Paladino’s Gay Nephew and Campaign Aide Jeff Hannon Ducks Press

NY GOP teabagger gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's gay nephew, who was also working as a campaign aide, is ducking the furor over his uncle's homophobic comments and trying to stay out of the glare.

The NY Daily News reports: Hannon

"The gay nephew of GOP gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino spent the day hiding inside his parents' upstate home, ditching his duties as a campaign aide. 'I have no comment right now,' Hannon told the Daily News when reached on his cell phone. 'I don't want my face to be all over the newspaper over this.' Hannon never ventured outside the two-story house in Kenmore, just outside Buffalo, on the day after Paladino mentioned his sexual orientation while parrying charges of homophobia. Hannon bristled at the attention caused by his uncle's comments before ending his brief conversation with The News. Paladino – under fire after a Sunday speech where he said homosexuality is 'not the example that we should be showing our children' – revealed Monday that his nephew is gay. Asked if being gay is a choice, Paladino admitted, 'I have difficulty with that.' … 'My nephew tells me he didn't have that choice,' Paladino added."

The Daily Beast reports that "Hannon, 23, had been working for Paladino’s campaign in Buffalo, but hasn’t shown up for work since Sunday."

In related news, the AP reports that Paladino once collected rent money from gay clubs:

"A newspaper reports that state liquor license records show that New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino had once collected rent from two gay clubs in downtown Buffalo. The Daily News reports Wednesday that Cobalt operated as a gay bar in 2004 and most of 2005 and was run by Paladino's son, William. The building that housed the club was owned by one of Paladino's many companies, Huron Group LLC. The other club, Buddies II, operated under the name Queen City Entertainment in another Paladino building."


  1. arch says

    Having been reduced to deploying the “some of my best friends/family are gay” defence Mr Paladino appears to have pissed off his token gay family member.

    I especially love the fact that he appears to have totally ignored and disregarded what said gay family member has clealry told him about how being gay is not a “lifestyle choice”.

    The knots these social conservatives tie themselves up in whan they try to reconcile their core prejudices with the reality of the world are always entertaining to see.

    I honestly do not know what this man claims to believe in. Ah yes of course he is a politician so will say whatevere his audiance wants to hear, even going so far as to allow his hosts to write his speeches.

    This culture war is going to get nasty…

  2. Disgusted American says

    I don’t even understand WHY there is a “Culture War” to begin with…(I mean , I do and I don’t) just seems to me,…..the USA with its Constitution either stands for something or it doesn’t? Liberty & Justice for ALL…or ONLY some? This should not even be an Issue…its a NO BRAINER! EQUALITY IS supposed to be an American Value..Period!

  3. TampaZeke says

    His nephew should be ashamed of himself working for his homophobic uncle.

    My own father ran for public office after I came out and I refused to support him.

  4. says

    Everyone is blasting Carl but no one is blasting Hannon!?

    He isn’t a victim. He knew full well his uncle’s stance on homosexuality and all the other tea baggery bs. Hannon was more than happy to collect a pay check as a campaign aid. I doubt he was a volunteer aid, but even if he was a volunteer that would be worse. Supporting idiocy for free

    Hannon should hide to try to keep his face out of the news. He shouldn’t be able to hang at a gay bar without a ton of guys tearing into him about supporting such right wing tea bagging nonsense

  5. tcw says

    Jeff Hannon’s MySpace page lists his occupation as “Student” and his income as “$250,000 plus”. Does all of that come from his Uncle Carl, I wonder? And what does he do for it, exactly?

  6. ant says

    Hannon is 23 years old and is not responsible for the actions of Carl Paladino. i’ts easy to attack him for working for his uncle – but wrong-headed, and will not serve the cause of equality – or reason.

  7. Rann says

    I don’t think his uncle had ever said any of this stuff in front of him before. A lot of times they hide their true bigotry. But now that this guy knows his uncles position he should publicly decry them and resign from the campaign while declaring his full support for full equality for all of us. But some of who are acting like he was fully awae of his uncles confused stance and I do not think that is the case. If so then I agree he is complicit but I cannot imagine that. That is why I think he has stayed away now that the truth has come to light.

  8. says

    BS ANT

    a 23 yr old knows right from wrong, he
    isnt missing 1/2 his brain

    By your reasoning, if his uncle killed someone and hannon helped to hide the weapon….well he is 23 and that excuses everything/ can’t be held responsible for his enabling

    Hell, he is probably worse than an enabler, he is a profiteer from his uncle’s bs

  9. X says

    Great, more gays helping people stay in power that hurt other gays. Guess he doesn’t care about people getting married as long as he’s making Republican money.

