NOM’s Carl Paladino Ads Blocked by Federal Judge


The National Organization for Marriage has been blocked from running ads in support of anti-gay teabagger gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, WIVB reports:

"Federal Judge Richard Arcara has rejected a challenge to New York's election law from the National Organization for Marriage. The group wanted to run its pro-Paladino ads without reporting the names of its donors. In New York, the group would be required to register as a political committee, and election law requires a political committee report the names of its donors. The group wanted the judge to rule the law unconstitutional, but Judge Arcara ruled against the group, calling the case pre-mature."

The Washington Post adds:

"The lawsuit had asked the judge to declare the political committee definition unconstitutional because it would interfere with NOM's free speech rights by imposing so many burdens that it wouldn't be worth it to NOM to run the ads. New York requires a political committee to register its treasurer and bank and submit periodic disclosure reports. NOM, a major financial backer of campaigns opposing same-sex marriage, has said it wants to use radio and TV ads and direct mailing in governor races and legislative elections in New York and elsewhere. It's pursuing similar legal challenges in several other states."


  1. princely54 says

    Somehow it makes perfect sense that NOM would pick someone who looks like a ghoul to represent/support. The organization itself seems to survive year after year and remain a shambling and irrelevant corpse.

  2. Philip Wester says

    Oh, those wacky NOM people, who somehow think that the right to free speech means the right to ANONYMOUS free speech so that everyone can say whatever they want without ever having to show their face in public when doing so, so that people can stay hidden in the shadows whil spewing hate speech and people will keep on unwittingly support them financially by buying their products.

    The right to free speech guarantees you the right to speak your mind without the government interfering, you nimrods. Other laws regulate your right to free speech without fear of reprisals, such as violent crimes or threats on your life.

    However, there are, nor should there be, no laws guaranteeing you the right to say anything you damn well please without anyone criticizing you or disagreeing with you, be it in words or by protesting your business.

  3. pete says

    okay… everyone all together now…


    I’m gonna guess that NOM will have no issue with the courts if things go their way.

    Remember, Karl Rove was behind the initial legal effort on Prop 8 in CA. Don’t underestimate these clowns- they’re well-funded & organized.

  4. ichabod says

    Must be some powerful assholes funding NOM if they’re able to keep side-stepping the law this way. Why won’t the authorities toss these law-breakers in jail? Not enough room for all the Mormon elders and Catholic priests footing the bill?

  5. walter says

    i hope the bigoted paladino goes down to a 40 point defeat. but i do know one thing his hate has me very sure i will vote this year just to keep him from winning. remember if we don’t vote we get what we paid for. i hate having to pick the lesser of two evils but i mustto keep people who think i am less than they are from winning.

  6. Chris says

    So having a list of donors is a terrible burden? I mean it’s only a list of ‘sales’ that any business would keep in accounting.

    An automatically generated list of a simple database of names from donors is harder than a full production, full cost PAC ad?

    Funny shit.

  7. mike/ says

    you KNOW if the reverse was in play, they’d be screaming their heads off; they’d want the names of every single contributor to lgbtq and marriage equality organizations;

    these people are really not very christian…

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