Paladino Asks For ‘Forgiveness’ After Anti-Gay Rant

Carl Paladino’s campaign finally got around to issuing an apology for the New York gubernatorial hopeful’s gay “brainwashing” comment on Sunday.


“I am neither perfect, nor a career politician. I have made mistakes in this campaign,” said the Republican in an email sent this afternoon, one day after taking to the television to continue pleading his anti-gay case. “I ask you for forgiveness on my poorly chosen words and the publication by others not involved with our campaign of unredacted script that did not reflect my oral statement or match my personal feelings.”

Paladino’s last remark concerns a part of the speech, written by an Orthodox rabbi for Paladino, that declared, “[There is] nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.” Paladino’s decision to skip that bit garnered him praise from none other than Ann Coulter.


  1. says

    He said to Matt Lauer that he “speaks from the heart”. So now the serial polygamist is a liar too. Interesting.

    No Carl, fuck you and the mistress you fucked while fucking over your marriage.

  2. says

    so he is blaming the Jews


    K, the orthodox most likely have the exact same opinion he obviously does have, BUT he read whatever was put in front of him. Basically he is saying he is a puppet/ robot and can’t think clearly while reading something to not say what is written in front of him

    What an idiot, and whatever fairy tale god help me but i have to defend the orthodox on this one. It was not the fault of an orthodox Jew for his spouting out his hate which he does so obviously have for honsexuals

  3. Barry F says

    In essence, he is saying – in 50 words or less – that he doesn’t have the competence to hold office. Why is it that we continue to see these people get away with spewing such rotten and hateful dialogue and not own their words? I just don’t get it!

  4. pete says

    he apologizes for his, “poorly chosen words” but not the content of his words, the impact of his words, the ignorance of his words or the fact that he provides ‘cover’ for the type of violence exhibited in the Bronx over the wkend.

    So, yes, you ask for forgiveness & will receive it. Will it be forgotten? No, sir. Never.

  5. Mark says

    The Obama administration decided on Tuesday to appeal a judge’s rulings that prevented the U.S. government from banning same-sex marriages, a move that could undermine support among President Barack Obama’s traditional liberal base ahead of a key election

  6. justiceontherocks says

    For the guy to say dumb things like that after the Stonewall Inn gay bashing and the horror in the Bronx proves he’s not fit for office. Let it be a lesson to others. The gay bashing did him in.

  7. walter says

    he’s going to show us what he is doing to do to apologize. nothing . just don’t forget what he said especially election day.
    all of a sudden he not a homophobe. bullshit
    and if he ket the rabbi write his speeh more the pity/ he doesn’t have a brain of his own. and to the rabbis they should remember how it felt to be hated and persecuted

  8. Rich says

    Heh. To quote John Stewart’s gospel choir:

    GO!!! FUUUUCK!! YOUR!!! SELF!!!

    Go fuck yourself!
    Go fuck yourself!
    Go fuck yourself! (hallelujah!)
    Go fuck yourself!

  9. CKNJ says

    The ONLY part he got right is that he is not perfect… VERY VERY VERY far from it, and fuck him, no I don’t forgive that rant, because I don’t believe he is truly sorry… he knew his ratings would fall even further than they have after that ‘from the heart’ speech which suddenly is ‘misspoken’? Puh-leeeeze! Go to hell Carl, you’re not wanted in NYC!

  10. Jason says

    “[There is] nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.”

    Unfortunately Tank gives credence to this argument almost every day here on Towleroad. LOL

  11. Jerry6 says

    Sorry– Your apology won’t work. Things said in anger and hast are the true you. That way we can know right off who the bigots are. It’s the ones that speak slowly and deliberately that can fool us into thinking they are one of us. That is why I only look at what people DO; not what they SAY. That way, I do not get fooled too often.

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