Police Raid Gay Dallas Bathhouse, Arrest 11

For the first time since 2003, police entered Club-Dallas, a gay bathhouse in the Deep Ellum district of East Dallas, and arrested 11 people, the Dallas Voice reports:

Dallas "Ten patrons of The Club reportedly were charged with either public lewdness or indecent exposure, while one employee was charged with interfering with police. DPD would only release records related to three of the 11 arrests, saying Dallas Voice needed to file a freedom of information request to obtain additional details. Laura Martin, DPD’s liaison officer to the gay community, said the vice unit raided the establishment on Swiss Avenue in response to a complaint. But police wouldn’t say who had complained…The Club Dallas on Thursday, Oct. 14 issued a one-sentence statement about the raid. 'The Club Dallas management is committed to pursuing justice for and defending the rights of each of its members,' the statement read. The Club reportedly helped bond out arrested members from jail and has offered them legal representation. Martin, meanwhile, warned that additional police activity at the business is possible."


  1. Rory says

    I bet the police had a hard time getting the cuffs around their fat wrists. And they had to be careful not to break the wrists of the other men’s brittle old bones.

  2. says

    You know. You can make jokes about this if you want. But it;s getting very eerily like the persecution of the past. People being fired for being gay, a rise in Gay Hate Crimes and murders rising, bars being raided, what few bathouses there are being raided, LGBT books being taken off library shelves.

    This isn’t funny. It’s actually very scary

  3. says

    Meanwhile, violent crime is at an all time high in Oak Lawn. Seems like every weekend someone is either held up and robbed at gunpoint or gay bashed by a group of thugs, then robbed. So, rather than up patrol and protect citizens the DPD raid a bath house. Priorities, priorities.

  4. Rob says

    I agree, Jeff, this ridiculous action certainly seems like a real throwback to past actions against gay men in particular. I ask just what kind of “complaint” would sanction a vice squad raid on a bath house in 2010? On the other hand, Dallas has been a very conservative community. Perhaps the upcoming mid-term elections made someone feel the need to show their policing strength toward certain members of the Dallas gay community. After all, this bath house has been a local institution for decades. So, not only why a raid now but why one at all?

  5. Gigi says

    Your comment disgusted me! I had to check to see that I was on the right web page, thinking that somehow I’d followed a wrong link that led me to Fox News. The persecution of gay men in a bathhouse by the police is not a laughing matter. Considering what’s going on in the rest of Dallas re: real crime, I can’t believe that the police even have time to investigate a “complaint” in a private club. One officer was overheard saying: “I’m going to have nightmares forever after this.” Really. How do you think the patrons will feel, some of whom might not be out to friends and family. Not only might they be outed, they could also face up to a year in jail and/or a $4000 fine.

    It’s persecution of gay men and considering the homophobic climate in parts of the US right now, especially Texas, it seems as though this is just a sign of things to come.

  6. dattexas says

    Dallas police department is full of thugs. Google it. The only reason it’s getting raided is because it’s a developing area and the Dallas bus and rail system, DART, wants the business out of there.

    It’s politics.

  7. says

    Rory, that comment was not particularly helpful or insightful.

    I have a real problem with the government coming in and raiding lawful businesses. As long as they don’t bother the neighbors, how can this be legal? Smaller government indeed… Republicans are sooo transparent.

  8. Rob says

    Focus, Rory. Focus, Ratbastard. The point is NOT to demonstrate your own sense of superiority. The point is an unwarranted attack on a quiet, LEGAL, business that last time I was there looked better than the neighborhood. I’ve been to this Club a couple times when on business trips to Dallas. It’s a nice break for those of us not into the judgemental narcisism of the bars scene. Sure there are old men, fat men, ugly men – but so what? Everyone wears towels or less and the attitude is quickly dropped. I know there were private room activities goign on, but the important word there is PRIVATE. I just went to hang out at the pool, but I certainly would have qualified for “indecent exposure” (even if I always thoguht I was pretty decent) and would have been arrested. Yet nothing was going on at that pool more then at a breeders resort with a no suits option pool. BE ANGRY, BE OUTRAGED, PLEASE DON’T BE SMUG AND SELF-RIGHTEOUS!

  9. Mike says

    Good. Shut it down. I cannot stand these AIDS cesspools. I wish they would shut them all down. They give the community a bad name.

