1. jason says

    Cuomo support gay marriage? Tell us another one, Cuomo. We’re not going to be tricked by yet another fake gay avocate like yourself. Go away, Cuomo. You and your ilk are barf-inducing.

  2. Shocking, Not says

    Is this what we have come to? After decades of running around the world telling everyone else how marvelous our democratic system is?

    It looks like a scene from a Fellini movie, cue the clowns.

    The predictions that our government would degrade to some front for the monied interests are coming true.

  3. Paulo says

    Well, I have been looking for a way to express my anger with Democrats selling us out and now I have one. I plan on voting for the Rents To Damned High Party.

  4. Disgusted American says

    Im SICK of them referring to consenting same gender adults marrying as “Gay Marriage” …..Its MARRIAGE EQUALITY..period! STOP calling it GAy Marriage

  5. says

    I agree, DISGUSTED AMERICAN. Civil marriage is one institution; there is no gay marriage, any more than there is straight marriage. Yet even gay people (including bloggers) persist in using the incorrect term instead of using marriage equality.

    “Go away, Cuomo.” Right, Jason. (Speaking of “barf-inducing.”) Cause homophobic thug Paladino or one of these other fools would be better for NY than marriage-equality supporting (and sane–a bonus!) Cuomo. Fortunately, you can’t vote in NY.

  6. Chan says

    Yes, Cuomo said he “strongly” supports gay marriage. And yes I’ll be voting for him, because there is no better alterative.

    But I think you should point out this little “nugget” from another part of the debate: Cuomo, referring to the disparity in the quality of education offered the children of the rich vs. those of the poor, referred to it as “the civil rights issue of our time.” Am I the only one who sees that as a coded message message meant to be received by and comfort social conservatives?

  7. Chan says

    Actually, I just googled it, and although last night Cuomo said “The inequity in education is probably the civil rights issue of our time,” just a few days earlier he said the same thing about gay marraige. So now I don’t think it’s so much a coded “message”, but rather just plain messy doublespeak. Just saying what sounds good. Next mountaintop removal will be the civil rights issue of our time.

  8. Randy says

    Chan… bad education does affect more people than gay marriage. I strongly believe that the better educated somebody is the more likely they are to support diversity, as well, so it is a win-win.

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