News: Mexico, Glenn Beck, Modern Family, iPhone Users

 road The governor of Mexico's Jalisco state, Emilio Gonzalez, on marriage equality: It "grosses me out."

Jared  road Jared Padalecki's character on Supernatural has been to hell and back and  returned with this body.

 road Mariah Carey's track list for her upcoming album "Merry Christmas II You" is her early Xmas gift to her fans.

 road The first thing that one should ask themselves when looking at this new picture of Aaron Carter is:"That's what 22 looks like?"

 road This is why Mark Zuckerberg should like The Social Network.

 road Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is currently the next commander at the International Space Station, will be joined by his identical brother Mark next year making them the first blood relatives in space.

 road The poor showing for Eliot Spitzer's new show on CNN might be good news for Katie Couric who is rumored to consider moving from CBS to the cable news station.

 road Glenn Beck will take time off from his televison and radio gigs for some medical tests in a hospital "out west."

Modern  road GLSEN honored Modern Family at the Respect Awards last night. Jesse Tyler Ferguson took the time to talk about the recent spate pf suicides: "I think an event like this echoes the sentiment that we need to change. This cannot continue happening."

 road Wal-Mart is selling a children's book wriiten by an ex-gay that teach kids how to fight off their homosexuality. Doesn't sound very effective.

 road Josh Duhamel is "pissed" about the poster for his new movie in which he's pictured in his skivvies.

 road Apparently if you own an iPhone you're more likely to support Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Sounds pretty bogus to me.

 road Hungary's sludge spill may not be over just yet.

The University of Southern California gets the world's largest collection of gay and lesbian historical documents form ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.


  1. Paul R says

    That shot of Aaron Carter has got to be retouched/Photoshopped. If not, it’s creepy as shit. Wait, it’s creepy either way.

  2. BenB says

    I think it’s less about iPhone users than Android/Blackberry users, who I would imagine, given Apple’s dismal record on human rights abuses through contracting Foxconn, the right-wing socially conservative leanings of Steve Jobs and ceaseless anti-competition and developer-hostile tactics of the company, would be more picky. I think it’s about the self-imposed regulations of people who try to be ethical consumers. When you as an ethical consumer are trying to choose a product, the product itself is of less importance, and a lot of peripheral information relating to the manufacturer and its practices come into play. When the issues don’t concern you, you go for the product you think is best. When they do, you choose the product you think is more ethical. I bought my iPod before I knew of Apple’s practices as a company. Now I do, I could never buy an Apple product again.

  3. TANK says

    Well, let’s hope glenn’s down for the count and it’s not just a nasty case of piles like last time and the times before. Faux news is extremely revealing when you’re just flipping by it, and only have time to catch like five minutes of hannity (when he has, say, a token black “liberal” commentator on that he can deride and make fun of with his cronies…and this “commentator” is always pretty inarticulate, and that’s deliberate). Sanyway, last night, apparently glenn beck was delivering a sermon in front of his rabid teapartier cult members, and he was holding a staff…I shit you not, it was a moses staff. And he was pumping up the zombies with slogans like “we’ll be remembered hundreds [I think it might have been thousands actually] of years from now as the greatest greats in history….” It was bananas…and that’s pretty much all you need to know about fox.

  4. Paul R says

    I think the iPhone thing reflects that only stupid people continue to use it. It’s a great device, but its forced carrier (AT&T) is utter crap that has destroyed its potential. A year ago everyone I knew had an iPhone. Today they’ve nearly all dumped them because AT&T is horrible in terms of service and coverage. That will certainly go down in history as one of Apple’s stupidest alliances/business decisions.

  5. Terrance says

    Jared Padalecki’s filling out remarkably – I remember seening him on Gilmore Girls and thinking “What a dopey guy” (yah, yah, his character was writter that way) and thinking that Milo Ventimiglia was a better suitor (and his character was written better!) and watching “Supernatural” the two main characters haven’t changed much, though Sam (Jared) appears to be hitting the gym a lot more the last couple of years – didn’t notice his abs as much (they always dress in loose flannel shirts, jeans and leather-jackets but his chest and arms are much bigger…!

    That picture of Aaron Carter makes me sad. I wonder why/how in the heck did that happen. Quite frankly, at 22, I would have expected him to look more like that blond twink “Silas Botwin” on Weeds (I forget the actor’s name). Well, whatever’s happened to him, I hope he pulls himself out of it.

  6. says

    “Zogby online polls tend not to rank among the most reliable in the world of opinion surveying”

    A huge understatement. Zogby ranks as the worst pollster and if u have the $ zogby has the poll to say whatever u want so the ipod tea bagging thing is utter crap till any pollster non zogby studies it with the best being gallup or pew


    Jared’s body has gotten progressively better since he unveiled it in the werewolf episode BUT he has gotten uglier due to eyebrow overpluckage. The old episodes clearly show him with thicker eyebrows and as the seasons pile on he must have developed the bad habit of frantically plucking eyebrow hairs for hours cause they r pencil thin and female looking now

    Maybe the wife doesnt satisfy him sexualy so he takes the frustration out on his eyebrows.

  7. David in Houston says

    Jared looks fantastic… and of course, Jensen (his co-star) is gorgeous. Is it too much to ask to be the filling in a Supernatural sandwich?

  8. naughtylola says

    @Derek, its a good example of correlation versus causation. The iPhone has huge amounts of PR and spent several fortunes on advertising, etc. You can’t escape the image and the message that the iPhone is the Only Phone There Is. The perfect target market for *any* advertising juggernaut is people who don’t think too much. You could probably draw correlations between Palin voters and any number of high-profile, low-effort products. That people who don’t think too much buy iPhones doesn’t mean that people who buy iPhones don’t think too much.

    This might be a good illustration of their findings:

  9. says

    Jared can drink all the muscle milk and shoot all the steroids he wants. He’ll never be Jensen Ackles- who’s hotter even when he’s got a little beer belly.

  10. Jerry6 says

    The Cardinal’s comment about bribing the Mexican Supreme Court came to him easily as the Church has been bribing people to keep quiet about their sexual abuses for years.

  11. Jerry6 says

    According to the “Religious’ practitioners, Homosexuals received AIDS from GOD as a punishment for their sinfulness. Why did “Religious” practitioner, Glenn Beck, disregard GOD’s potential punishment of him for his sinful hatemongoring?