  10. says

    “The member said the officers were carrying plastic flexcuffs and detained him for 45 minutes even though he was just working out in the fitness area.

    He said he believes the city is trying to shut down The Club to make way for redevelopment around the new DART station that sits next door.

    The member said he was also at The Club-Dallas the following night when the fire marshal paid a visit.”

    Obviously they’re targeting it and obviously it’s homophobic and it’s sad that there are idiotic gay people who support this kind of nonsense.

  11. says

    Police entered a gay bathhouse and arrested 11 for indecent exposure.

    Police entered a Walmart and arrested 12 for shopping.

    Police entered an Olive Garden and arrested 13 for eating dinner.

  12. patrick nyc says

    Sounds like RORY was there himself, and full of self hate as well. I wonder how many of those busted were registered republicans? Not that closeted Democrats are any better, just fewer.

  13. CoMo'mo says

    Lots of men go to bath houses for many different reasons. It’s a safe alternative to hanging around rest areas or soliciting hustlers on the street. Men who aren’t up to prevailing standards of male fashion and beauty have a chance to connect for sex and even for socializing without sex. And bath houses generally provide safer sex info, condoms, free STD testing in cooperation with local health departments. If men persist in careless conduct, it’s not as if they’re not getting plenty of information to discourage it. Comments from sex puritans are usually uninformed or, in the case of a recent report by the cute but often merely silly Davy Wavy and his caffeine-hyped friend, reek of youthful condescension.

  14. says

    “Bathhouses still exist? Who the frig goes to them? Who the frig owns and operates them?”

    Yes they do. And gay men (some closeted, some not) go to them. Men like to have sex, surprise! And there are businesses that cater to that desire. (Just as straight men will always have their sexual outlets.) Whether one personally approves of them, or not, is not the point of this story. No one is forced to go to a bathhouse for sex. But those who do go to a lawful business to have sex in a safe environment (safer than internet hookups) should not be subject to idiotic invasions of privacy by thug police who should have more important things to do. Funny how these police raids always seem to be the product of anonymous “complaints.” The question isn’t who’s going to bathhouses, but why our privacy–in 2010–is still at the mercy of the closeted moral police. Isn’t this supposed to be the era of less government?

  15. Guest says

    @ Rory: People get their freedoms taken away by the state on trumped-up charges and your response is to make fat and old jokes? Even if you’re just trollin’ you’re fucked up. Seriously: one messed up dude. Conduct a little self-analysis, at the very least.

  16. alguien says

    i was always under the impression that bath houses were private clubs and if that is the case, how in the hell would the dallas PD be able to make charges like public lewdness even stick?

  17. says

    My theory is that someone was rejected at the bath house and called in to say that there were illegal activity going on (drugs, prostitution, etc) and hence the bust.

  18. Chad says

    I’ve never been to a bath house, nor had any desire to, but this is nothing more than blatant discrimination. I’ve never really understood what else they think would go on in one. Is it a public place where children or anyone that doesn’t want to be exposed to that kind of thing would see it? No, so I don’t see what the issue is. I lived in Dallas and had a friend that worked at Club Dallas. I thought it was a private club, but maybe I’m wrong.

    As for them giving gay men a bad name. There are straight sex clubs and bath houses, as well. I refuse to spend my life worried that something I do might offend some straight person. To most of them, the fact we like the same gender is giving us a bad name.

    Not one person I know that is HIV positive got it from going to a bath house. That’s just ignorant and sounds a lot like the arguments that the fundamentalists use against us. It’s not 1985.

    At this rate, before long I’ll be drug out of a gay bar for holding my boyfriend’s hand.

  19. TANK says

    rory, that was…very funny, and spot on. Those who attend bathhouses are closeted older married men, whores (both the pay and mommy daddy issue kind), and other undesirables that collectively bring us all down. It’s definitely for older people…created exclusively as a response to homophobic persecution…and thankfully, they’re dying…as no one under thirty five goes to these places, or has ever gone.

    However, the cops here were fag huntin’…and they saw an easy target…dollars to donuts (pardon the pun…) the patrons don’t press charges against the pigs because they’re closet cases and don’t want the publicity.