  10. matt says

    I just don’t get it. How can Hannon have so little self respect to work for such an obvious bigot!? The same goes for Christine O’Donnells sister. I can understand if they want to keep their mouths shut but I’ll never understand why they’d want to work for their campaigns.

  11. AG says

    Hey, Towle

    Noticed that you came back by the homophobic slur “teabagger” you use with abandon. You’re like a black man calling other blacks “niggers” if he doesn’t like them. How does it feel to be so self-loathing

  12. says


    how could he not know? Any sane person working for even a family member’s campaign would aks “what is ur stance on ……(insert whatever main issue covers u)”

    even then, any fool knows that the teabaggers of the repub party are not supportive of gay rights and palladino is considered 1 of the darlings of the teabaggers



    what the hell are u talking about? Besides refering to the sexual act of sucking on balls, teababer/teabagging/teabaggery all refer to the far right religious republican nutz who have always voted repub and always will only they rebranded themselves as teabaggers and put on funny hats (2 polls so far prove that over 80% of teabaggers are not new voters or a cross section of the populous but are in fact just rebrabded hard right religious nut cultur warrior repubs)

    teabagging has nothing to do with us homosexuals except the act of sucking on balls otherwise it is the self chosen rebranding of religious right repub nutz

  13. Randy says

    In actuality Tea Partiers find the term teabaggers to be an offensive slur toward them (not us gays). I say use it with reckless abandon.

    It is not nor has it ever been a homophobic slur, but it does put the libertareligiorepublicans in their place.

  14. TommyOC says

    Regarding Paladino’s collecting rent: He can’t discriminate who his building’s tenants are. Gays or white supremacists, if they’ve got the money and their paperwork together, he has to let them rent from him.

    (Though I don’t know what to say about Paladino’s son running one of those bars, but the article doesn’t mention that Paladino himself was involved with its daily operation.)

    As for Hannon, most of you guys are right: This kid knows what Uncle thinks of him, chose to work to get him elected anyway, and has sacrificed his own equality to enter politics… and the homos don’t like it when one of their own does that. He might not appreciate that his sexuality is front-page news thanks to his uncle, but to blame the homosexuals or the press for the unwanted attention is missing the real problem-maker: His uncle.

  15. Lorne says

    Jeff Hannon’s MySpace page lists his occupation as “Student” and his income as “$250,000 plus”. Does all of that come from his Uncle Carl, I wonder? And what does he do for it, exactly?


    It’s a joke, TCW…

  16. walter says

    carl likes gay money but not gay sex. so let him pay back all the money from his gay clubs. seems like the whole family is pure scum the son runs the gay clbs for his homophobic father who has a gay nephew working on his homophobic campaign.his nephew makes 250,000 doing what carl sounds like somebody i really want as governor. Wait will we need two governors mansions now? one for his mistress and kid and the other for his wife. where” the outrage from our friends at the catholic church? isn’t extra marrital sex a sin or does money buy absolution

  17. AnotherG says

    Holy crap. I was using the AG handle for a while now on my occasional comments. I’m changing it to distance myself from this . . . person.

    Not that I think anyone really cares/remembers, but old AG is not this one. Gah.

  18. CCGuy says

    Uh, he says he doesn’t want his face all over the newspapers and you guys just decide to publish it… way to take care of your own. Who wouldn’t help their uncle out if he was running for office? Come on… we all have relatives we don’t agree with 100%.

  19. says


    so lets say ur hitler’s nephew

    by ur reasoning, as long as u dont agree with hitler 100% it is a-ok to work for him and help him promote his agenda cause he is family


  20. ratbastard says

    Hannon involved himself in his uncles campaign by choice. He’s got everything coming to him imo.

    As for the so-called culture war:

    Gay rights is cool

    Gender equality under the law is cool

    Racial, ethnic, religious equality under the law is cool


    Affirmative action [reverse legal discrimination] not cool

    Quotas [benchmarks the name du jour] not cool

    Some people treated not only equal by special, under the law and by common practice in much of private industry, not cool

    Stupid shit like banning Christmas decorations, making a big stink about Christmas trees, demanding Christmas be replaced by holiday, etc., not cool

    The list is endless.

  21. ratbastard says

    This Hannon character ran a gay bar / club out of rented space Uncle Carl owns. The plot thickens. Typical under-handed, corrupt shenanigans. The mob use to run ALL gay bars / clubs [and non gay clubs] and they were notorious for not giving two shits what went on in the bars / clubs, or for that matter their up-keep, only fleecing gays the same way they fleeced drug addicts and other ‘undesirables’. Say one thing, but do anything to make a buck, including profitably renting out space to ‘fags’.

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