Towleroad Guide to the Tube #758

REP. LOUIE GOHMERT: On a Family Research Council radio program, Gohmert likens homosexuality to adultery and suggests gay people wouldn't be able to control their hormones in a military situation.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: The Facebook founder discusses differences between fiction and reality in The Social Network.

ROCKY HORROR: Glee does the Time Warp.

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL: Can't name a single Democratic senator.

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  1. chrissypoo says

    I think rocky fans are going to hate this.

    I think Ryan Murphy’s idea to remake Rocky Horror is really dumb. The whole reason why the music was so popular is that it was bad. So bad that at a midnight showing in NYC, people started to yell out funny things.

  2. GregV says

    As usual, the FRC idiots don’t have a clue, and yet they “debate” an issue they don’t understand, anyway.
    DADT has nothing to do with any kind of sexual activity in the barracks. It it designed to restrict the free speech rights of gay and bisexual military personnel both inside and outside of work.
    If, for example, a group of male soldiers are hanging out at a downtown San Diego restaurant on their week off and are asked by a news reporter , “how will you spend your Thansgiving holiday,” and one of them says “My partner is going to help her mother make me a turkey dinner,” that’s fine.” If the accurate pronoun is actually “his” instead of “her” and he doesn’t lie, he has lost his job.
    It is unconstitutional and absurd, and doing away with the policy has no effect whatsoever on policies dealing with any kind of sexual activity or behavior.

  3. GregV says

    It’s interesting that Mark Zuckerberg, when asked about what’s accurate and inaccurate in the movie, didn’t deny any of the crucial parts of the story that depict him as sleezy and unethical, but instead refered to nearly irrelevant points such as what he was wearing and whom he was dating.

  4. anyway says

    Re: O’Donnell — I think we have a playbook for campaigns against unqualified Teabaggers: Get them to talk and talk and talk and talk. They’ll turn into a gaffe machine.

  5. X says

    The last things I need to see are daily messages straight from ignorant anti-gay idiots about how little they know about us and/or how much they hate us.

    Yes, the USA kinda sucks with all it’s jerks and dumbasses, but we need more positive news sometimes before we start going postal here…

  6. nic says

    it seems to me that the ‘glee’ take on “the rocky horror picture show” might be fun. but, what i find blasphemous is replacing “frankenfurter” with a fat, black chick. it takes all the steam out of it.

  7. MT says

    “Gohmert likens homosexuality to adultery and suggests gay people wouldn’t be able to control their hormones in a military situation.”

    WTF?!?!? Don’t these idiots realize that there have been gay people in the military this whole time and they just haven’t been able to say anything about it? Gay people obviously know how to ‘control their hormones’ because we’ve been doing it along. It’s just another case of republicans warping words to demonize gays people and forward their own agenda.

  8. humanist says

    Look, I think O’Donnell is as nutty, laughable, and dangerous as anybody else thinks she is, but let’s not intentionally mislead here.

    What she didn’t do when the question was directly asked of her was name a *sitting* Democratic senator *whom she would want to collaborate with*. She did in fact name Lieberman (the quasi-Democrat) after mulling it over while her opponent answered.

    Your glib summary makes her sound even more out of touch and stupid than she is, and I really can’t stand that sort of partisan deceit. We don’t need to stoop so low.

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