  20. Justin says

    Tank – You are a moron. I am 29 and have never been to a bathhouse either. However, I have many friends (some under 25, some older than 60) that go. Some of the guys are very handsome with great bodies, etc.

    The fact that the police are raiding these establishments is a concern you dope. Nobody brings you down but your own negativity.

    If people want to go to a private club, whatever their age/appearance – WHY DO YOU CARE?

    Don’t bother bringing up stds/aids, people can catch anything/anywhere. It is up to each individual to play safe if they care to.

    “Thankfully, they’re dying” – Your negativity is more horrifying than anyone in that bathhouse.

    Please stay clear of the NYC area!

  21. TANK says

    Eh, shaddup your stupid mouth! Look at the trends…gay people who matter don’t go to bathhouses (young gay people). Sure, you may happen to know a lot of fucked up peeps…but that’s more about you than the reality of a median age of gay men who go to bathhouses nowadays. Now GFY!

  22. Tone says

    In 2002 a Calgary Alberta steam bath was similarly raided. It’s sad and wrong but yet all too common in some very conservative parts of the country.

  23. Gavin says

    First, they came for the bathhouses.

    Then, they came for the bars and clubs.

    Then, they came for any social establishment.

    Then, they came into our homes and rounded us up individually.

    It’s a slippery slope, guys.

  24. Justin says

    To Tank:

    “Look at the trends…” Where? What are you talking about? Do you have a report that you can readily email to me? If so, I would like to read it.

    You’ re obviously trying to bait people by your stupidity because I can’t believe you’re that dumb and simple minded.

    Me knowing a lot of people is ” more about you than the reality of a median age of gay men who go to bathhouses nowadays.

    I take back what I said in my 1st paragraph – you really are that dumb…

    To each their own…


  25. TANK says

    LOL! I think justin goes to bathhouses…nothing else could explain this emotional reaction. Look at the trends of bathhouses closing due to poor business…certainly the death of the bathhouse as a place for MSM isn’t news to you, is it? Or that these places almost exclusively attract undesirable, fucked up people…and old, at that?

    Yes, if you have young friends who go to bathhouses…chances are they’re damaged goods…I mean, damaged goods goes without saying for the old creeps who keep them in business.

  26. Justin says

    To Tank:

    My “emotional reaction” is to people like you (self-hating) and anyone else that “beat up” on gay men. This is clearly a case of that and if you can’t see that, there is something wrong with you.

    There is an endless amount of discrimination and gay bashing that exists and I have a very emotional reaction to that.

    I am in a monogamous, happy relationship. I have no need for those places.

    You sound more damaged than anyone I know.

    Feel free to respond and have the last word.

    I will not waste any more time on you. You sound like a lost cause. I’m sure there are many gay bashers that you can join forces with.



  27. CoMo'mo says

    Why is it that my mental picture of “Tank” involves damp basements, unwashed teeshirts and an elderly Mother at the top of the stairs yelling down about the evils of masturbation? I’m sure none of that is accurate. But… that’s where his remarks take me. Is he young an arrogant? Is he a slumming hetero? Is he past his use-by date and bitter? Is he real, in any sense?

  28. txstevo says

    I had a fun time there once. Some very hot guys…but you definitely knew you were still in the bible belt. Instead of playing porn on the tv screens in the hallways, it was CNN

  29. says

    Tank, you’re so silly sometimes. Young guys go to bathhouses. So do old guys. In-between guys. Men, young and old alike, hot and not, are horny creatures. They go online, go to the bathhouse, find a boyfriend or a husband. None or all of the above. It should be a free country. Raging blindly against others behind Internet anonymity is indicative of damage and insecurity.

    And it doesn’t matter who goes to bathhouses. Not the point of the story. No one, young or old, going about their private business in a private club should have that privacy invaded by thug cops. Live and let live, to each his own.

  30. BobN says

    I bet Rory, Mike, and Tank change their tune when the police raid next month’s meeting of the Bitter Clueless Club.

  31. TANK says

    you all know I’m right about bathhouses.

    Sure this was wrong, and based on homophobia (getting arrest numbers up with easy targets) and perhaps a business interest/corrupt piggies in shuttering this place so that an adjacent biz can expand. It is wrong…but you know as well as I that nothing will happen as a result, because none of the “clientele” will press charges…and you know why that’s true, too (they aren’t gay). Anyway, don’t most of you have gloryholes to service?

