Neil Patrick Harris to Make Feature Film Directing Debut

Neil Patrick Harris is set to make his feature film directing debut, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

Aaronandsarah "The 'How I Met Your Mother' star and Emmy awards host is planning to make his feature directing debut with the romantic comedy 'Aaron and Sarah.' The indie film has also attached Emma Roberts and Josh Hutcherson as its leads. Written by Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey (TV’s 'Pushing Daisies'), the story follows a geeky guy and a popular girl who become friends as freshmen in high school and see their relationship deepen through the four years, four proms and one funeral before graduation. The spec, originally titled 'B.F.F.,' was purchased by Rogue Pictures several years ago before Fox 2000 picked it up out of turnaround."


  1. says

    I look forward to the movie and KNOW he will do a great job! With all of his experience in TV and movies he is sure to turn the script into a great movie. I love Emma Roberts and Josh Hutchison is a total hottie!

    BTW, NPH and David (his husband) should announce the birth of their twins this month. Can’t wait! David is already a great father to a son and daughter from a previous marriage but for NPH, who has also cared for David’s two children, this is a first for him. We really couldn’t have two better ‘gay icons’ as role models.

  2. niles says

    I agree that he appears to be extremely qualified to direct, having grown up on film and TV sets. As for being role models, I would venture to suggest that he would rather be considered a fine actor and director, as being a role model 24/7 would be a heavy burden for anyone to carry.

  3. Tony says

    When are they going to stop making this same movie over and over again. And why is the “geeky” guy always a million times hotter than any guy I went to high school with.
    But I love NPH and both leads so I will it watch anyway.

  4. says


    Way to make huge, sweeping judgments, everyone, not only before a single scene has been filmed, but before the pre-production process has even began (they just picked out the cast and director, for heaven’s sake!!).

    There’s no reason to think NPH can’t make an interesting movie out of this material. In a lot of ways, he’s the perfect guy to do it… which is probably one of the reasons he got the gig/took the gig to begin with.

  5. Joe says

    I have to admit, this film actually sounds like it could be really good and a breakout hit with teens if marketed correctly. And Hutcherson and Roberts are pretty big gets.

    Good for him, excited to see the final product.

  6. DougChgo says

    In what bizarro universe is someone like Josh Hutcherson considered “geeky”? Oh yeah — Hollywood. It will be interesting to see his version of geek. (As pretty as Emma Roberts is, he’s way prettier!)