moron out to dry? Where is their in-depth journalism to expose his truth, and also, WHY do so many people support this man? It makes the mind boggle!

    Thanks Rachel for trying to get SOME information on this sinister candidate! Wish others would bring out the truth too!

  7. AgBoiNV says

    “Otherwise we’ll be on a bridge to nowhere…” THIS IS WHY I LOVE RACHEL! Perfect injection of wit, that.

    And the utter irony on the escalator…..”I wanna be straight with you”

  8. nic says

    she made mince-meat of him. he was outclassed, outgunned (on his own terms), and outwitted. what a complete tool. brava, rachel.