  32. Dusty says

    How do you get arrested for indecent exposure in a bath house? Wouldn’t that be like getting arrested for indecent exposure in a locker room?

  33. jakeinlove says

    I love the way some people on here are complaining about the bathhouses probably only to hop onto A4A, Manhunt, or any other ‘hook up’ site that they can log onto.

    It’s just a different medium people…

  34. CoMo'mo says

    @ASDF: I worked thru 62 pages of the blog by an English prof in Chicago to find the original photo, which didn’t look right, given that 555- phone number. So, did you intentionally send me/us on a pursuit of an undomesticated waterfowl, or are you suggesting that the prof is our “Tank”? Reading some of the blog posts that are a bit waspish I could see a slight similarity of tone with what’s posted here…but I have doubts. Maybe I want to disbelieve it’s the same person because the blogger’s cultural interests, tastes in books and movies, miscellaneous observations about pop cult and sense of humor run along some of the same tracks as mine. I think I can learn some things from him. So, ASDF, if you were joking, thanks for taking me someplace I want to revisit. And if your intended implication is that the two posters are one person, I may have to sweeten some of Tank’s bile, salt it, and try to overlook the recurring unpleasantries.

  35. CoMo'mo says

    @ASDF: if, on the other hand, your pinpointing the photo on the blog is supposed to point to some actor, not the Chicago prof–why not just tell us who he is, or at least name the film?

  36. CoMo'mo says

    I see now that I went off on a tangent, and only my second note on the matter of identifying “Tank” is relevant. I’m happy, though, to have been lead to an informative and engaging blog. Obviously, all this palavering about bath houses got me excited and I was thinking about wrapping up in a towel and sitting in some steam while admiring naked man flesh and got off the bus and wandered. It happens. Tank would dismiss me as one of the old guys that don’t count for much.

  37. kodiak says

    @tank: craigslist m4m has more BB going on than any bath house.

    I went to a bath house in chicago once, it was awesome-big, clean,
    great design, super friendly staff, and great patrons.

    The cops are bullying the legit business. Thugs are bullying gay teens.
    Gay guys are being attacked in gay bars. Hmmmm, I wonder if there is some kind of “Bully Agenda” going on.

    Time to invoke the spirit of Stonewall and kick some bully ass!

  38. ratbastard says

    Tank is correct. Old ‘fags’ don’t matter, only young ‘queers’…35 the cut off point. So just die already you creepy old men.


  39. Please says

    More undesirable and fucked up than you, Tank? No such animal.

    It astounds me how someone who clearly never spends longer than the time it takes to nuke a Stoffer’s lasagna away from his computer has the temerity to attempt to speak with authority on virtually everything under the sun and then flip his shit when someone inevitably points out that he is both completely clueless and totally lacking in even the smallest spec of credibility, whatsoever.

  40. shannon says

    DALLAS???? Last I heard weren’t there people being ROBBED…RAPED and MURDERED there??? Should THAT be a priority???? Oh I am sorry…..LOL…two ADULT men are in PRVATE….where no children are allowed…..sucking dick! WHO DARE I THINK THAT WAS NOT SO IMPORTANT!!!!

  41. Rick says

    I remember hearing about Midtown and Club Dallas for years. I knew that went on and I avoid those places. I am also not surprised about this raid, but a citizen complaint sounds fishy! DPD has a reputation of not being so honest and the DA falling for anything the police say, ie fake drug scandal.

  42. Mike says

    I think it is a sad day when things like this happen. If guys want to go to the bathouses then its thier choice.
    Brow beating gay men does no good.
    I just wish there was a safe establishment in my area.

  43. bjice1 says

    Tank-you are a social idiot-
    Have you ever been to a bathhouse?If no,then how can you back up a single thing you say? If so,well,enough said!

  44. AmericanInChina says

    Tank, just wait…karma will pay you a visit very soon (but I’m sure your therapist tells you that often 😉

  45. Rick says

    I’ve been there and it was my girlfriend that encouraged me to go and explore my curiosity about having sex with other men. I’m glad this place was there. It was safer than a secluded park and more comfortable than a video store. I live as a straight man but I long for nights at that place again. I hope it never closes so I can experiment there again sometime.