News: James Marsden, DADT, Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul

 road A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by four Rochester, New York police officers who were accused of anti-gay conduct in 2007.

James-marsden-modern-family  road Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet tweets a photo of James Marsden who will appear on the show as a neighbor whose favorite activity is removing his shirt.

 road Christine O'Donnell on her many, many television appearances during her youth: "In the 90s I looked at all of those TV opportunities as a ministry opportunity, as an opportunity to share my new-found faith with a television audience that otherwise would not be watching, you know when I would go on 'Politically Incorrect.' If I were planning to run for office in 10, 15 years I would have been much more guarded, not that I regret anything I've said."

 road Rihanna blissfully in love with baseball player Matt Kemp.

 road An anonymous donor spent a million dollars so they could send 400,000 DVDs to every Catholic household in Minnesota. One soundbite from the DVD: “At best, so-called ‘same-sex marriage’ is an untested social experiment, and at worst, it poses a dangerous risk with potentially far-reaching consequences.”

Jl  road Some may doubt that this season of Sesame Street has become more gay, but muppets clinging to Jude Law isn't helping that counter argument.

 road Christians Eunice and Owen Johns were banned from becoming foster parents due to their anti-gay views. They're now taking their case to the High Court in the UK and claim that Christians are being forced to put their beliefs into the closet.

 road Glee's Matthew Morrison dating Cameron Diaz?

 road Post-DADT repeal might affect retired military chaplains: "If a chaplain preaches against homosexuality, he could conceivably be disciplined as a bigot under the military's nondiscrimination policy, the retired chaplains say. The Pentagon, however, says chaplains' religious beliefs and their need to express them will be respected."

 road That Rand Paul supporter who stomped on the head of a MoveOn activist earlier this week has been charged with fourth-degree assault.

 road Shia LaBeouf strips down while shooting Transformers 3.


  1. sparks says

    I’ve had a little crush on James Marsden for years and am thrilled he’s gonna be on Modern Family. (Even more thrilled that he’s gonna be taking some clothes off.. yes!)

  2. Julius Seizure says

    Matthew Morrison? Dating a woman? A biological one? Wow, I guess I owe my other half a coke.

  3. peterparker says

    Who gives a rat’s ass about Shia LaBeouf? Dude is fugly and he’s a homophobe as proven by video Andy has posted of a drunk LaBeouf goading his friend to slap him by repeatedly calling the friend ‘faggot’. Gross.

  4. anon says

    Ah, the Rand Paul guy got charged. Yes, politics is not above the law, as many volunteers would like to believe. The election will soon be over, thankfully, and then the Republican party will self-destruct from all the factions created over the last ten years fighting for control. If Obama had simply cared for more than just union and govt. employee jobs and focused on the economy and govt reform, he could have been out in front these past two years instead of refighting the Democratic party debates of the 1990’s. What’s worse is that the progressive social agenda would have passed without political cost, it was the numb-to-reality economic agenda that killed.

  5. Jerry6 says

    Unfortunately, natural parents have the right to teach their children any bigoted (Religious) thing they want, but to be able to do the same with someone ells’s child, After all, the adopted child is not their natural child, therefore, the state has every right to determan the limits of what they can teach that child.

  6. TANK says

    And why wouldn’t the state have an interest in preventing child abuse, jerry6? And, of course, meme indoctrination is child abuse.