1. jason says

    Yet more celebrity nonsense from New York. When oh when is the stupid New York gay community going to realize that these celebrities do more harm than good. There’s also a touch of hypocrisy. Bloomberg himself has basically done nothing to cultivate a climate of gay marriage acceptance in New York.

    Face it – New York is even trailing Iowa on gay marriage rights. Iowa is where the real gays are. New York is where the celebrity-obsessed gay morons reside.

  2. Patric says

    As far as I can tell, this is the most he has done to lift a finger in this struggle since his re-election. Before last fall’s election, as he was vigorously pursuing a larger share of the LGBT vote, he made sure that he was front and center at every press conference held on this topic. Unfortunately, other than making sure he secured that face time for himself before the election, he’s contributed almost nothing to this struggle. He should start not with this PSA but by actually lobbying the scores of anti-equality state Republican senators to whom he has donated tens of thousands of dollars to support equality. I won’t hold my breath.

  3. says

    Yes – Bloomberg went to court to prevent gay marriage, and he cited Leviticus as part of his rationale. And then Christine Quinn, who exploits the gay community for exposure while betraying us behind the scenes, strong-armed the City Council to give him (and herself) a third term.

  4. mcNnyc says

    and Lets not forget the man behind this PSA is Bloomberg’s boy Brian Ellner. glad they got to spend some time with each other again.

    Mike Bloomberg bought and bragged he would deliver NY GOP votes for Marriage Equality and he did and we got bupkis. HE got a way to subvert the will of the citizens and another job for himself-while he pursues his next run for President that is.

  5. ProvGuy says

    Wow! Leave it to HRC to produce an absolutely flat, uninspiring ad. Maybe they should call Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Pryce?
    Besides that, the copy is all wrong. Gvt. isn’t telling us WHO to marry, like in some kind of forced or prearranged marriage. The issue is the denial of equal rights, not forced marriages. There is a big difference.

  6. Trog says

    Let’s also not forget that Bloomberg’s moneybags have supported an anti-gay Republican state Senate for years.

    If Bloomberg really wanted marriage equality, he could have “influenced” the GOP to allow enough senators to vote for marriage equality last year. He did nothing to help the vote.

    Like Obama, this is a lot of nice talk to cover up very real antigay actions.

  7. jfanyc says

    Come on people….jeez…can’t people change their mind? Especially straight men ..this country is in the process of coming to terms with the truth about gay marriage…which means that a lot more people will be changing their position to our side…lighten up. In 5 years this whole thing will be behind us because the truth will prevail. Let go of the anger.

  8. Kit says


    I applaud your magnanimity, and wish I could share it, but I cannot see this as being anything other that a prime example of “if it acts like a hypocrite and quacks like a hypocrite,” it is a hypocrite.

  9. evan says

    agree with jfanyc — let go of the anger people!

    1. espa claimed forever that when senate dems got control, we’d get marriage. didn’t happen. that’s not bloomie’s fault. that’s just crappy organizing on our part.

    2. the mayor of nyc – and one of the leading pols in the nation – did an ad for our cause. i am happy about that because lots of people – those on this site notwithstanding – do listen to him.

    3. i agree hrc could have done a higher quality ad. technically it is lame but i love that they are doing it.

    4. you ellner critics are ridiculous. what have you done? exactly.

  10. Anthony says

    I don’t particularly like Bloomberg but I think it is definitely a step in the right direction he did an ad for us. I don’t think we should berate him for it because at least it’s something…

  11. wimsy says

    The good news about politicians attending gay events and making psa’s in favor of marriage is that they can feel how the political winds are blowing, and don’t want to be left behind. Politicians are nothing if not survivors, and they can smell equality coming.

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